Are you tired of creating content every other day and not getting the desired result? It is probably because you are not being able to get Inbound links or backlinks from good quality websites. Getting links from high-quality websites with high domain authority shows a significant difference in the ranking of a website. Here we mention a few effective link building techniques you can adopt in your blog to get more backlinks which in turn will increase your domain authority which in turn will improve your ranking.

Link Building Techniques

Tried and Tested Link Building Techniques


1. News Websites

Link Building Techniques Link Building Techniques

News websites are one of the best sources to get links from. If you get a mention of your brand in a local news website that will be equivalent to hundreds of links you build from less quality websites. News websites qualify as a good quality website because of their content richness. The specialty of these websites is that they publish hundreds of news articles a single day. Therefore they are bound to have high domain authority.

Here is an example of two news websites, BBC and Malayala Manorama. BBC is an international news website with 93 as their domain authority and Malayala Manorama is a local news website with a domain authority of 70. Here the whole point is that Malayala Manorama being a local news website was able to have an authority value of 70 which is considered a good benchmark to take links from. Therefore we can conclude without any doubts that getting a link from a news website is of great value.

2. Content Repurposing

Are you fed up of creating new content that constantly satisfies your audience? Then resort to content repurposing. It is nothing but finding new creative ways to publish the already published content. This could be making a video tutorial, SlideShare, Infographic, podcasts etc. You must embed a code into this. By doing this when people share the repurposed content you get a link from it. It is a great way to find new audience as well as get links from the same content.

3. Link Roundup

Link Building TechniquesGetting a link from a link roundup post is quite easy. Normally bloggers and magazine websites do link roundup’s every once in a while. It is a daily, weekly or monthly blog post. It is basically curated content about a specific topic and links pointing to external websites from that article.

You can find link roundups in your industry by googling Link roundup + “your focus keyword”. After you get link roundups in your niche, find an article that is a perfect fit and you can proceed to contact them. If you are a recipe blogger and have a great cupcake recipe with you. Then check link roundups with your focus keyword and you will get a list of websites that have link roundups in your niche. Find a website that is a perfect fit and pitch in your content.

4. Broken Link

Building links through broken links is oneof the best link building techniques. Firstly, you have to install a free plugin called “check my links”. After you download the extension go to a webpage that you want a link from and run this extension. It gives a report on valid and invalid links. Valid links will be underlined in green colour and invalid links in red colour.

If you find a broken link that can be replaced perfectly with a content that you have, then without further ado contact the webmasters of the website. First inform them about the broken link in their website and when they acknowledge you, forward your pitch. In this case, they will be more than happy to replace the link with yours simply because you added value to their website. It is a win-win situation.

5. Unique Branded Name

It is a great way to strike curiosity among readers. Unique branded name is giving a unique title to the article. The best part is several bloggers must have already written about it but when you give a unique name to the whole process it becomes a small invention of yours. The benefit of a unique title is two-fold. Apart from striking curiosity, people will start linking to it by the name itself. After a point, you get traffic from that unique name you authored. For eg, Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique earned 9000 unique backlinks just because he gave a unique name to the title.

6. .EDU Websites

When it comes to ranking domain authority based on sectors, Government websites have the highest authoritative value. But getting a link from a Gov website is not a cakewalk. But do not fret, the next that comes in line is ‘.Edu’ websites. These are websites owned by universities and colleges. They have high authority because of its content which is in the form of thesis and project reports by different people. You must be wondering how you will get a link from an Edu website. These edu websites maintain a resource page for their students and teachers. These pages are filled with knowledgeable highly researched content that is helpful to a lot of people.

You can google “’Your focus keyword'” to find Edu websites in your niche. If you can find an edu website that will be a good fit for your content then contact the administrators of the university portal. The likeliness of getting a link from these websites are trim. But even if you manage to get one link it can give a big boost to your website.

7. Guest Posting

There was a time when guest posting was considered a very reputable and respectable job. With Penguin Update google started punishing guest bloggers saying they are a source of link spamming. But even now guest blogging can be a great way to get links in a respectable way. Just make sure you guest blog in quality websites. For that, you can closely monitor popular guest bloggers in your niche. Copy their image URL from twitter and search it in Google images. You get a list of quality websites they have guest posted. You can contact these websites and offer to guest blog. For more details check out Guest Posting Power Tips For Getting Posted in Good Websites.


  • Here we mentioned 7 unique link building techniques. But when you take a link from a website make sure to run a basic website analysis. This will help you to avoid spammy links.
  • Never contact other websites and ask for links blandly. Instead, send out a personalized message.
  • Always make sure that you are giving value in return for a link.

Some of the best Google Analytics tips

google analytics tips“You can’t improve then you can’t measure it”, is an important saying. Keyword rankings are a great measure of SEO and a critical measure of success. But it doesn’t mean that by using more keywords provides a higher ranking. Going beyond keyword ranking showcases how organic search brings revenue and profit to the business. The best tool for measuring SEO is Google Analytics and a lot of google analytics tips are available. Each and every business is unique, so every website needs different metrics. Now let us check out the ways to use Google Analytics to report the success of the business by using the following Google Analytics tips.

Only View Organic Search Traffic

organic trafficThe google analytics tips for organic traffic search is as follows. If there is a decline in website traffic, then they will conclude that it may be due to traffic loss. But if we conduct a deep study, we could understand that traffic sources are down which affects overall traffic. Open channel group report by clicking Acquisition-> All Traffic Channels.


Measure the quality of SEO Traffic
To measure traffic source quality there are many ways. One of the most common ways to measure improvement or decline in the search traffic quality is by the Assisted Conversions report. In this report compare the data.(Conversions-> Channel Funnels-> Assisted Conversions).
Use the report to check for decline or improvement in conversions from search traffic. If you find a decline in conversions from search we can understand that traffic coming from search is not of high quality. If you start focusing on selecting a set of keywords then you can find improvement in conversions.

Add values to Organic Traffic

In order to assign a value to sites organic traffic, compare how much the keywords costs, if purchased in Google Adwords campaign. In order to make this strategy to work out, access a Google Adwords account and your Analytics will need to get synced with the Search Console account.

Also, open Adwords account in a tab and click on Tools->Keyword Planner. Also, choose “Get search volume data and trends”, enter top keywords from Google Analytics Queries report and click “Get search volume”. In the next screen click “Keyword Ideas”. For the keyword that you have selected, a bid amount is shown that is an estimate of the amount that advertisers are paying per click for the listed keyword.

Search and Identify the slow loading page times

Page speed is a major factor in search rankings. So if a business invests time and money in SEO and keyword ranking, don’t blow it by looking in a slow loading site. Let us look at how to identify slow loading pages and measure the impact on conversion rates. To measure and understand page load times on a page by page just navigate to Behavior-> Site SPEED-> Page Timings. Set middle column to ‘Avg. Page Load Time’ and right column to ‘%Exit’. Then filter down to show only organic traffic.
This report shows in the topmost row the average page load time and average exit percentage on the page by page basis. It’s also easy to see that page load time surpasses site-wide average, the exit percentages start to skyrocket.
When you see this as an SEO report this to site developers and ask them to optimize page load times. Once page load times have improved run the report and compare the old data to show how additional traffic have been retained and have been converted due to the improvement in page load times.

Create SEO Dashboard

Sometimes it may take a long time to believe in your work and how you present the data. Most of the clients want to see the forms of measurement in bar graphs, pie charts. Best way to present Google Analytics and SEO data are by building dashboard interface. The dashboard consists of widgets that pull individual reports into a single view easy to access, share and print. Analytics helps in focusing on doing the SEO work. If you want to import dashboard click on Dashboards->+New Dashboard.
The first widget set up is a counter to measure total visits to the site from organic search.

Convert challenge to strength

The most challenging aspect of being an SEO is to articulate the value and to bring business. In order to retain the business, you need to quantify your work from a traffic. If your client can’t understand the work volume that you put, they will stop the service that you provide. So find a creative way to present data in monthly SEO reports.


To get high rankings we need to get strong links pointing to our website. But the question still exists on how to build links to the site that can positively influence the rankings? Link building is not like on-page SEO that can follow a list and get the pages optimized. The main objective while getting the links is that it needs to make difference in the rankings and those links need to make the website stronger. Here let us see what is link building and how to identify good and bad links and the effective and good link building techniques that can be started to use to acquire the backlinks.

Why is link important for any Website?

Important signals that influence rankings is Link building and is also known as Off-page SEO. There is a close relationship between links and rankings. The recent study revealed that websites ranking in top positions have more backlinks from unique domains.
Therefore to rank high in the search results you need to get many links from a number of different domains.
Difference between good and bad links!
Bad links will lead your website into trouble and Google penalizes the website that tries to improve rankings by link building so we can reduce this use effective and good link building techniques.

Different Effective and Good link Building Techniques

Bad backlink!

Links from the following sources are considered to be a toxic link:

  • Links from article directories are harmful since the article directory publish articles and it contains a lot of outgoing links.
  • Website directory links are also harmful to our website. The only use of website directories is to list websites without any quality content.
  • Paid links: If you had paid to add the link and once Google notices it then it will punish both websites.
  • Link exchanges: Massive link exchanges with other websites is against the Google guidelines.
  • Links from Web 2.0 websites: LInk packages that promises hundreds of links from web 2.0 properties are not healthy.

Good backlink

The good link is earned naturally when the website provides great content and when other websites want to let their users know it and then add a link pointing to your website. This is known as natural link building and is the best way to build the Google’s trust.This is the most important technique that used in effective and good link building techniques.

Difference between normal links and no follow links?

This effective and good link building techniques, By default, links are always followed links unless they have the nofollow attribute added to the link HTML code.
Google and other search engines are in a fight against the spammy links. For this reason, webmasters are given the opportunity to add external links without passing page rank value to other websites. This is accomplished by adding attribute “nofollow” to given link.

  • When a user clicks it, they will visit the target website but it will not pass any page rank or link juice from the website to the other.
  • Nofollow links do not help your Google rankings. We need links coming from highly trusted sites that do not carry nofollow tag.

Ways to build backlink to your website 

1.Begin and maintain an active blog

In effective and good link building techniques it is important to have an optimized website that helps to get incoming links from highly trusted websites. Keep in mind that the blog needs to be part of the domain or as a subdomain. Blogs on different domains do not help. To get links from blogging you need to have great content.Other webmasters link to your blog if it provides value to the visitors. There is a way to pass the link juice from the blog pages to the concerned product pages. Having active blog posts is not only needed you to need to promote your blog posts to get the attention of other webmasters.

2. Get the link from Manufacturers site

There is numerous way to get links from the manufacturers’ site.Visit the concerned websites and look if there is a section with links to the retailers. If there does not exists one ask them to get featured on their website. If there is a blog, ask to contribute an article. Or else if they have a showcase section, submit the entry.

3. Guest Posting – Websites that accept Guest Posts

  • Guests posting is one of the effective ways to get links from other websites. How does it work?
  • Find websites that are looking for guest writers.
  • Read the publishing guidelines of the concerned website
  • Draft a post that includes links to the website.

How do you find them?

1. Open Google and search for:” write for us”,” guest post”, guest blogger, the blog for us, contributor etc.
2. Keep a look at the competitors.
Analyze the links of competitors. One of the most efficient way to get an idea of how to get links is to use SEMRUSh.
When not to guest post to a website?
Before posting the articles make sure that the websites you found are good for guest posting.
Check whether the websites have good rankings in Google.
Look if they have the good amount of traffic.
Also, make sure that they have original content of their own.
Check when they have last updated and for the kinds of posts published. Notice the pattern of guest posting. If you noticed that they only publish guest posting then they are not good. Then go to SEMRUSH and type their domain and click search. SEMRUSH will give the valuable data regarding the type of website traffic received.

4. Guest Posting – Asking for Links

Websites that don’t mention that they accept guest posts don’t mean that they don’t. First of all study the website, find the names of the editors and send them an email, explaining how your post will benefit them. Also, give them an opportunity to guest post on your website.
Always link to the blog posts and not product pages.

Advanced Ways Of Healthy Link Building

 5. Link to other websites from your blog
While writing content for the blog, include the link to other websites or blogs.

6. Get Published on Media websites
There is a great benefit in getting publishes on media websites like Forbes, Huffpost, Inc, Entrepreneur and others than getting a backlink. Two ways exist to make this happen:

  • Contact the journalists through the email.
  • Get in contact with editors with the guest post idea.

7. Use HARO
It is a service that brings journalists and bloggers together. If you want the editors to pitch with your ideas use HARO and answer questions posted by journalists. Usually, journalists post questions about different topics and they want to get answers. But if you were able to answer the question and if your pitch is accepted then the journalist will publish the story with reference to your name and website.

8. Send products for review to influencers
It is best to add a link to the websites from the reviews. If we talk about the product, it is normal to let people know where they can buy it. Keep in mind that getting a few links in reviews will not raise any signals but getting 100’s of the link will create a problem.

9. Buy an established blog
This is not applicable for the small business owners but is a method that works. Flippa is the biggest marketplace to find blogs and websites for sale.

10. Link magnets
In Link magnet is a term used to describe the content that goes rival and attracts the links from other websites.
Trending Infographics: Infographics are the concepts used to present data in a different form than text or plain images.

For more

Combining optimization with analytics is a frequent topic now. Though data analytics and optimizations are specifically hot topics at the moment, they’ve been widely used in marketing analytics and research for over 30 years. But there are still people who doesn’t know what Analytics and Optimization mean. So here is a brief description to those who are new to this field.

Analytics :

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection and analysis and reporting of internet data for the prpose of understanding and optimizing web usage. Companies may apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.


Particularly known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage in search engine results. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

analytics descriptiveDigital analytics was mainly focused on reporting. The analytics were mostly descriptive, emphasizing what happened and possibly, why it happened. Between analytics technologies not actually being very analytical and data stored in proprietary structures, it was difficult to get data into another technology to do more detailed or sophisticated analytics. What it made me think, though, was that the future of analytics is not in reporting or spreadsheets, visualization or cubes. The future is to find new ways to bring human expertise and data analysis techniques together to make learning mechanisms that start “smart” and get “smarter”. Using analytics can help you track marketing efforts and optimize future marketing campaigns, enabling you to ultimately make the best possible decisions. With real, quantitative results you can develop your future marketing campaigns with full assurance & confidence.

Optimization is a business analytics tool. Analytics is considered to predict the future  whereas optimization does not predict any future.

Future of Analytics Industry

analytics growing opportunityMajor components for the analysis of web data are current search engines like Google. They are able to search the whole web and to return documents containing the specied character string. There is a soaring demand for Analytics professionals. Jeanne Harris, senior executive at Accenture Institute for High Performance, once said “…data is useless without the skill to analyze it.” We all know how true is that! There are more job opportunities in Analytics and Optimization than there were last year and many IT professionals are prepared to invest time and money for the training. 
The demand for Analytics skill is going up steadily but there is a huge shortfall in supply side. This issue is global and not restricted to any part of geography. In spite of Big Data Analytics being a ‘Hot’ job, there is still a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to shortage of required skill. McKinsey Global Institute states that US will face a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can understand and make decisions using Big Data by 2018.

salary jobt itlesThere is a strong demand for Data Analytics skills and is boosting the wages for qualified professionals. Big Data pay big bucks for the right skill. A look at the salary trend for Big Data Analytics indicates a positive and exponential growth. According to the ‘Peer Research – Big Data Analytics’ survey, it was found that Big Data Analytics is one of the top priorities of the organizations participating in the survey as they believe that it improves the performances of their organizations.

key benefitsAnalytics is a key resource for many companies which is competitive. According to the ‘Analytics Advantage’ survey, ninety six percent of respondents feel that analytics will become more important to their organizations in the next three years. This is because of a huge amount of data that is not being used and at this point, only rudimentary analytics is being done. About forty nine percent of the respondents strongly believe that analytics is a key factor in better decision-making capabilities. Another sixteen percent like it for its superior key strategic initiatives. Analytics play an important role in driving business strategy and making effective business decisions.

From a career point of view, there are so many option available, in terms of domain as well as nature of job. Since Analytics is utilized in varied fields, there are numerous job titles for one to choose from. Big Data Analytics Business Consultant, Big Data Analytics Architect, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Solution Architect, Big Data Analyst, Analytics Associate, Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, Metrics and Analytics Specialist. Big Data Analytics career is deep and one can choose from the 3 types of data analytics depending on the Big Data environment- Prescriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics & Descriptive Analytics.

Future of Web Optimization Industry:

future of seoSearch Engine Optimization is all about to figure out how to make Google put you on the first page. The Internet of 2015 is still a pretty simple world. Most people still access information through a web browser. The Internet still needs you to tell it exactly what you want in a very particular way.
 The Internet’s mobile-app generation has started to change this. The Internet of Things will change it further and so will wearable technology.

SEO as it stands today, is mostly a one-trick pony. Keyword targeting, link building and on-page search optimization are all tactics that accomplish one thing. Get Google to think your web page is more important than someone else’s web page. The future of Internet is about context. It’s about knowing what content a person needs, when they need it. It’s proactive, not reactive to a search query in a box. And, it’s diverse in terms of format and function.

Rand Fishkin had mentioned how important it is to be contextually relevant; that if you create great content that readers want to consume, Google will rank you well. And this is the first step toward a truly audience-focused mentality about how we build web content. The best SEOs already get this. We’re already good at stomping down content that isn’t relevant or valuable. We’re going to keep getting better. And, some day most of the content created using traditional SEO tactics is going to get stomped down. Web content strategy simply cannot be the zero sum game called “Hack the Algorithm.” I’m talking about “white hat” SEO, too. Gaming an algorithm by Google’s rules is still gaming the algorithm.

It’s time to start thinking differently about being found. If your marketing strategy’s priority #1 is to rank high on Google, your clock is ticking.


No matter how advanced Analytics is, it does not neglect the need for human insights. On contrary, there is a compelling need for skilled people with the ability to understand data, think from the business point of view and come up with insights. For this very reason professionals with Analytics skill are finding themselves in high demand as businesses look to harness the power of Big Data. A professional with the Analytical skills can master the ocean of Big Data and become a vital asset to an organization, boosting the business and their career.

With an increase in demand for SEO services, employment opportunities in the industry are also increasing. Therefore, you can expect more job opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry. SEO is a profession that can be practiced while working for a company or even as a solo practitioner. Salaries over $80K per annum are not an exception for SEO jobs. Almost all freelance sites have sections for SEO services and offers for $50 an hour or more are quite common.

Where do you think Analytics and Optimization is heading to in 2016? Please share your thoughts in comments below!


Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.

Google Search Console (Previously Google webmaster tools ) is a no charge web serviceImportant Facts in Webmaster Tools. by Google Webmasters. It allows Webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. As of May 20,  2015, Google re branded  Google Webmaster tools as Google Search console. Here are Some Important Facts In Webmaster Tools.  It has tools that enables the webmasters to:

  • Check and set the Crawl rate, and view statistics about when Google bot access a particular site.
  • List internal and external pages that links to the site.
  • Receive notifications from google for manual penalties.

Some of the options seen in the Google search console Window:

  • Search Appearance.
  • Search Traffic.
  • Google Index.

Let us see the details about these topics.


This includes the following options which are some Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.

  1. Structured Data: It enables the analyst to make the page structured, that makes easier to understand the basic task and it’s contents. This increases the CTR rate.
  2. Data Highlighter: This is mainly to attract the user’s attraction, towards the page by adding attractive star ratings and such other tasks. This increases the CTR rate.
  3. HTML Improvements: This checks the site to detect any potential with content on the pages, duplicate, problematic title tags or meta descriptions.
  4. Sitelinks:To Demote a specific site.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages: Fix errors on your Accelerated Mobile Pages in order to have them prominently served to mobile users. This is a service launched by Google recently. It stops the slow loading of pages in mobiles.


This includes the following options:

  1. Search Analytics: It reports more accurately than Search queries report.
  2. Link To Your Site: It shows all the Links and it’s details given to the specific site.
  3. Internal Links: These are those links that present within our site.
  4. Manual Actions: It gives warnings and messages if links are given to the site from any low quality websites.
  5. International Targeting: This refers to the act of making many language versions like .ae ,.in , .com etc for a specific site for using it all over the world.
  6. Mobile Usability: Making a webpage mobile friendly by making it fit in mobile screen , by providing specific mobile responsive design and the settings that set font for each mobile while opening the specific site etc makes a good impression and experience in the user.


This includes the following options:

  1. Index Status: It shows the website’s URL status, it is decided by the visit got for the site.
  2. Content Keyword: The most used Keyword in our Webpage.Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.
  3. Blocked Resources: The pages those are blocked in our webpage.
  4. Remove URLS: Temporarily remove URLs that you own from search results.


  • After submitting a page to google, while the bots crawl the page,if they are not able to find the page those are linked to the page, then there generates an error and also a negative impression on the user. This is the crawl error in webmaster tools.
  • This can be overcome by changing the link either to home page, or to the other page that is available for the service.
  • This is the manner: Redirect 301 /(removed page)/ /(new page for substitution)/