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Off Page SEO

off page seo

Off page SEO refers to the techniques that can be taken out side of a website,  to improve it’s position in  search engine results page (SERPs). Off-Page SEO includes not only link building but also social media promotion, bookmarking, etc. It also done with promotion works of a website. It is a best way to get more website traffic.

Before learning more about Off-Page SEO, we have to know little about SEO and it’s types.


types of seoSEO (search engine optimization) is a method of changing the rank of a web page or a website in search engine results using keywords or phrases. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It is an approach of techniques to increase the amount of visitors to a website. Two types of SEO:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:

Here optimizing your website and making changes on title, meta tags, site structure, site content, solving canonicalization problem, managingrobots.txt etc. It provides good contents, keywords & putting them into correct places, giving appropriate title to all pages, etc.

Now back to our discussion, Off Page SEO.

We all are know Off Page SEO is important as much as On Page SEO. Then The Question is… Why Off Page SEO is important ?

off page seo importance

When we search about anything on search engines, they give us the best results for our search. For getting this best results, search engines find a lot of techniques including on and off page seo. Through Off Page SEO, mainly we got back links. Each link is a reference for search engines about that site. It is more likely to have mentions on social media ( Facebook likes, tweets, Pins, +1’s etc. ) and it is more likely to be bookmarked and shared among communities of like-minded users. References means, a very good indication on how the World (other websites and users) value the particular website.

Off Page SEO have lots of benefits. Some of them are:


  • Increase in Rankings : by getting more back links, website will rank higher position in SERPs. Through this website gets more traffic also.
  • Increase in Page Ranks : Page Rank indicates the importance of a website in the eyes of Google.  We know that, Page Rank values between 0 – 10. That’s why Google gives more relevant results to the searcher.
  • More Exposure : By getting higher ranks means great exposure. While getting in the top position (a website), it gets more links, more visits, more social media mentions, impressions, etc.

Now we can move to off page seo techniques.,


It is a popular Off Page SEO method. We mainly build a link for getting a good position in search engines. Search engines like Google treats a link from another website to your site as a confidence. By making links from other sites, it means your site is trust worthy and Google considers it as a vote for your site. For example if someone likes this page and references it from his/her website or blog, then this is like telling search engines that this page has good information.

link building

Link building is good, by getting Good Quality link is better for your site. Which means getting so many link from with or without trustworthy is not a good method. All links are not equal, One link from a high authority site is much better than many links from a bunch of low authority sites.

Try to avoid artificial link building methods, like buying and selling of links, use of automatic programmes to create links to your site, etc. These techniques are all considered as ‘Black Hat‘ method by Google, which will be punishable to your site.

Most popular link building methods are:


directory submission

Now a days, submission of website to a directory is a common method in SEO. Purpose of directory submission is to get back links. It is purely based on how effectively we are selecting those directories and how efficiently we are choosing the category for submission. Submit your websites to the topmost quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc.

Nowadays many web directories may offer paid listings but don’t go for it. That sites may not be trustworthy.


Link Baiting is used to get many in-bound links pointed to your site. It is the practice of crafting content that is designed to get other content producers to link to it. Suppose you have copied/published another website’s news or content in your blog/website. Don’t forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for others and, if your content is trustworthy, let others do it for you. This is another way to increase your link popularity.

link baiting

Examples of link bait, include breaking news, striking images, controversy, humor, educational material and applications. If your content has value for readers, they are likely to share the link.


Cross linking is the process of linking between two sites. (Sites may or may not be owned by the same person). It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing, and may be of further interest to them. Link to internal pages within your site wherever necessary (Internal Linking).  Through this you can increase your link popularity. Which is another major factor of Google Page Rank algorithm.

cross linking example

Also try to get a content link from websites/blogs that are related to your site theme. Try getting a link from within their site content using a targeted keyword as anchor text. Very good example for Cross Linking is Wikipedia. These types of links have more weight from a search engine point of view.


link exchangeExchange links with service-related websites (this is commonly termed as Thematic Link Exchange) that can help increase your link popularity, which is a major factor of Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Beware of Black-Hats while doing exchanges. For example, I could link your website from mine and you could do the same.


An article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects. By publishing your articles on an article directory you could get a link (or 2) back to your website. Some article directories accepted only unique content while other directories accepted anything from spin articles to already published articles. Sometimes article directories are referred to as content farms, which are websites created to produce mass content.


Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc., to get listed for free.


Many people where commenting on forums for the sole purpose of getting a link back to their website (they included the links in their signature). It is a great way to build back links for your site. Search for the forums that is suitable to your topic.


The same concept as forum signatures where you comment on some other website or blog in order to get a link back. Even worse, instead of using your real name you could use keywords so instead of writing ‘comment by safna’,  you wrote ‘comment by How to lose weight’ or anything similar. Try to comment on relevant website which is suitable to your website topic. Otherwise it will become black hat method.


 Black hat SEO doesn’t obey search engine guidelines.  Its Techniques and SEO strategies focus only on search engines. That is, black hat seo doesn’t focus on human audience. Some examples of black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, adding unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping (changing the webpage entirely after it has been ranked by search engines). Black hat SEO can possibly result in your Web site being banned from a search engine. Google has become very intelligent in recognizing black hat seo. With the introduction of Panda and Penguine they have managed to solve the problem and protect their search engine from spammers.

Some Techniques of Black Hat SEO :

blackhat seo techniques

  • Cloaking: 

Here content presented to the user is entirely different from the content presented to Search Engine Spider.

  • Duplicate Content :

It involves copying contents from one website and posting it on another website.

  • Comment Spamming :

Some website owners leave poor comments on every blog post or any other area which will get a link back to their website. We are already said about how to get a back link through comment.

  • Link Spam :

A way of getting link to the site from unrelated and low quality sites. Link building is an easy way to manipulate the search engine algorithm and many spammers take the advantage of this by building link network which leads to the creation of black hat seo.

  • Article Submission :

Submit contents to many article directories which is low quality.

  • Directory Submission :

Paying to submit your website to thousands of low quality directories.

  • Hidden Text :

Creating text or links which is the same color of the background of the site.

  • Keyword Stuffing :

It involves overloading a page with keywords beyond what might be expected for meaningful content.

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO –


  1. If Google detects website of link spamming, link farming, keyword stuffing, or any other illegal activities, it can ban your website from their search portal.
  2. Temporary high ranking switches to low ranking.
  3. Quality of the website goes bad.
  4. Permanently banned from search engines.

Difference Between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO


black white hat seo


Nofollow is an attribute that can be added to links to discourage Comment Spam. Webmasters gives a way to link to a website without passing any ‘link juice’ (for example in the case of ads), search engines introduced what is known as the “nofollow” link. This is a special tag you can add to a link. Example: <a href= rel=”nofollow”>Any Site</a>) that tells search engines not to count the particular link as a ‘vote’ to the referenced website. Now you can link other websites from yours without taking the risk of being caught for selling or exchanging links.

Now we have to know ‘what is a good link’?

First you should understand that link building is not only focused for quantity but for quality too. In other words it doesn’t matter how many links are pointing to your website but it is more important from where these links are coming. For example a link from a normal blog does not have the same weight as a link from New York Times or a link from Matt Cutts blog (head of Google Quality team) is not the same as a link from my blog.


social mediaSocial media is part of ‘off-site SEO’ and it’s also a form of link building. It should be noted that almost all of the links you get from social media sites are “nofollow” but this does not mean that they do not have any value. Try to become a member of the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Linked In, Ecademy, etc., and create a profile of your own. By doing this you can extend your network online, get connect with your friends, share things with each other, and promote your company/website to build an online reputation. You have to show your active participation on a regular basis. When you get involved with social networking sites you are stepping away from your website and putting your self into internet’s vast community. It gives more opportunity to interact with customers, etc. Likes and Shares also boost the visibility of your site.

  • twitter buttonAdd a TWITTER button to your website, so that visitors are able to tweet your content and share it with their followers. Create your own Twitter account and notify your followers about interesting contents, product updates, etc. In Tweets use hash tag with keywords easily found in Twitter Search.
  • facebookFacebook may have good impact on your rankings. Add a Facebook Like Button to your website. Create a Facebook page and engage your readers in sharing and discussing your post, photos and videos.


  • google plusMake sure your website has a Google+ page and make sure you’re sharing your content via this. It’s very likely that Google uses its own social channel as a signified for ranking content higher when it’s shared via the channel and achieved a certain number of +1s. If you take time to grow your audience on Google+ it will simply increase the possibility of +1s and therefore strengthen that signal.
  • etc .


bloggingThis is one of the most powerful ways to promote your company/website online. Write a blog of your own for your company/website and include lots of unique content. Be precise in what you’re trying to convey for the users in your blog entry and promote your blog in blog directories and blog search engines.

blogYou can also promote your blog/website by posting comments in other service-related blogs which allow links in the comments section that are crawl-able by the search engines (these blogs are commonly identified as Do-Follow Blogs). If you’re not very good at writing content for blog posts, hire a guest blogger for your blog and ask him/her to write precise and unique content so that your blog can gain more credit from a search engine point of view. Never become a part of black hat method.


Social Bookmarking is yet another powerful way of promoting your website, but nowadays most people are spamming social bookmarking sites without knowing how to use them. Social bookmarking is a way to bookmark our favorite web pages online to read them anytime and anywhere if we are connected with the internet.

social bookmarking

Do some social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, etc. You should be very careful while doing this and you must properly handle the tags which are very essential to broadcast your news on a wide area network. The web pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality back link in the eyes of search engines. This may increase your website traffic based on how effectively you have participated.


Publish/share your website product pictures and make them public. Let your friends see them and comment on them too, which will help drive traffic towards your website. Do this in major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc.


Like with photo sharing, you can publish/share your product videos, expert opinions, and reviews of your product and make them public in YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.


Instead of going global and facing huge competition, make your website local so that search engines can easily view your website and fetch the content. This will help you to reach a targeted audience. Submit your website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Super pages, Hotfrog, etc.

Now we can conclude like this,

Off page SEO is as important as on-page SEO. If you want your SEO campaigns to be successful you have to do both. When thinking about link building don’t take the easy way, try hard to get links from authorized sites. The more difficult is to get a link, the more value it has. In the past you could easily get thousands of links and rank higher but nowadays you have to do more than that. Because getting so many links from irrelevant sites may cause your site banned from search engines. Making a great website using all your efforts through white hat method and promote it in correct way. Quality Links follows you without any black hat method.

Here I discuss only some off page seo methods. You can give your suggestions and methods here. Am waiting..














Importance of Social Media in SEO

Social medias are important factor in SEO. Social media are computer mediated tools that allow people to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.Your social media efforts will increase not only your direct traffic through the shared content but an increase of organic traffic via search engines. The most important social media sites are  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. The more likes you have there and the more people who share your story the better your media marketing is your ability to foster and engage with a community of other people.

 How to add social media share button to a blog post

  • Get the HTML code from the social media websites like twitter or linked In and copy it
  • Open  your blog
  • Then click on layout
  • Add a gadget
  • Paste the copied HTML code in the provided space
  • Click on save arrangement

Adding widget to word press

  • Get the HTML  code from the social media websites like twitter or linked In and copy it
  • Open word press
  • Click on  widget  from appearances
  • Click on twitter timeline for twitter widget
  • Click on text for linked In widget

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Social media sharing

Importance of Social Media in SEO brings both organic and inorganic visits. So lets describes how to share a post in social media.

  • Click on twitter share button on published post
  • Copy the text from appeared block
  • Paste on tweet compose button
  • Open tweet  on twitter
  • Click on copy link to tweet
  • Open  search console from Google submit content
  • Copy the URL then submit it

Twitter analysis

Twitter Trends

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Importance of Social Media in SEO

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time.Trends are determined by an algorithm that monitors hot subjects based on who you follow and where you’re located. is a real-time search engine for social posts and socially shared content, primarily on Twitter and Google Plus. The service ranks results using a proprietary social influence algorithm that measures social media authors on how much others support what they saying.The service also provides access to metrics for any term mentioned on Twitter via its free analytics service at, where users can compare up to three terms for content in the past hour, day, week or month. It was announced in September 2013 that Topsy will include every public tweet ever published on Twitter for search and analysis.

Twitter follower wonk

Follower wonk lets you see how your competitors are doing on Twitter with their followers. Follower wonk shows you the most active hours of your followers, which takes the guesswork out of deciding when to schedule your key tweets to get the most traction. Importance of Social Media in SEO improves SEO ranking.

Slide published on Importance of social media in SEO from parvathy naishad

Google Analytics

Today the virtual world rules the world. With internet being readily available almost everywhere, the world is tGoogle - Analytics A Beginner's Guideurning into a global market. Almost all transactions are now done online. Creating a website too is now so easy that almost all have their own websites. Having a website is not all, but having a successful one is important. The success of a website depends on its traffic. This is where Google Analytics comes into action.

Importance of Adding Google Analytics to Your WebsiteGoogle Analytics

Google’s Google Analytics helps in monitoring a website’s traffic. It gives vital information regarding the traffic to your website like:

1) Who all are visiting your website:

If you are targeting a specific audience, knowing where your visitors are coming from would let you know whether the intended audience is visiting your website.

2) The different types of traffic that brought them to your website:

Knowing how your visitors found your website, i.e., through the type of traffic – whether they found you directly or through a referral (by following a post you shared on twitter, facebook, etc.) or through search engine is important. This can help you recognize you the area where you have to put more effort and where your efforts are paying off.

3) The web browsers that were used by your visitors:

Knowing from which web browsers you got your visitors would help you in knowing on which browsers you should be focusing on.

4) The keywords used by your visitors to reach your website after searching in search engines:

By knowing the keywords with which your visitors are getting to your website is crucial in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps in determining whether your choice of keywords was accurate i.e. if you are on the right track.

Adding Google Analytics to Blogspot Blog/ Website

Step-by-step procedure:

1) Go to
Select Sign in.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step12) Then select Google Analytics.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step2Go to the Admin option.
3) If you want to add a new account select create new account.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step3aOr if you want to add a new property to your existing account then select create new property.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step3b4) Fill in the requested details accurately.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step4a

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step4bThen select the Get Tracking ID option.
5) Select the appropriate country and accept the terms of service.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step56) There are mainly two methods by which you can add Google Analytics to your blogspot blog.
i) Copy the provided tracking ID and paste it in the space allotted in your bloggor account’s Settings area. [Refer figure]

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step6a

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step6bii) Another method is to copy the given HTML code and paste it before closing the head tag in your bloggor account’s Template portion.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step6c

If you have added your website which is maintained in wordpress then reach your site’s Dashboard, select Editor from Appearance and then paste the copied HTML code before closing the head tag.

Adding Google Analytics to your Blogspot Blog Website step6dSelecting the Queries option from Acquisition will show you the queries with which visitors came to your website.

Google Analytics result queriesSelecting Channels from Acquisition will show you through which type of traffic they reached your website.
In the figure there is a column which shows the bounce rate.

Google Analytics result channels

Bounce rate

Bounce rate denotes the percentage of people that left your website without viewing other pages on your website. A high bounce rate suggests that the content on your website is not that helpful or pleasing to the user.
According to Analytics guru ‘Avinash Kaushik’, a bounce rate below 20% is hard to get. Having a bounce rate over 35% should keep you concerned and anything over 50% is worrying.

Improving Bounce Rate

Here are some ideas to help improve bounce rate:

1) Provide links from your content to more pages of your website: link more pages of your website from the content which you think would keep your visitors interested.

2) Make your website informative: instead of just sticking on to the main intention (product) for which you designed your website, make your website more informative by adding more information about it. Help create a research interest in your website visitors so that they would love to dig deeper.

3) Improve the content on your website: this is an important area. The content of your website can help in keeping a visitor interested in your site or could also drive him away. Make your website rich with useful and genuine content. You could further add videos, images, etc. to make it more interesting, preventing one from leaving your website immediately.

The Technology option will show details through which Browser and OS and the Networks from which your website got visitors.

Google Analytics result browser and os

Google Analytics result network

Selecting Mobile option will give you information about the different mobiles and other Devices from which your website got visitors.

Google Analytics result mobile overview

Google Analytics result mobile devices

Adding Conversion (Goals)

Setting goal conversions is important as it enables one to know how many visits to your website has been converted to your specified goal.

For example, if reaching the contacts page of your site was considered to be a necessary goal then setting up a conversion for the same would let you know how many visitors to your site reached the contacts page or simply reached the goal.

Step-by-step procedure for adding a conversion:

1) Once you have decided and created the page which you want to set as ‘reached the goal’ for your website, select Goals in Conversions. Then select Overview.

Adding conversion step12) Select Set Up Goals

Adding conversion step23) Select New Goal

Adding conversion step34) Fill in the necessary details. Select from either template or custom. Then select continue

Adding conversion step45) Specify the goal description and other requested details and then select continue

Adding conversion step56)Specify the URL of the page of your goal page. Then select save.

Adding conversion step6Image Courtesy:



SEO is the drive for organic traffic to your Web site. SocSEO and Social Media Marketingial media optimization is becoming an important factor in SEO. SMO is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand, or events through social media pages or communities to generate publicity.

Relationship between SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search engines are utilizing the recommendations from users of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, and Google+ etc to rank pages in the search engine result pages. When a webpage is liked or shared by a user on a social media network, then it counts as a vote for that webpage’s quality. Thus, the Search Engines can use that votes for ranking websites in search engine results. SMO is helpful to reach the potential customers and helps to generate leads to high conversion rates. SMO refers to optimizing a website’s content in terms of sharing across Social Medias and networking websites.


Google uses Twitter to discover new content

Factors such as how many retweets, favorites, how many people tweeted the content, and the time frame of when the content was shared etc. All taken into consideration when indexing the content. Indexation is important for SEO, because the faster you can get your content indexed, the faster you’ll get organic traffic to your website.


Take 10 minutes each day to spend on your brand’s Google+ page or post content into Google+ communities. Be sure to post the content you want to be ranking for on Google+ to prove to Google that you are worthy of positioning high in their search engine.

Linked In

Linked In is a social networking website. Its used for professional networking. It allows users to create professional relationships. Individuals and companies can publish or post any contents related to their business to get a reach.


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is absolutely free tool provided by Google and it is also a good mechanism for communicating with Google. Google webmaster Tool helps us to identify the problems related to our site. This guide to webmaster tools will walk through the features of webmaster tools and how those features help us. Here an overview about how to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve SEO.

  • Messages

Google sends an email to webmaster when there is an issue related to our site. If don’t see the message from Goggle, you could miss an important piece of information. We have to improve our site performance by using some tips.

  • Add all your website versions
  • Select your preferred version
  • Select target country
  • Share access with co-workers
  • Submit a sitemap file
  • Learn how to work with Search Console
  • Search Appearance

It is the search appearance of search results when searchers search something. Mainly 4 search appearance in Google webmaster tools.

  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements
  • Sitemaps

Structured Data

Data is a combination of unstructured data, Semi structured data, structured data. We must ensure that the sites are visible and understandable by search engines with relevant and rich data. Rich Snippet, authorship Optimization are structured data. The searchers can easily asses and quickly understandable when adding rich snippets with content also the users get the value of site before clicking the site. So we can improve our CTR by adding rich snippet and authorship optimization.

Data Highlighter

Data Highlighter help Google to identify the structured data on page without need of code. We can add Data highlighter to our website. By adding data highlighter the search users can view the needed things on search results and they got idea about the thing. Events, Restaurants, movie, product etc these are webmaster tools includes the types of data highlighter.

HTML Improvements

Google Webmaster Tool informs you any issues related to our webpage’s HTML tags. That means any error occurring in the title tag or Meta description Google informs you. A website contains so many pages and that should have a unique title tag and Meta description. If any issues there the Google gives you the detailed error message and we can correct it. Google typically displays the title tag 50-60 and Meta description 155-160.


Sitelinks are the links that may be shown under the domain name of the site in Google search results. These links are determined by Google based on how much authority got to the particular query. Every site owner needs good sitelinks. Through sitelinks the users quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The users can save their time by using sitelinks. Webmaster tools allow site owner to demote sitelinks. That means we do not want to show one of the sitelink for some reason.

Demote a sitelink URL:

  1. On the Search Console Home page, click the site you want.
  2. Under Search Appearance, click Sitelinks.
  3. In the For this search result box, complete the URL for which you don’t want a specific sitelink URL to appear.
  4. In the Demote this sitelink URLbox, complete the URL of the sitelink you want to demote.
  • Search Traffic

Search traffic means it provides the information about the traffic- how the individual page in a website get search. Webmaster tool includes mainly 6 types of search traffic.

  • Search Analytics
  • Links to Your Site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Actions
  • International Targeting
  • Mobile Usability

Search Analytics                                                                   

Search Analytics analyze your site performance and improvements on Google search results. It also gives the report of how your site appear in search results. Filter and group data by categories such as queries, pages, countries, date, device, search type. Webmaster tools provides some metrics- clicks, impressions, CTR, position.

Links to Your Site

The best way to improve the sites rank by gets more sites to link to your website. We can monitor the site growth through the Google Webmaster Tools. When we got a link from a bad website it will hurt you. Webmaster tools give the report of who links the most, your most linked content, how your data is linked.

Internal Links

Internal link means connecting or linking your Webpages together brings your website in a higher position also may improve the authority in the eyes of Google. Good internal links good for Google page ranking and it really helps the Google to find pages. But beware that don’t want to overdo it.

Manual Actions

It is the communication area of Google to users. Google will inform you any site-wide manual penalties that you have applied to your site.

International Targeting

Targeting the search results mainly in international. Webmaster tools use 2 methods for international targeting. First one is target the search results to specific country. Second one is language targeting. Language section helps you ensure your hreflang tags use the correct locale codes (language and optional country).  More commonly, you can make sure that alternate pages have tags that link back to the pages for your site.  The Country section—you can use this tool to set a site-wide country target for your entire site, if necessary.

Mobile Usability

Our site optimized for mobile. Because nowadays everyone needs mobile phones and they access internet in phone than laptops. So the search results in google also visible in mobile phone users also.

  • Google Index

Google index obviously gives the information about how your website indexed in Google. Webmaster tools provide 4 types of Google index.

Index Status

Index status show how many pages are indexed in Google. It allows tracking the status of your site within the Google index.

Content Keywords

Content Keywords give the report of most frequently used keywords used on the website.

Blocked Resources

This report shows the blocked URLs by robots.txt.

Removed URLs

Google has removal URL tool that allows requesting that the URL be taken out the index. Only the site owners and users will have the full permission for requesting URL Removal.

  • Crawl

Crawl Errors

Crawl error feature in the webmaster tools gives the report if any problem related to your website on the web or mobile phone. The most common error seen in webpage is 404 error, which means can’t find the page by Google bots.

Crawl Stats

If we have thousands of pages in our website then we might expect crawl that most of the pages on a day or weekly. Google webmaster tool provide a feature crawl stats for showing the page crawl per day, Kilobytes downloaded per day and time spend downloading a page.

Fetch as Google

The Fetch as Google tool enables you to test how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site.  Fetches a specified URL in your site and displays the HTTP response. The fetch as Google tool allows retrieving a page of your website if you are in Google.

Robots.txt Tester

Robots.txt file is a file at the root of your site for blocking Google from crawling some pages.


Sitemap is informative document based on your site. It is a quick area for communication to Google. If you don’t submit a sitemap they may not index all pages in website. That means you won’t get much more traffic. Sitemap submitted in XML format. They can’t contain more than 50,000 URLs. If more than 50,000 URLs in sitemap we need to split the sitemap to multiple files.

URL Parameter

It helps Google crawl your site more efficiently by indicating how we should handle parameters in your URLs. This tools to give Google information about how to handle URLs containing specific parameters.

  • Security Issues

If Google has detected any malware or other security issues on your site, this is where they’ll list it out.


If you have malware on your server, you should see a message here. When someone injects code into your forum or comments area that is an issue. Google will see this and deem it malware.

  • Other Resources

This section contains links to tools that are outside of Google Webmaster Tool, but are of interest to webmasters, such as the Structured Data Testing tool, which enables webmasters to test their schema implementations.






We would be discussing in this article everything that you need to know about Directory Submission.

Long before Google, Yahoo  and Bing were noticed by people, people used to get relevant information from respective directories. These procedures are even followed now, if not by the users but by the search engines. Hence proper back links to your website from quality directories helps in improving your webpage ranking. Ultimately the aim of every website is to drive traffic to its website and ultimately get noticed by the search engines. But however getting into the top position in the list of search engines takes quite a lot time and effort.

It is then one approaches for directory submission in order to improve the website ranking.

So, what is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting the URL of your blog or website into various web directories such that the page authority and the page ranking of that directory will be shared by your website.

Why ?

Why would one go for Directory Submission?

  • Easy access to users
  • Gain page ranking
  • To improve yourself in search engine position.

Now we will see the process involved in Directory Submission.

Directory Submission Process

1) The   first step is to search a list of directory submission sites. You will come across various SEO friendly sites.

2) Before you select a directory, there are few things you need to take care of, such as Directory Submission Process-300x230

  • Whether the directory is SEO friendly
  • Check the page rank, page authority and domain authority.
  • Whether the directory is cached and indexed by Google.
  • The directory with zero active links is good for nothing.
  • Also avoid taking directories from the same IP address.

3) Now that you have made up your mind with the appropriate directory choose the category like paid or free version. For beginners we recommend to try with the free version.

4) Once you have found the appropriate directory click on Submit Your Site link at the top right corner.

5) Fill in the details given in the form and submit the form when you are done.

6) If it is a reciprocal directory, copy the source code given in the form and paste in any of your page in the HTML part.

And then you are done.

Foe more tips on SEO, follow



Some useful thoughts on advantages of using CSS sprites are 
shared with this blog post.

Major Advantages Achieved Using CSS Sprites

The most preferred methods for mitigating the number of image request are CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) sprites.

You can amalgamate background image in a solitary one and can utilize CSS background position and background image properties to show the required image segment.

A useful way of reducing HTTP request and dropping the dimension of your page is by combining inline images in the cached style.

An important point to remember is that inline images are still not easily supported across major browsers 40–60 percent of routine visitors surfing your site usually come with an empty cache thereby making your webpage load at a faster speed for the visitors coming for the first time. This ensures a ‘better user experience’.Major advantages achieved using CSS Sprites

CSS can be employed to create banners and buttons. It is simple to use a crystal clear PNG image file. With the aid of CSS, it is easier to create dynamic images that are great in looks and have less code lines.

Most of the top web sites spend around 5 percent to 38 percent of the time in downloading the HTML document. The remaining 62 percent to 95 percent of the time in downloading is exhausted in making HTTP requests for fetching all the constituents in the HTML document (i.e. scripts, images, and style sheets).

The presence of having various components in the webpage is enhanced by the fact that browsers usually download just two or four constituents in ‘parallel per hostname’ depending on HTTP version of user’s browser and the response.

Our vast experience suggest that decreasing the number of HTTP requests had the largest impact on mitigating time and is frequently the most simplest performance development to make.

The above mentioned are the major advantages achieved using CSS Sprites. These advantages are also the main reason for its popularity among developers.

website-design-companyBenefits of CSS Sprites in SEO

A request for the required webpage is made at the server whenever a web browser visits a website. The webpage comprises of images reference in its HTML code. These can be as photos in graphics or blog posts to create a theme the site.

All the images are individual files and it’s the responsibility of the browser to request them separately and individually. For every image incorporated in the webpage, the browser must initiate an individual request asking for that image from the related server. This request is finally processed by the concerned server and the file is sent back to the browser. The entire process of transferring back and forth for every file requires a trivial amount of processing and bandwidth.

CSS sprites are revealing enhanced usage credibility in web designing based on Search engine optimized. The technical aspects of CSS sprites are effectively utilized by ‘high traffic social media social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Search Engines such as Yahoo. Rapid loading time of nowadays’ heavy traffic database sites rendering them the favorite sites for web surfers. Large scale businesses and small scale businesses are now realizing and pondering that they are using sprites to their present ‘website’s front end design’.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks (SEO) []

On-Page Optimization

SEO on-page optimization simply implies to the factors which have an effect on web-pages listed in search results. On-page optimization tips get the website optimized. One could benefit the most by following the SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips. These factors are controlled by the website owners, webmasters or by coding on the page seo expertise.

It is very important to learn why on-page SEO activities have to be done on a website before learning the basic tips and SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips connected to it as it can simplify the learning process. Understanding the basic needs of SEO on-page optimization can help you to avoid some kind of possible mistakes which may harm your website’s search engine visibility instead of helping it rank on the SERP. Basically on-page Search Engine Optimization refers certain changes or modifications made in the website and pages to get visibility to search engine spiders called bots. Google’s search engine spiders are known as Googlebots.

SEO On-Page Optimization Tips: Understanding the Mistakes

Having a detailed knowledge of possible SEO mistakes which will have negative effects is the topmost on-page optimization tip.

Keyword stuffing

The presence of the focusing keyword in the web page is proven to produce better results in SEO. Taking advantage of this, placing the focusing keyword in the web page in an uncontrolled manner is keyword stuffing.

Lack of on-topic content & content duplication

Every web page should have relevant content (contents not copied from other sites) which satisfies the user’s query.

Manipulated Link Building or Link Manipulation

The number of inbound links (links from a web page back to your own web page) is helpful. But taking advantage of this is harmful.

Wrong Keyword Selection

The web page may be intended for a particular keyword. But choosing another keyword would not give the intended results.

Link spamming

Providing large number of links to other websites in order to increase your site’s inbound links is link spamming.

Lack of Social Media Signals

Make effective use of the various social medias by doing various promotional activities in them.

Examining the trafficked pages of the site and if software is at fault then evaluating the top landing pages of the site at the bare minimum and then applying SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips helps the website get better ranking.SEO On-Page optimization Follow-Up Tips

SEO On-Page Optimization Follow-up Tips

Identify & Fix pages with worst bounce rates by the following methods

  • Sites with the hits as low as 1 or 2 are considered to have the worst bounce rates.
  • Follow the method using Google Analytics. Go to Site Content – Landing Pages, after that click on Secondary Dimension then go to Traffic Sources and pick keywords. This method helps to see which page or keyword gives the highest bounce rates.

Fix and cleanup all broken links and redirect links

  • Discover broken links in the website through Google Webmaster tools, Raven tools or Bing Webmasters.
  • Then make sure that all the broken links are not connected with pages contained in one’s websites or other websites owned by the same person.
  • If yes, then make connections to point to the new URL and old URLs should be redirected to the new URLs.

Non indexed & Thin Content Pages

  • Re-submitting your XML sitemap with status of indexed pages.
  • Update the pages that weren’t indexed.
  • Minimum content expected is 250 words.

LSI Content Implementation

Tools like UbberSuggest, Google Suggestion, Analytic Stats and Keyword Tools help you to identify the words you dictate for strengthening. It also makes the total visibility better.

Google Authorship & Structured Data

1. SERPs are being taken over by Google Authorship, rich snippets and data.

Elimination of Duplicate content is done by re-examining the Google Webmaster guidelines and bounce rates are analyzed.
The page is loaded with new content if the current content is outdated and the older content is transformed into another page.

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Upcoming SEO strategyPresent era is a period of marketing at its peak with the assets of digital and social media marketing, as most of our population sees the world with the eye of internet. With more than 50 percent of people relying on internet for their major routine work the buying and selling means have shifted from on store shopping’ to online shopping,. On one side, this has created a lot of career opportunities for many internet friendly people; while on the other hand; it has created the need to understand the importance of fresh ideas and the requirement to properly direct their resources for the content marketers. Here are some trends that are likely to dominate as the upcoming SEO strategy in the year 2014.

Content Dominance in Upcoming SEO Strategy: More Competition for consumers’ attention

A competitive environment is set loose for all the people who use the medium of internet for their business marketing. As almost everyone is relying on internet today, for marketing and publicity, what is required to create a difference amongst all is the ‘fresh and innovative content’. It’s a challenge for all the content writers to think out of the box and create more fascinating and catchy work piece, in order to attract more visitors on their sites.

Creating a Content Strategy for SEO

If a website is planning for content based SEO marketing, the team can create a special content strategy for SEO. It includes production of quality content stuffed with value and basic quality. This is majorly applied with the segment of minor companies, because, bigger companies often have plethora of resources to deal with the issue and consequently, gain the advantage over the smaller companies. What can make these small enterprises stand in the competition is their content strategy. By properly analyzing the kind of company, product and most importantly, the kind of customer they are dealing with; even smaller enterprises can stand in competition and achieve their gains. Content strategy along with the scope of product, are considered to be the major factors to decide the fate of a company in the coming time

Identifying the customer is another logical factor. Marketing for a highly sophisticated product to not so brand and feature conscious customer can create a negative response. Customers in today’s time do a lot of research and comparison before settling for a brand, therefore, it is important to make him loyal and emotional for your brand. Here comes the role of content writers to effectively present the features of the product as well as satisfy the choice of the customer.

Regulating the key metrics to compute content triumph

Upcoming Business SEO StrategyIt is well known that the page views and web traffic are into a major play on internet today, for the success of a content and most importantly, in generating revenue. Due to lack of time and resources, people tend to produce unworthy and non-relevant content and anticipate customers to visit their page. Content should not only be interesting but also relevant and in sink with the organization and the products. Shortcuts and fake content will reduce the lifespan of the concerned organization. Prime motive for holding a website is to accentuate the brand value, to convert potential page viewers as customers and most importantly, to interact with their existing customers and have their opinions.

Internet provides a visual world to build up an image for any organization. People tend to know more about an organizational group through social media like face book or twitter, therefore, if valuable content is created, then there is always the scope of people sharing and re-tweeting about the concerned product, and thus enhances product value. This will in turn help to get more access to masses and increase brand value. For that reason, it is advisable to have an amalgamation of interesting, useful and appealing content with long term view to enhance good outcome, as social media also plays an significant role in constructing image for an organization.

Increased wakefulness in content assimilation

Creating better customer interaction can result in betterment of the organization and internet is a prime means to enhance better reach as more and more people are drifting towards internet for buying and selling.

One of the major concerns for the content writers is that their content is not of broad-spectrum category and thus, has to face compromises. In most of these cases, the organization has paucity of resources and therefore, content writers have the task to increase page views with limited resources. This, in the long run, results in content prepared with short term prospective contents has a compromised quality which takes cues from other.

Another major issue is to work in accord with the current advanced technologies because people are techno friendly and willing to update their knowledge according to the trend. This requires funds and resources, but as already mentioned, organization in deficit often end up crashing. So by the time they identify with the current inclination, it would be the time for next generation technologies. It is difficult to handle this issue but organization and their content writers have to create a steadiness to conquer.

Introducing content in newer mediums

Technology and digital transformation is finding its way in today’s time as technology is expanding causing a revolution and connecting people. Markets are today flooded with the in store digital retail occurrences, sensors, adventure designs and future developments of televisions.

Sephora is an apt example for their case study enlightenment. Sephora, is a brand, that has created magnificent content on its retail stores; additionally, it owns various influencing counters that enables its customers to study various fragrances or simply to get details about skin care. The added advantage is that Sephora has its own mobile app and content that connects to their core customers and share links with other online social media contents. All the contents are so made that they are easily shared via mail or to other social networks.

No doubt, the year 2014 will be a breathtaking time for all the future content writers. As technology enhances and spreads its wings, competition will increase, which will in turn increase opportunities and quality work.

Curiosity among users is on high today, so sellers should be active and alert for fulfilling their requirements and expectations. The task in being marketers is to take advantage of this information and to scrap the merits you want to compute and authorize all future marketing strategies. The main job of online marketers will be utilizing maximum benefits using the information and put into operation all promotion possibilities. Coming is the time that is perfect time to commence.