The 2 main types of digital marketing are online and offline marketing. Offline marketing involves things like radio, television and phone advertising, online marketing is of 7 major categories:
Differences types of online marketing

Different Types Of Online Marketing Techniques

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

  • Content marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Email marketing

    search engine optimization

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the advance process of optimizing your web site for the purpose of getting free traffic from search engines. An optimized web site is more easily understood by Search engine crawlers and this helps in getting higher rank in SERPS.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM  or Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic on the website by purchasing ads on search engines. Google AdWords is the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, followed by Bing Ads.

  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click is Google’s form of online advertising. Advertisers bid on “trigger” words and phrases that prompt their ads to show in sponsored search results. Advertiser pay a fee every time someone clicks on one of their ads. Commonly, SEM and PPC advertising are moves out through search engines, who charge advertisers a predetermine amount every time their ad is clicked.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is mainly a type of strategic marketing approach which involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to draw in and to get clearly outline audience and to drive profitable customer action. By making helpful content that gives worth for your target consumers, you’ll work to have interaction these leads and facilitate build awareness for your brand. Brand awareness is one among the foremost necessary advantages of content marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    social media marketing

Social media marketing can do be a good way for businesses to satisfy their objectives in terms of building brand equity, improving client service, reaching new clients and aggregation customer feedback. If firms will produce social media content that has worth to others, they will connect with customers during a profitable means.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the method of earning a commission by promoting different people’s (or company’s) product. You discover a product you prefer, market it to others (usually through your blog), and earn a bit of the profit for every sale that you just build.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing provides direct contact with clients and allows you to drive prospective customers to your website.It has been a pillar for any business attempting to generate sales via the internet. In a  few steps, you can provide updates, exciting news, reminders, etc. to your customers in a fraction of minutes.

Digital marketing tips will helps to reach local customers to your locally focused business.Digital marketing is essential for a small business and hoping to stay competitive. But in the case of a busy businessman the digital marketing tactics should focus on in your limited time is difficult. As a small business starter, it can be very hard to know to start when it comes to digital marketing. But it is required.

digital marketing tips for small businesses


Here are 7 very practical digital marketing tips for small business owners.

1. Optimize your website for mobile

With 85% of Internet users regularly browsing the web on a mobile device . Because of this Google’s recent decision to reduce the search engine ranking of websites that aren’t optimized for smaller screens. It is  important that your website is mobile friendly. You can check here if your website is considered mobile friendly by Google.

2. Manage your Facebook Ads through Ads Manager

If you’re looking Facebook for marketing, advertising is now important to achieve any kind of reach. And if you’re using Facebook Ads properly, i.e. testing various ads and segmenting your target market. So that maybe you’ll get better results using Ads Manager. Ads Manager is a free service and ad management tool from Facebook that is optimized for use in Google Chrome. The benefits of using Power Editor contain optimized bidding, easy to use custom audiences more specific device targeting and a central image library for your adverts.

3.Project your LinkedIn account and use for SEO

By putting arrows or bullet points near to your core skills or abilities can focus the clients easily. These are all helps to standout the profile from others. You can also customize the website links from your LinkedIn Profile to your website. Valuable back-links can add to your site.

4.Use auto-responders and thank email subscribers

The people sign up with your email newsletter or bulletin,it’s good to contact them immediately with thanks and make them to show you are committed to help. Email marketing tools, enable you to create multiple autoresponders , so you can send a custom made welcome email to subscribers –  with separate interests immediately they’ve signed up to your list.

5. Build awareness by using Twitter ads

Twitter ads might be helps to  just what you need. You can focus your promoted Tweets at the followers of your opponents, leading industry figures and media sites to either enchant new followers or get clicks to your website.

6. Go with ‘re marketing’ that works

‘re-marketing’ helps Advertising straightly to people you have a connection with. This  include visitors to your website, your email database, Twitter followers or followers of your Facebook Page. The major advertising tools offer re-marketing  including Google ads  and Facebook and it’s shows to offer higher returns than normal online advertising for lesser costs. The Constant Contact marketplace provides many tools that focus to make re-targeting your email contacts simply.

7. Blog for “long tail”

Website traffic comes from your old blog post.So make your life of post lengthy.

By following these 7 essential digital marketing tips for micro enterprises, your sales and benefits get bigger.

In a world where almost everything has gone digital, it’s important to keep up with and take advantage of technology, especially if you own a business. For your business to thrive, you need to get your hands on an effective marketing strategy and model to keep it relevant to the public. You have to maintain engagement with your customers in all aspects – digital or traditional. This is where an SEO digital marketing company comes in to help put your business on the map.

What is an SEO digital marketing company?

What then is an SEO digital marketing company? How is it different from traditional marketing agencies?

An SEO digital marketing company refers to a business that offers digital marketing solutions. These solutions include, but are not limited to, search engine optimization, social media campaign, and other digital marketing campaigns. It offers creative, innovative, and up-to-date solutions to achieve the client’s marketing goal. SEO digital marketing companies such as Web-Marketing-123 usually offer service and tool packages that cover the needs of the clients.

An SEO digital marketing company is responsible for ensuring that the client’s presence is felt across many different digital platforms, such as the World Wide Web, Facebook, emails, mobile apps, Internet TV and other video streaming services, and search engines. Its main purpose is to make sure the client appears on the top results and/or ranking on any digital platforms.

Products and services offered by top Dallas SEO digital marketing companies

Most SEO Digital Marketing Companies in Dallas, Texas, are known to offer a wide array of digital marketing products and services, which include the following:

● On-site SEO assessment
● Link building strategies
● Web design and development
● SEO services
● Social media advertising
● Pay-per-click advertising
● Content planning
● Content marketing

Questions you need to ask before hiring an SEO digital marketing company

Hiring an SEO digital marketing company to take care of your marketing needs requires careful understanding of the provider’s solutions, capabilities, and results. Reading reviews about an SEO digital marketing company as well as going through an in-depth study of the solutions they offer are the primary steps.

It’s also critical to ask the right questions when you sit down with them. These questions will help you assess further their true capabilities. Their answers will help you decide whether they can deliver to each of your marketing needs.

1. How will you improve my rankings?

This is perhaps one of the most generic but important questions related to SEO. It’s expected for an SEO digital marketing company to have a proven process to improve a client’s search engine ranking. This process should be flexible enough to cater to different client needs.

Be careful with companies espousing black hat techniques (purchasing low-quality links or using certain keywords to get a page to number one). These techniques are illegal and will put your site in trouble down the line.

2. Do you have samples of your writing?

Good SEO requires great content. The digital marketing company should be able to showcase a portfolio of their content and copywriting articles. This will help you assess whether their type of writing and content align with your company’s culture and marketing goals.

3. How do you optimize paid search campaigns?

Digital marketing companies should have a Google Partner Badge and the capability to offer services across different PPC (paid-per-click) platforms. In addition, they should have a process to effectively use these platforms as well as defined metrics for their reports and analysis, methods for reporting, etc.

4. What social media strategies do you offer?

A digital marketing company’s social media strategy solution can make or break a client’s first impression. This is because social media is by far the most relevant concern of clients nowadays.

The digital marketing company should be able to provide context on how it can take advantage of social media as an avenue to solve the client’s marketing needs. There should be an effective methodology in place to manage communities across many different social media platforms.

5. Do you have a web design portfolio?

A web design portfolio offers an overview of how creative and effective a digital marketing company is. It helps you assess their aesthetics and potential to deliver according to your preferences. It will also help you find out whether they’re capable of building flexible websites that work on different platforms by utilizing responsive design.

On top of these, the company should be able to walk you through their e-commerce services, maintenance, analytics, SEO application, and so on.

6. What do you think makes you stand out from the competition?

Perhaps one of the most general but critical questions to ask is how they stand out from their competition. This may sound cliché but an SEO digital marketing company’s ability to articulate its vision, mission, solutions, and results is an indicator of how capable the digital marketing company is. Their conversion rate numbers, month-over-month progress, and results, as well as their client feedback, should be consistently stable and positive.


The products and services offered an SEO digital marketing company are all worth it depending on your marketing needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but SEO digital marketing companies in Dallas offer a broad range of end-to-end solutions that always deliver to client needs.

Instagram, the photo-sharing app is one of the fastest growing social media networks that has launched their stories feature in August 2016. The stories feature allows users to post photos, videos or even text that appears for 24 hours after posting. Instagram stories are interesting and fun and you can make them creative and interactive as you want. It provides followers reasons to engage with you and come back for more. Stories create greater brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Most powerful brands today use Instagram stories to promote themselves and to builds audience. Have a look at the tips to do better on Instagram.

Instagram stories ideas

  1. Hold on Story Highlights

To make your stories available to viewers even after 24 hour periods, use “Add to highlights” feature and the stories will be accessible on your account in the highlights section. Instagram highlights allow the brands to curate stories so that the audiences can watch them at their convenience and makes your content evergreen. Highlights on Instagram is a way to attract your audience. You can showcase interviews of experts, photos of customers, use cases of your products.

  1. Use polls, Quizzes or Share Trivia

Poll feature in Instagram stories helps you engage your audience better. It helps to know better about their likes, preferences. This option helps you to craft content that resonates with an audience. When you ask about their opinions, you get great data and they will feel more valued and get connected to the brand.

  1. Support influencers

One of the great ways to promote your brand and products is by influencer marketing. Leverage your Instagram stories in you influencer campaigns. This can help you gain audiences and increases conversions by allowing consumers to discover the products.

How to support stories for influencer marketing?

  1. Share product videos or images with influencers and ask them to use them in their stories.
  2. Ask influencers to create the story that features the brand.

Consider working with micro-influencers if you are on a lower budget. They will help you to generate better ROI from influencer campaigns because working with micro-influencers is cost-effective and the management rates are higher than prominent influencers. Also, you need to work with more of them to reach more people. Influencers need to tag your brand in their stories. Ask them to insert a link to the website or to use the branded hashtag in their stories.

instagram stories ideas

For the success of the campaigns, you need to find relevant influencers in your niche. Make sure that they are expert in their field and have a good number of followers, engagement rate. Check their posted content to make sure their style and messaging align with your brand.

  1. Strength user-generated content

To build your audience and get more engagement on the stories to build user-generated content. Encourage followers to feature your products in their stories and to tag your brans in them. Also, offer some sort of incentives so that people are motivated to share their experiences using the products. Offer freebies or even chance to get featured on the Instagram page. User-generated contents promote the products without being pushy and help to build the credibility and to win the trust of your audience. Great user-generated content helps you to get connected with customers and is a great way to spread the word about the brand.

  1. Focus on spreading Personal Stories: People remains curious and likes to know how the things work. To tap into that curiosity, share stories about the brand or products, customer experiences or even employees. Personalize experience of viewers with behind-the-scene Stories that help you to humanize the brand and connect with audiences at the deeper level. Brand shares to make the audience feel special and more connected with the brand.
  2. Use videos along with the stories: Use of stories is increasing at a greater pace. Instagram provides a way to share videos that are recorded as well as live videos in stories. Live videos are a way to stand out from the crowd to get more visibility. Videos can showcase the products beautifully during promoting the product launches. Videos in stories are effective at boosting brand awareness while launching the new product. Create videos that are compelling and unique.
  3. Include Hashtags to your stories: Hashtags are a way to help the content get discovered by a wider audience. For creating good Instagram stories there is a need to time as well as effort. Hashtags ensure that they get the views they deserve. Users add customized hashtags to stories and this helps to expand the reach of the post, connects with the larger community.
  4. Story promotion In Instagram: Instagram allows users to run stories ads and they will show up in between stories from people they follow. It can be a single image or a video of a maximum of 15 seconds. An ad enables a brand to hold users attention. Promote Instagram stories to get discovered by audiences and to boost brand awareness.

Thus Instagram is a great platform to flourish the business. If you are not using it properly then you are missing out on a lot. Stories help brands to reach among more people and to increase engagement on Instagram and helps you to convert potential customers into actual ones. Have you made Instagram stories a part of marketing strategy, if not make it your part and experience the difference.


The travel industry has been transformed as a result of digitization and now the whole industry has coped with the changes. The industry that has affected the digital development is travel and tourism. We can see and experience that travel as well as lodging or accommodation industry is the one that use digital marketing techniques to engage communities and make sure their clients have the possible breakout.

To perform well and to gain competitive benefits travel industry are eagerly looking for unique ways to reach the audience. Nowadays we use computers, laptops, mobiles etc to acquire information regarding the tourist industry that includes travel, food, and related activities.

We can see the top-notch industries in the top results of SERP .Thus, keep in mind that digital marketing is the way to reach the large audience in a quick way at the lower cost. Digital marketing channels help customers via online. Digital marketing for travel creates a large boom for the audience that can be through an article, audio, email, and video. Let us see some tips on how to conduct digital marketing for travel industry

1.Impact of SEO on User’s decision

We know that, if we search for a particular keyword we will click on the top result of SERP. Thus we know that page rank at the top of SERP is very important. However, Google algorithms decide which website will rank on the SERP  thus it is necessary to optimize the website continuously. Keywords on your website need to be used to increase the importance of your website.

2.The relevance of Social Media

Traditional communication has been replaced by the involvement of social media. Let us see an example when we travel we look for reviews, posts, pictures etc. Thus it is very clear that travel industries take advantage of social media networking tools to enhance business at the very low cost that helps to generate the public interest.

3.Increased number of mobile users

We can see that most of the business travelers use the smartphone during the trip planning process . they do online research before making any decision relating to travel. This indicates that a lot of people access the internet through phones . it is very important and necessary to have a responsive website.  So in order to make the traveling process easy for the audience, travel professionals, hotel owners have turned to digital marketing agencies. Most of the companies adopt digital marketing strategy to quickly reach their target audience.

Statistics Of Digital Marketing For Travel Industry

Travel and tourism industry is changing very fastly. Let us keep an eye at the upcoming trends of digital marketing for travel industry in India.

1.To maximize revenue go for Online Bookings

Still, many tour companies work with traditional methods for daily management so the users who are using the digital medium are not able to come across the services they are searching in the online channel.

  • There is a surge in bookings after the implementation of online booking system.
  • Most of the traveler’s book hotels for the same day via the mobile device.

There are travelers who want to book tours and activities connected to it online and most of the tour and travel operators are not ready to provide the service.

2. Enhance the online Reputation

  • 95 % people read reviews prior to booking.
  • Most users usually refer reviews before making a decision.
  • The majority prefer for summarized review but about 60% prefer reading full-text reviews.

Therefore it is very important to build up the online presence of your company and to build positive reviews.

3. Businesses who have mobile-optimized sites are the real winners

Mobile bookings on travel and tourism have grown drastically. 50% of users visit the site through phone or tablet. About 45% of travelers use mobile devices to book pre-trip activities. Since the number of users who use internet and mobiles are increasing it is very important to use responsive booking system and website builder. Make sure you have a mobile-optimized template with great UX with great UI design with good loading speed.

Social Media Statistics Of Travel Industry

1.Entry of Social media in the travel industry

Most people posts pictures while traveling in the social media’s like WhatsApp, Facebook.  Twitter users create positive vibes for the mentioned brands by sharing travel experiences. It is advisable not to try out hands-on every social media channel. Find where your target users are active. If there does not exist your target audience don’t jump to a social network.

 2. Best toolbox for marketing is visuals and videos

Photos have a great influence on the travelers. We need to think out of the box to stand out in the tourism industry. For a travel agency, it is very important to place compelling visuals. Videos account for two-thirds of consumer internet. It is best to try out videos. If the first video doesn’t gain transaction even then stick to the videos and you will surely receive the feedback.

Travel Industry Trends

The travel industry has transformed into a digital sector since the business and leisure travelers are making the travel arrangements using the internet. Trends that are rocking in the travel industry is listed below, understand and capitalize on them:

1.Social Media’s Influence

Social media has a great influence on the travel industry. Most of the travelers say that social media changes their travel plans and the majority of travelers suggested that they like to book a trip from the company liked by their friend rather than a conventional Facebook ad.

2.Recommendations from friends have a great influence

Majority spent 30 minutes in reviews before booking. This implies that bad reviews need to be dealt with carefully and the complaints need to be addressed patiently and politely. If you are ready to go an extra mile with the customers it could lead to more leads than a promotional campaign.

3.Data that makes you unique

Unique data helps to achieve offerings and to track the preferences. Most of the people prefer that customized itineraries are more appealing. Artificial Intelligence along with the unique data help you with virtual travel assistants.

4.Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is mostly looked upon in online travel marketing. Virtual reality helps you to try before you purchase. The development of virtual reality will make you look at the resort, room etc.

Strategies To Be Adopted While Doing Digital Marketing For Travel Industry

There is a need for the strategies to conduct digital marketing for travel industry. Here some of the strategies are listed. Have a look at these plans.

1.Reach the visitors before you arrive

Travel and accommodation marketing organizations need to build relationships with the visitors before they search and reach beside you. Campaigns could be conducted by the traveler and the questions like where to stay, how to use transportation systems will be answered.

For example, you can surprise your guests at airports or stations. Most probably travelers will post an update on Twitter or Instagram and this will become an opportunity for the tourism marketers to connect with them.

2.How to handle the negative travelers?

Plan a strategy when things are out of hand. It is better to develop more training and to plan on how to deal with negative clients. If you respond early you can mute negative experiences and can minimize the impact.

3.Social media data to enhance and understand the visitors

Social media users update their profiles where ever they go. Thus social media helps them to understand the market visitors destination. Deep understanding helps you to develop effective advertising campaigns.

4.  Instagram

Yinstagramou can find visually appealing pictures, videos in traveling industry. When these two meets you can see high engagement, huge return on investment etc. Thus it is very true that Instagram creates high engagement for travel brands.Hope you got an idea on how digitization is important in the travel industry and the role played by the digital marketing trends in the industry. Keep these in mind and do the digital marketing for travel industry.


Visuals pave a good way to content marketing especially videos can be used by brands to showcase their products. Videos are attractive and help brands to communicate with their audiences. Videos help in introducing a new product. According to research, 45% web users watch video in an hour or more per day. And by 2020, 82% of consumer web traffic will be video. On the other hand Limiting yourself YouTube is not a good idea. This article will show you the video marketing tools and techniques for the marketing purpose.

Video Marketing Tools And Techniques

Different Video Marketing Tools And Techniques

  • YouTube

    It is good for promoting the accounts. It has the first place in digital media. There are chances to drive leads to the site and to build income. It also helps a lot for branding and it offers an opportunity for organic spread among the video marketing tools and techniques

  • Vimeo Pro

    This is good for the persons who are into creative film-making. You may come across a big community and can become a part of it. It helps to find partners or clients. Vimeo Business is a good platform if you are into a video marketing agency. Wistia is a blessing for the ones who need videos to embed on their landing pages. It is very easy to use and no training is required to use.

  • Flipagram

    It helps in combining images to create video stories and it is very easy to use.

  • Picovico

    creates slideshow videos from photos and video clips. It has exciting features like voice-over, video clips and empowers to create slideshow videos in simple steps.

  • WeVideo

    This tool is a web-based video that helps to weave stories out of photos or audios. It offers tools to make video editing really easy. You have the option to create text slides, crop photos, edit audio files.

  • Keyword Shitter

    It allows you to enter a keyword and lists possible combination available with the keyword. In addition to using the tool for video keyword tagging, it also helps to develop titles for content writing. Keywords Everywhere are similar to Google Adwords tool. It also helps to narrow down keywords to select less competitive and helps in ranking the content much faster. This is available as an extension of Chrome and Firefox.

Tools Used To Create Animated Videos

  • Sellamations

    It helps to develop the animated video. You have the option to create doodle animations and can spread the message in a right manner. Doodle in this is hand-drawn, you can also ask for a custom character to be created for your video.

  • Powtoon

    This tool is helpful for creating presentations, animated videos that can be embedded to your website and can be shared to social media channels. You have the option to choose from a range of templates, characters, and transitions. The video comes with a set of templates that can be selected and customized to deliver messages to create templates from scratch.Powtoon - the video marketing tool

  • Stop motion

    It helps to make videos with stop-motion techniques. The peculiarity of this tool is that you can edit the video frame by frame. It is the animated film-making technique.

I hope you got an idea regarding the video marketing tools and techniques, which can be used and implemented for the advertisement purposes. Try out these tools and make a change in the marketing field.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism

Digital marketing placed its footprint on the tourism industry. We can the emerging digital marketing trends in tourism industries. It helped millions of travelers around the world. We know there was a time when the internet or digital services were unavailable for any activity. Especially in the case of the tourism industry. If we plan for a trip it was unable to book a hotel or home stays. Also, it was unable to know about the weather and current status of a particular place. Later things changed, the world changed and our technologies too. Today we can just simply know the weather and current status of a particular place at any time. And we can book a hotel room with a small click. How this digital services or digital marketing come so far? Let’s have a look at that.

In order to gain more advantage and popularity in the tourism industry and the related services depends on digital marketing. Customer satisfaction is one of the main agenda behind tourism industry. The tourism industry wishes to give the best services to the customer. Without any discomfort, the customer can enjoy the services. The tourism industry is growing day by day. There are a lot of amazing destinations around the world. If people plan a trip what they first do? Yes, they look for more details about the place with the help of internet. And then what? Here you go:

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in TourismBooking Tickets and Hotel Rooms

After checking the details about the place they try to book the plane tickets and hotel rooms. There is a huge increase in the use of mobiles phones. So the travelers simply search the details they want in the search engines. Have you heard about Mobile Travel Agencies? The emerging trend in Mobile Tavel Agencies (MATs) is due to the increase in the search for travel destination details and tickets via mobile phones. Mobile Travel Agencies offer many downloadable applications to book the tickets easily.

Time From traveler’s Place to Destination

It is sure that the travelers need time to travel from their place to their tourist destination. What they do at this free time? Here come the marketing ideas of many entertainment service provider companies. It is sure that the travelers can enjoy their flight time by watching various entertainment programs. For this, the airlines install advanced entertainment systems in the flight. So the travelers can watch different movies, Television programs, they can play games etc. Today we can see many airlines partnered with some companies to provide these services. After installing the entertainment system the travelers use their own devices to access the media library wirelessly.

At The Dream Destination

After landing at the destination place the travelers will search for best beautiful locations to visit in that area. Free WI-FI is available in all places. So by using this, they can do their searching on their mobile phones. There are many websites which show the reviews of the places. So the traveler can easily understand the standard of that particular location. If it looks like a bad one he/she can skip that location. Today many websites are competing with each other to provide the best services and to gain the trust of people. So we can expect genuine details on the websites. The travelers will get guidelines, digital maps, weather details etc.

The tourism companies are adopting digital marketing strategies. They monitor the customer needs and provide the best services as customer wish. So customers became potential customers and they return to you. Google Adwords will help you to promote your website. Promotion through social media platforms is another emerging trend. There are many promotional activities in social media. How do you market your destination? Here are some tips

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism
Provide Proper Information About the Destinations

The travelers may not know the details of the area. So always give proper details about the place. The tourism marketing must be focused on the travelers’ needs. Make a simple and informative guide for the travelers. People prefer simple word content. Not complicated.

Discussion Platform in Social Media

A discussion platform will help you to get more interactions. If the travelers have any kind of questions he/she will put it in the discussion platforms. You must give the proper and informative reply as soon as possible. You can gain the trust of the travelers if you give the right reply.


A beautiful video about the destination area always catch the eyes of the traveler. The video contains a huge amount of information in a very little time. Videos are far better than writing a content. So add helpful videos that show the tips and things to do in a particular location.

Keep Follow The Travelers

Always focus on people who love to travel. So by adding them to your social media platforms, you will get some potential customers.

Allow Reviews

The one who visits your social media platform will look for reviews of other people. People love and trust real life examples. So by allowing reviews, you will get positive reviews (if you give the best services) and other people will get attracted to your services.

Health marketing is another, client focused, way to deal with general well being advancement that applies customary advertising standards and hypotheses close by science-based methodologies to secure and advance the strength of various populations. It includes making, conveying, and conveying messages for people in general on aversion, health advancement and health protection.[1] Health promoting is one of the routes headway in drug and in health ensuring administrations, for example, protection, are made broadly known. Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry will challenge Institutional bias and force debate around longstanding approach to Marketing.



Trends in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is changing at such a quick rate, to the point that it’s influencing brands and suppliers to ponder: what’s up, doc? Since it can be difficult to keep your finger on the beat of these human services changes, web based Advertising analysed the most recent industry bits of knowledge from an assortment of trusted sources to feature the patterns and apparatuses that will rethink social insurance. The digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Marketing  cover the promoting, advanced understanding, and shopper needs in medicinal services to enable restorative and pharmaceutical experts to enhance the soundness of their organizations. To help try these expectations, this conjecture highlights openings and choices to transform these movements into techniques. As the priorities and tendencies of both patients and doctors transform, the need for Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry is increasing day by day. For a dose of marketing wisdom, take a look at these healthcare trends.



1. Content Will Be the Cure-All

Just about seventy five percent of customers swing to the Web first for answers to health questions, as per examine from GSW Worldwide. This implies there is a huge market for Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry just waiting on the Web to be caught by profitable data about human services brands and items. Furthermore, since online promotions offer couple of actualities and are regularly disregarded by purchasers, numerous medicinal services advertisers are making convincing substance to acquire these people’s opportunity and consideration. The absolute most fruitful brands have created purchaser centered, information based substance that offers master exhortation, shares genuine client encounters, and welcomes shoppers to interface with kindred patients in an online group. The key is making content that reacts to purchasers’ needs and resounds with their own voyages.

2. Mobile Will Take Care of Many Patient Needs

Mobile tools have picked up force in medicinal services by giving buyers a chance to bring their health into their own hands. As indicated by the American Marketing Association, a developing number of buyers have been utilizing cell phones to screen their wellness levels, weight, heart rate, and other essential signs as they endeavor to oversee interminable sicknesses. In 2015, human services advertisers should grow more portable approaches to draw in these engaged purchasers to gain their trust and business. Furthermore, portable will turn into the essential driver of correspondence between suppliers inside human services frameworks in the coming year. These portable means will empower specialists to for all intents and purposes analyze health concerns, give treatment suggestions, and offer authority referrals to put speedier treatment and more noteworthy investment funds all readily available. Thus Patient needs are recognized in a very efficient manner with the help of Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry.



3. Local Advertising Will Aid in Consumer Reach

Mobile goes as an inseparable unit with the energy of neighborhood promoting and lets human services advertisers and practices utilize nearness based strategies. On account of new innovation, it’s easy to send focused on content and redid coupons to the cell phones of individuals in a specific area. With look into from GSW Worldwide demonstrating that 62% of shoppers share nearby manages companions and that 57% will probably connect with area based advertisements, obviously neighborhood publicizing will be a profitable vehicle for social insurance showcasing. Thus Local Advertising also plays an important role in Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry.

4. Advertising Spots Will Be On-the-Spot Operations

While promotions were generally made a long time ahead of time, the new period of “moment publicizing” is changing advertisements from planned to off the cuff. This move has been prodded by online networking and the achievement of off the cuff promotions. Brands began to use live occasions by making constant reactions that associated their brands to sudden openings. These unconstrained reactions addressed shoppers, who socially shared and retweeted them in record-breaking numbers. Notwithstanding giving brands colossal introduction, this spared a very long time of exorbitant arranging and dispensed with high media charges. To make moment promoting, everything comes down to setting and substance. They key is having a showcasing group that stays over opportune occasions and can create without any preparation tie-ins.


5. Social Media Will Provide a Dose of Reach

Online networking is the ideal fit and discussion for social insurance promoting on the grounds that both rotate around individual issues. What’s more, with customers more enabled than any time in recent memory to need a voice in their medicinal services decisions, millions are running to online networking to share input and support. Accordingly, reports that social insurance brands are following their prompt these discussions to remain associated with clients, draw in forthcoming patients, post content on their items, and fabricate buzz about their brands. The objective of this Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Marketing social engagement is to acquire patients’ trust and inclination in their brands and practices. Since web-based Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Marketing in social networking furnishes customers with an individual say in their human services and an individual association with brands, online networking is relied upon to remain a noteworthy pattern in medicinal services showcasing.

6. Physician Online Reviews Will Be Good for Business

Just about 75% of customers confide in online audits as much as individual proposals and there was a 68% expansion in the quantity of patients utilizing on the web surveys from 2013 to 2014, as indicated by a current report via posted on What’s more, 44% of patients might will to search out-of-organize specialists with great online audits, refered to another study by Software Advice highlighted on These demonstrate the present-day energy of doctor online audits, which are relied upon to increase significantly more prominent impact in 2015. Notwithstanding upgrading a training’s validity and notoriety, these online audits increment perceivability in web search tools to better the odds of achieving planned patients. To procure more positive patient online surveys, specialists prescribe the accompanying tips:

Set up a Google+ business page and make sure that all information accurately represents the practice.
Verify the page and encourage patients to post their reviews.
Promote the online listing by requesting reviews from patients through all current communication channels, such as direct mail, email, social media, and simple word-of-mouth.

7. Testing Will Find What’s Ailing Your Efforts

An ever increasing number of huge brands have been utilizing as a part of market testing of fragmented items with awesome achievement. They direct concentration gatherings to haphazardly test different item alternatives and gather shopper criticism. The outcomes represent themselves with organizations whose transformation rates have enhanced over the previous year performing around half a larger number of tests than brands whose rates have remained stale, as indicated by Econsultancy research. This strategy will reclassify inquire about in 2015 by moving choices from officials’ brains into buyers’ hands.

8. Video Will Be Used to Dispense Information

In 2015, the best approach to play to the social healthcare market is through the “play” catch. Since marked medicinal services substance can be long and tedious to peruse, numerous brands will make their messages quick and painless by placing them into online recordings. The ubiquity of online recordings has been rising ideal alongside portable utilization. Actually, the blast of such versatile use has brought about 60% of U.S. advanced media time now being spent on cell phones and tablets, as indicated by comScore information. To make advanced substance more versatile well disposed, numerous publicists have been gathering their messages into effortlessly visible recordings that buyers can watch in a hurry. Furthermore, numerous more advertisers will without a doubt take after their lead as versatile remains the overwhelming computerized stage in the coming years.

Healthcare might be in transition, yet that doesn’t imply that brands and suppliers can’t be in a state of harmony with the main patterns for 2015. With these bits of knowledge as a guide, medicinal services brands and practices can grow very much engaged showcasing systems to enhance the wellbeing of their organizations in the coming year and past.

On Page SEO Techniques or On-Site SEO is the practice of optimizing elements on the website in order to rank higher and to earn a good traffic from search engine. The fundamental goal of On-site SEO is to make a page useful for both search engine and users. On page SEO activities include using keywords in right place and in density, usage of internal links, meta tags, taking care of image SEO etc. Here let us look at the best on-page SEO techniques to be implemented in detail to attain a good ranking.

on page seo techniques to be implemented for better ranking

 On Page SEO Techniques

  • In-depth Content: Content must be thorough to attain a good ranking. Google Panda update was to eliminate thin content.
  • Convenience: Google checks the content to know whether it is readable? Is it organized or not?
  • Exclusive: The content in the page must be unique and properly addressed.
  • Credible & Definitive: Checks whether your content is good enough to read and does it provide the information that the user queries for.

Keyword Agnostic On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Links used in the Page

It is a very important aspect of on-site SEO. Whether the link is external or internal? How many links are there? Let’s look what is an internal as well as external links?

Internal Links are the links that point at the same domain that the links exist on. While External Links point at any domain other than the source link.

Why External Links so important?

  •  It is the most important source of ranking power.
  • These links pass equity differently than internal links. Since search engine listens what others say about you.

2.Page Load Speed

Page load speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. It is described either in “page load time” or “time to the first byte”. Your page load can be evaluated using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

 3. Handling of structured data or other markups. is semantic vocabulary that you can add to the HTML to represent your page in SERPs. Structured data contains the pair of a name with a value which helps search engine in categorizing and indexing your content.

4.Page URL Structure

It must be shorter than 2083 characters. It must be simple and relevant. Use hyphens to separate words. Always use lowercase letters for URL.

5. Mobile Friendliness

By doing this we ensure that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for their specific device. It is best to adopt the responsive design for the sites which serves the same content to mobile and desktop users.

6. Page Metadata

  It describes the page content. Let’s have glance through the metadata.

     i.Meta keywords attribute – keyword relevant to your page.

    ii.Title tags – text that appears at the top of the browser.

    iii.Meta description attribute – a brief description of the page.

    iv.Meta robots attribute – you are telling the search engine what to do with your pages.

      index/noindex – tells search engines whether to show your page or not.

      follow/nofollow – tells the search engine what to do with the links on your pages.

On Page SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Content of Page: Good content has demand since it provides relevant information.
  2. Title Tag must contain 50 to 60 characters. Try to put the keyword first. Also add modifiers to your title like best, 2018, review etc.
  3. Use SEO friendly URL.
  4. Fascinate with multimedia images: Inclusion of images reduces bounce rate and it also boosts user-interaction signals.
  5. Use the keyword in first 100 words.
  6. Use internal and external links.
  7. Apply LSI keyword – To understand about a particular query Google looks at LSI keywords or synonyms of the searched keyword. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing.
  8. Image Optimization: Include targeting keyword in the image file name and also in the alt text. To write good alt text keep the tips given below in mind. Describe the image as clearly as possible and keep it short. Also, use the focusing keyword in it.

Hope you all get a small idea of the On Page Optimization techniques and it’s ranking factors.

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digital marketing for educational institutions

How to work Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions, ? Digital marketing is the marketing technique that is used to promote products and services on various digital channels to reach wider audience across the globe. This is the key marketing technique that is embraced by every business apart from traditional marketing to boost the brand image. This is powerful yet cost-effective. This marketing makes sure that the message of the brand hits masses at the right time. In this digital era, every business needs to have digital presence to survive in the market and give a fierce competition to the competitors. Embracing this change is the biggest step that paves the path of success to many businesses.

So, how about applying digital marketing strategy to educational institutions? Undeniably, it transforms the way educational sector is operating.

What is the purpose of using digital marketing in the Education Sector?

With the evolving of new technology, Internet has become the search source for the people to find any piece of information. Usage of internet has a great influence on the education sector. The majority of people using the internet are the students. The internet has become the key source of many students to find the courses, colleges, fee structure in each university, schools, abroad education, study material, etc. By this, it is clear that the educational institutions should make their presence online to reach wider audience for all information at one place.

Education sector adds different set of audience every year. Not all educational institutions can promote about the traits of the college to entice the students to join them. So, the best way to promote is to use digital marketing. Parents often search for the primary school, secondary school and higher education colleges for their children in online despite of making an in person visit to the nearby colleges. Parents want to have every piece of information about the College including the facilities, fee structure, curriculum, extracurricular activities, transportation, accommodation, and faculty to be available online. In addition, there are a few colleges which are allowing people to fill the application to join the colleges online. The queries of the parents are also answered online. The parents are gauging the pros and cons of every institution after gathering the data of each institution from the website and deciding on the college that they want their children to join. It is crucial for every school & college to stay online.

It is crucial to implement digital marketing in the educational sector to meet the requirements of the students and parents. This helps you to gain new opportunities and pull more students to join your college. Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions is important for college website ranking.

Best Practices of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

No matter in which industry you want to implement digital marketing strategy, first you need to define the target audience of the industry and pain points in those industries. In addition, you also need to know the online behaviour of that particular industry audience clearly. This data helps you to promote your services choosing right digital channels where you find most of your target audience. Few of the best practices of digital marketing in education sector include.

Build and revamp a website

Website is the mirror image of every business in the online world. This reflects the values and ethics of brand to the audience and is the best means to communicate with the global audience. You can promote about your business through this medium and hit the right chord of the audience. Website is the treasure trove of every business where a target audience can find any piece of information about the company on it. The website of an educational institution should be informative and give every minute detail about their institute to the students and parents. This educational institution should portray the unique selling point and what is unique that it is offering to the audience. Ensure to present the information that is convincing and foolproof for students, parents and faculty.

A website should act as a solution for all the queries that are probed by students, faculty and parents. If your educational institution does not have a website, then create from the scratch and if you have a website, then update the site with all the details, including, campus, environment, facilities, courses, faculty, placements, benefits, etc. You need to organize the content in a proper manner to let students and parents find information with ease and without much hassle. Ensure to optimize the website for mobiles, as the mobile users are increasing day by day.

Maintain Blogs regularly to compel users to read

Blog grabs the attention of audience to land on the website. Blog is the primary source to find information and gain knowledge. The blog posts that are published regularly will let students land on your blog at that particular time to consume the information about current affairs and trends in education. The blog is not just a place to find information about the education institution, but is a place to read and share information. The blog posts can be written by the educational institution, faculty and students of the institution. The blog helps you to stay ahead in the industry besides grabbing the prospects and convincing students. It is crucial for you to encourage your faculty and students to post blogs regularly, since this help you to come up with new content everything that is interesting for the audience to read.

Prior to choosing a blog post, you need to do a little homework on searching for the best blogs of educational institutions to understand what they are presenting in the blogs and what the current trends are in the educational sector. You need to update the blog on a regular basis to engage the readers. As the educational blogs are mostly read by students, hence you need to post content on the trending topics and topics that interest the students to read.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the content of your blog and website will help you pull a sea of traffic and reach wider students and prospects base. You need to use relevant keywords to the topic you are posting to bring in more traffic to the website. You also need to gain knowledge on the keywords and marketing strategies used by the other educational websites and blogs. To create unique and compelling blog posts, you need to keep your fingers on the pulse to learn about educational trends. In addition, you need to follow the blogs of other educational sites to learn about the trending topics in education. You need to present the content in a unique and interesting way over the other blogs to drive in more traffic and increase the engagement rate. The SEO expert should do both on-page and off-page optimization of blogs and websites to gain new potential audience to the blogs and sites of your university or educational institution.

Interact with students through Social Media platforms

Social media is a buzzword in the recent time and is a popular marketing platform for many businesses to promote their products and services. By posting the quality content about education and latest trends on social media communities that are followed by students and parents would be an added advantage for you to gain new students to your college.

This type of marketing assures two-way communication. Various types of social media platforms that can be used by the educational institutions include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Having online and social media presence will let you save big on what you spend on acquiring a student every year. By making social media as a platform, you can reach wider audience base and showcase your educational institution in a new angle.

The best part of social media channels is that, it allows students to interact with the management and get answers to their queries. This two-way approach enables the educational institutions to motivate the students and parents to join your institute by assuring them quality education and great career. Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions is important because your website to stay on top.

Adopt Paid Channels to promote

Display and search ads can be used by the educational institutions to promote about their brand. In addition, you can also run PPC ads targeting a special group of audience and location. The best part of ad campaign is that, you can run them whenever you want. For instance, if it is the time to start a new academic year, then start posting ads about your institution to motivate students to know about your institute and join it.

The odds of generating leads through ad campaigns are higher, since this redirects the students to land on forms page. This is considered to be a cost-effective way to acquire new students. The relevant keywords used in the ads will increase the impression rate.

Email Marketing is powerful

Email is the best and cheaper marketing technique to promote and reach target prospects. You need to compose the email content that motivates the students to land on your website to learn more about your educational institution. The email content should talk about the requirement that the student is looking for. You need to create different mailing list for students and parents and then develop different content for students, parents as per the course and batch. The message should hit the right chord of the audience. You need to add a compelling subject line that catches the audience attention. Ensure to make the emails that are mobile friendly to reach wider audience.

Do re-targeting for Conversion

Different digital marketing channels can be used by educational institutions to generate leads. To covert prospective customer into potential customer, you need to keep on re-targeting the interested customer until they become your customer. You need to follow-up the student and send regular newsletter to let them recall your brand. As the target audience to the educational institutions are parents and students, it is easy to recall them about you business. You can also send newsletter about your alumni achievements or awards won by the students in competitions to retarget the audience.

Generate leads and maintain customer relationship

As we have already discussed about generating leads through ad campaign. You can also generate leads from third party vendors and educational portals. The best customer relationship management will let businesses to strengthen and keep up long-term relationship with the target audience. By re-targeting the prospective clients, answering their queries and following them up will help you generate qualified leads.

Manage Online Reputability

The business that has huge reputation in the market would get new business and profits quickly. The best way to improve online reputation is to post posts, videos, testimonials, interviews of faculty members, speech given by inspiring personalities, research papers, campus news, feedback on the alumni, etc. This information will help you grab the attention of audience to engage on the site for a long time. Submission of information in blogs about the educational institutions creates interest and leads to boost of brand reputation in online world. By embracing digital marketing tactics by educational institutions helps them to boost business reputation in a shorter time span.

Advantages of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

The key advantage an educational institution can reap by adopting digital marketing tactics to promote about their institute is reputation. With many educational institutions mushrooming in the educational industry, it is crucial for you to stay ahead of the competitors by promoting your brand strongly. It is merely impossible to improve brand reputation just by embracing traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing helps you give a fierce competition to the competitors and stay on the top of the game. In addition to this, there are the following advantages you can reap.

Improve profits

Digital marketing platforms are affordable and are helping businesses to reach a huge audience base in a short time. This is very helpful for the educational sector. The educational institutions can invest in different online marketing platforms including, email marketing, social media and RSS feeds to gain huge traffic and profits for their business.

Instant Feedback

Online marketing channels are considered to be the quick way to convey the promotional message to the target audience. In addition, the businesses can get instant feedback on the promotional strategy applied. Undeniably, students love to be on social media like Facebook and Twitter. So, posting the educational information on social media will let you get instant feedback. This feedback can be taken by the institutes to improvise their services and take ideas and use them for the next promotions about the institute.

Easy to measure results

There are marketing campaigns tracking tools available in digital marketing. The most powerful tool used by all the businesses is Google Analytics. By tracking the KPIs in the tool, you can keep on tweaking the marketing strategy to earn more profits and traffic for your institute. Digital marketing is the best marketing platform used by the education sector to prepare different strategies and apply.

Gain High Conversions

Digital marketing allows educational institutions to reach wider audience through social media, emails, ads and other ways; hence this brings in lot of traffic and conversion rates. Out of all the digital marketing channels, email is considered to be more effective; since this lets the institute reach the target audience directly.

Brand Reputation

By having an online presence in the digital world creates a brand reputation and promoting the brand through various digital marketing sources create awareness about the brand and strengthen the reputation. For improve the brand image, you need to update the website, post blogs and promote about your institute in various social media channels. This makes your brand go gaga around. It is crucial for businesses to maintain the digital marketing channel to gain huge profits.

Why to outsource the Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

Undeniably, it is an intricate process to implement a digital marketing strategy for educational instruction. To gain brand reputation without spending a lot of time on marketing is to outsource this job to the best SEO and digital marketing firms. Educational institutions have to focus more on shaping the career of the students rather on promoting themselves. So, educational institutions will be busy in imparting knowledge, hence the mantle of creating awareness about the institute is handed over to the expert and best digital marketing agency. This implements the right marketing strategies that work wonders.

Rather than hiring two to three hard core digital marketers, it is better to have an ensemble team of digital marketers to promote about the institute in various online marketing channels effectively.

When you outsource the digital marketing job to good digital marketing companies, these people provide quality services at low price throughout the day with the help of their innovative and enthusiastic professionals. We save time, efforts and manpower of every educational institution. Basically, it is a cumbersome task for an educational institution to keep posting fresh content on every digital marketing channel.

The great advantage of outsourcing the job of digital marketing in education sector to the firms is that you can get huge ROI. Digital marketing experts will stay on par with the latest digital marketing trends and leave no stone unturned to promote your institution in various digital channels. We stay abreast with latest technology and take privilege in working on it.

Digital marketing experts will discuss about your website and business goals and then come up with the right strategy that is achievable and measurable. We have sufficient team to handle digital marketing tasks. We are here to reduce the stress of marketing and improve your business growth. We let you stay completed focus on key areas of the institution rather than on marketing.

Digital Marketing

Summary – Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions is very important because every educational institution has to adopt digital marketing to reach their goal. In addition to traditional marketing techniques, you also need to embrace digital marketing channels to boost and strengthen the brand reputation. Undeniably, traditional marketing is the foundation for every educational institution to gain reputation, but digital marketing in this sector will help you reach target audience and engage them on your site and blogs for a long time.


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