Outcome Based Education Software

Outcome Based Education Software

Colleges are finding it quite challenging to manage everything manually due to the increase in students each year. However, with the help of technology, this problem can be quickly resolved. In such a situation, a cloud based college management system has proven to be an excellent solution. As a result, many colleges have incorporated this system into their management system.

In today’s world, almost every college uses a college management system to make things easier and keep things organized. This is not only a help for the colleges but also the students. As a result, both parties have benefited from the system.

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Features of Outcome-Based Education Software

  • Faculty can continuously improve outcomes by correctly mapping student performance in terms of PO-CO and assessments. This is done by mapping learning outcomes.
  • Through the setting of multiple assessment rules, Rules for Assessment Configuration enables the faculty to pre-define the assessment criteria. The creation of online tests, quizzes, etc., provides a smooth process for outcome achievement.
  • The management of all institutional data, papers, and compliance reports necessary for the NBA accreditation process is provided by institutional data management, which offers a consolidated platform.
  • To ensure best practices, built-in BI tools offer actionable data on students’ progress and faculty activity.
  • Results Calculation produces precise reports in several simple-to-understand forms to evaluate, quantify, compute, and enhance student learning results.
  • Data accuracy and report accuracy boost compliance efforts. Maintain data quality and guarantee error-free data to provide reports with a high degree of

Benefits of Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

  • Providing flexible instruction while adhering to the accreditation system
  • Simple visual analysis, configurable bi tools, and an accurate monitoring dashboard.
  • Increases overall institutional performance by giving pupils the best possible education.
  • Students can better understand their academic strengths and limitations with the help of ongoing examinations.
  • Institutional performance and automation of the evaluation process will increase productivity.

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