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In the contemporary digital era, educational institutions are confronted with the challenge of modernizing their operations and enhancing efficiency. To address this, Softloom IT Solutions presents its cutting-edge Academic Management Software, a comprehensive, scalable, and user-friendly platform designed to consolidate all academic and administrative activities.
Our Academic Management Software automates routine tasks, fosters improved stakeholder communication and provide valuable insights to help institutions make data-driven decisions. It is a tool and a strategic asset that empowers institutions to thrive in the modern educational landscape.

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Core Modules of Academic Management System Software

Academic Management Software consists of several core modules to manage various aspects of academic administration efficiently. These include the Student Information System (SIS) that manages all student data, Admission Management for streamlining the admission process, Attendance Management for tracking student attendance, Course and Curriculum Management for effective course planning, Faculty Management for handling faculty details and schedules, Exam and Grade Management for automating exam scheduling and grading, Fee and Financial Management for handling all financial transactions and reporting. These modules collectively provide a comprehensive system to manage every facet of an academic institution.

Admission Management

  • Online Student Registration
  • Allotment List Generation
  • Allotment Memo
  • Live Tracking of Admission Status
  • Online Fees Payment

Academics Management

  • Outcome Based Education Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Performance Record
  • In Semester Assessment (ISA)
  • Progress card
  • Question Bank Management
  • Study Material Management

Finance Management

  • UPI, Credit/Debit card Payments
  • Safe Transactions
  • E-receipt Generation
  • Notifications for Pending Fees
  • Fee Structure Allocation

Exam Cell Management

  • Exam Notification
  • Hall Ticket
  • Generate Question Paper
  • Mark Entry (Grade/Mark)
  • Pass Board Data
  • Result Analysis
  • Semester Result
  • Tabulation Register
  • Result Notification
  • Grace Mark Register

HR Management

  • Leave and Incentive Calculation
  • Increment Cycle Information
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Leave Management
  • Salary Calculation
  • Automated Salary Credit
  • Maintenance of Faculty Profile
  • Biometric Attendance


  • Institution Evaluation
  • Evaluation (Program, Course, Alumini, Parent, Employer)
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • Research and Publications
  • Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • Department Activities and Achievements
  • Infrastructure

Cloud-Based Academic Management System Software

Softloom Cloud-based Academic Management Software is a comprehensive and integrated system that makes college administration seamless. It is a powerful tool packed with numerous features like timetable creation, alumni management, etc., in addition to the core modules. It is designed to enhance the overall functioning of college administration, thereby improving the quality of education delivered.

Benefits Of Academic Management Software

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Academic Management Software significantly streamlines administrative processes by automating routine tasks. This frees up staff time and allows them to focus on further vital aspects of their jobs, thus enhancing overall productivity.
  2. Superior Data Management: The software is a central repository for all academic data. This data consolidation ensures easy access, efficient management, and data integrity. It eliminates the risk of data duplication or data loss.
  3. Improved Transparency: With real-time access to information, students, parents, and faculty members can stay updated about academic progress, attendance, fees, and more. This feature fosters transparency and trust among all stakeholders.
  4. Effective Communication: The software often comes with communication tools, such as messaging systems, push notifications, and discussion forums. This facilitates seamless and instant communication between teachers, students, and parents, ensuring everyone stays informed.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: By digitizing and automating various processes, the software reduces the dependency on paper-based methods, leading to significant cost savings. It also reduces the chances of errors common in manual operations, avoiding unnecessary expenses related to error rectification.
  6. Accurate Tracking and Reporting: The software can track various metrics, such as student performance, attendance, and fee payment status, providing insightful reports. These reports can help make informed decisions for the betterment of the institution.
  7. Secure and Easy Access to Information: Academic Management Software typically offers role-based access to ensure data security. With proper authentication, staff, students, and parents can access relevant information anytime, anywhere.
  8. Environmental Impact: By reducing the dependency on paper, the software contributes to environmental sustainability. It aligns with the global trend of adopting eco-friendly practices.

Investing in Academic Management Software is a strategic move that can significantly benefit educational institutions in the long run. It not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the quality of education by enabling the staff to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Why Use Softloom's Academic Management Software?

Softloom’s Academic Management Software is more than just a tool; it’s a complete solution crafted to address every administrative challenge in an academic institution. We ensure your institution is always a step ahead with a user-friendly interface, robust functionalities, top-notch support, and regular updates. We believe in delivering value, and with our software, your institution can achieve improved efficiency, enhanced communication, and significant cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Softloom’s Academic Management Software is scalable and can be customizable to fit the demands of small and large educational institutions.

We prioritize data security. Our software has advanced security measures to guarantee your data is safe and secure.

Yes, Softloom IT Solutions is committed to meet your unique needs. We can discuss and implement custom features in the software.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive training to all users to ensure you can efficiently use all the features of our