College ERP Software

We help institutions update their education systems so students are more likely to achieve their career aspirations. Our College Management System ERP is the most advanced on the market. We offer a wide range of features among the leading College ERP systems. With our End-to-End ERP Solutions, colleges can manage themselves seamlessly.

Core Models of College ERP Software

Website Development

Admission Management

  • Online Student Registration
  • Allotment List Generation
  • Allotment Memo
  • Live Tracking of Admission Status
  • Online Fees Payment


Website Development

Academics Management

  • Outcome Based Education Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Performance Record
  • In Semester Assessment (ISA)
  • Progress card
  • Question Bank Management
  • Study Material Management


Website Development

Finance Management

  • UPI, Credit/Debit card Payments
  • Safe Transactions
  • E-receipt Generation
  • Notifications for Pending Fees
  • Fee Structure Allocation


Website Development

Exam Cell Management

  • Exam Notification
  • Hall Ticket
  • Generate Question Paper
  • Mark Entry (Grade/Mark)
  • Pass Board Data
  • Result Analysis
  • Semester Result
  • Tabulation Register
  • Result Notification
  • Grace Mark Register


Website Development

HR Management

  • Leave and Incentive Calculation
  • Increment Cycle Information
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Leave Management
  • Salary Calculation
  • Automated Salary Credit
  • Maintenance of Faculty Profile
  • Biometric Attendance


Website Development


  • Institution Evaluation
  • Evaluation (Program, Course, Alumini, Parent, Employer)
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • Research and Publications
  • Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • Department Activities and Achievements
  • Infrastructure


Cloud Based College ERP Software

College ERP Software

College ERP software is cloud-based educational ERP software that allows higher education institutions to manage online admissions and fees, student attendance, and library books. Additionally, it can generate student performance reports & simplify faculty tasks.
Softloom educational ERP software automates Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes. ERP software for colleges is designed to meet the needs of different college operations.
The Softloom College ERP provides educators with the tools to streamline college admissions, scholarship management, and compliance management through biometrics, business intelligence, and analytics dashboards.

College ERP Software

Benefits Of College ERP software 

If a college wants to run its administrative processes systematically, it has to choose a College Administration System that is efficient and provides the following benefits.

Smooth Communication 

  • Improve communication between teachers and parents
  • Messages are automatically sent internally
  • Keep track of student performance in real-time
  • Remind students about exams and admissions

Multi-campus Model For Various Societies

  • Build a centralised database
  • Integrate operations across unitary institutions
  • Respect individual autonomy
  • Organise the processes of educational societies and trusts

Auto-Triggered Statistics & Analytics Dashboard

  • Admins receive auto-generated emails with day-to-day reports
  • BI-powered dashboard for analytics
  • Gain valuable insights by monitoring activities
  • Dashboard insights with key performance indicators

Prominent Features Of College ERP Software

Administration of student registration and admission

The Software manages student’s registration and admission. In addition, it records the educational details of students, uploads photographs of each student for easy identification, creates a unique ID for each student, uploads and stores data, and produces reports regarding students, including character and transfer certificates, etc.

Management of student inquiries

College authorities can quickly respond to students’ questions via email, walk-ins, or phone through the Software.

Fees Collection Procedure

College ERP software makes collecting and processing fees from all students easy. Fee structures can be generated and edited using the Software, which keeps track of payments received, enters due amounts, and generates and edits billing heads.

Student’s Attendance

Students’ attendance is tracked across departments in real-time using the Software, eliminating the need to keep paper attendance records for each student.

Examination Management

This Software allows the authority to create subject-specific exams and tests, admit cards and date sheets. Additionally, it generates results based on a percentile or grading system.

Timetable Generation

Timetable generation is simplified with the Software since it generates different time slots for each timetable to avoid conflicts in timing. Modifications can also be made according to management’s needs.

College ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a comprehensive software solution developed to streamline and automate administrative tasks and processes in educational institutions such as colleges and universities. The system integrates various functions such as admissions management, student information management, academic management, financial management, and human resource management, into a single platform. It provides a centralized database that enables staff and faculty to manage administrative tasks and data more efficiently, reduce manual errors, and save time. College ERP systems also provide real-time data and analytics that institutions can use to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. Overall, College ERP systems are valuable investments for institutions that want to improve their administrative processes and provide a better experience for students, faculty, and staff.

The benefits of a College ERP system include streamlined administration, improved communication, real-time data, enhanced student experience, efficient resource management, and informed decision-making.

A College ERP system integrates various administrative functions into a single platform, providing a centralized database that enables staff and faculty to manage administrative tasks and data more efficiently. It provides real-time data and analytics that institutions can use to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Yes, a College ERP system is customizable to meet each educational institution’s unique requirements and specifications. Customization options may include features such as branding, workflows, and integration with other software.

The time it takes to implement a College ERP system depends on the size and complexity of the institution, as well as the specific features and customizations required. However, a typical implementation may take several weeks to months or more.

Yes, a College ERP system is designed to be secure, with features such as user authentication, access controls, and data encryption to protect sensitive data. However, ensuring the system is configured and maintained correctly is essential to ensure maximum security.

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