How to use Facebook Ads for Marketing & Business Promotion

How to use Facebook Ads

Simple tricks that gives an idea of  “How to use Facebook Ads”

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to build a network for your business and to attract the right set of audience, which will help you to generate revenue. Hence if you are a business owner; It is essential to learn How to use Facebook Ads to promote your business.

Due to a lot of businesses promoting themselves on Facebook; The news feed section on any Social media platform has lost its effectiveness now. Hence, organic search seems to have become tougher due to high competition in the market. Achieving targets through organic search on a newly built website becomes a little tougher due to huge competition and hence; promoting your business through paid ads on Social media platforms, especially on Facebook makes a lot of sense. For doing this, You may have to understand How to use Facebook Ads first; And then invest on ‘Facebook ads’ to build audience and improve your business.

Starting a campaign on Facebook is very simple. But you need to keep a tab on the performance as well; without that investment becomes completely useless.  As a business person, you need to always keep a track on every single penny. And the same applies to your investment as well. When you are running an Ad campaign on Facebook; you need to think beyond the ‘post reach and likes’. Well, there would be a lot of questions on understanding how to check the Return on Investment (ROI); through Ad campaigns from Facebook, isn’t it?

Let’s go ahead and see the most important ways to measure the performance of your Ad campaigns; through Facebook and learn “How to use Facebook Ads”.

Do you know what happens after a visitor clicks on a Facebook ad that you are running?

If you are still wondering the ways to keep a tab on the performance of an ad campaign; go ahead and adapt to any of the below mentioned techniques. This will also give you an idea of  “How to use Facebook Ads” effectively.

  1. Conversion rates

    When you are running an Ad campaign like this, you need to measure the conversion and this is the most important criteria to be measured. This ad campaign is created in order to get a lot of clicks from the visitors who check your Ad.

  2. Lead generation

    You can keep a tab on the count of people who would be interested to sign up for an offer that you have posted on the landing page through Facebook. For example, a click at the landing page would cost around $4 and with a 10% of conversion, you would able to analyse the investment and the results achieved through this ad campaign. However, at times the ad campaigns would only get you a lot of clicks without any conversions at all. In such cases, you need to quickly run a systematic analysis on the landing page to get more conversions. This is an important thing you should take care when learning “How to use Facebook Ads”.

  3. Generating sales

    This metric can be used to track the investment you have made on an ad campaign when you would want to sell a product. If you are unhappy with the number of sales you have made, you may have to either increase the budget on the ad to reach more people else, wait for the ones who have already visited to get familiarized of the product you own and convert them.

  4. How to increase the traffic on your website

    Boost a post to check the number of likes and this ad campaign will only increase the number of likes on a particular post you have boosted or the overall page. Besides measuring the conversion rates through the above mentioned campaigns, you may also choose to have Facebook pixels too. This can be done when you want Facebook to track the rates on conversion to optimize an ad for you.

  5. Frequency

    This campaign is completely based on the budget, if you are good to invest quite a bit on the ad campaigns; then, this ad campaign would certainly be of no interest to you and you need to make sure to keep a tab on the frequency of the ad campaigns to track the investment. The idea behind running this campaign is to keep a track on the times for which the ad gets displayed to the visitor. Never annoy a user with the continuous display of same ads repeatedly. Visitors are likely to get bored and the chances of them leaving your website would as well increase due to this.

    There are even instances of AdEspresso reporting about users getting annoyed over an advertisement.You may also take a hit on the relevance score if a visitor submits a feedback to the Facebook about the ad campaign as ‘Not Interesting’. If a visitor is interested, they would certainly get in touch with you; displaying an ad repeatedly would only put-off the visitors. If this is likely to affect your business badly, you can always choose to redesign the ads by changing the value propositions. Choose the option ‘Daily Unique Reach,’ which can make sure the ads are being displayed only once to the exclusive visitors.

    Note: There are no substantial evidences on setting an upper-limit cap. This is completely dependent on the product, the type of ad campaign as well as also the type of industry.

  6. Spend as well as ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending)

    You should always focus on building quality traffic on your website, but; why should someone focus on this aspect?

    To build substantial revenue, you need to have concrete plans. By just running ads on Facebook; you may not be able to get the complete ROI (Return On Investment) on the business you have made. Having a strategy guide on ad campaigns becomes very important along with the revenue. Try to reallocate the ads to track the performance on the ad campaigns. This will enable you to keep a track on the ad campaigns that are least effective. You need to have a clear strategy on the budget as well along with the type of ad campaigns you would choose to get the target audience. Always keep a tab on the expenses to know the performance of the ad campaigns. In order to get a clear picture on the investment, you can use the feature Facebook tracking pixel.

    Haven’t you set up pixels and are you seeking help on calculating the ROI on the investment you have made on an ad campaign?

  7. CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click-Through Rate)

    CPC  is the cost of an every average click that gets routed from your ad to the web page. CTR is used to calculate the proportion of people who visit the website, after having a look at your ad. If the CPC is high, then you must ensure to check the CTR. A small CTR is a clear indicator of your ad creative not being good or the way you choose your audience is not right. Though both these measurable are not of that importance; they are certainly used as a general gauge to check the creativity of your ad campaigns.

  8. Cost per Action

    You can choose to select the ‘Action button’ to achieve a desirable behaviour from a prospect customer. This includes the click on your page, a visit to your website and also views on the videos that you have posted. You may not be able to achieve any insights by actions alone. For instance, if you take a comparison between two ads, it is good to have a tab on the ad that generates a lot of actions.

    To get the exact view of your ads, it is good to have run a Cost per Action campaign. Always, try to have a lower CPA to manage the conversion rates to drive good amount of revenue. Try to measure the CPA, ad set expenses, frequency as well as other metrics, for a better context. For instance, if you have a Cost per Action of 80 cents, it only gives you a picture on creating an action cost. If you calculate the same thing with the frequency and the expense, then you would get a holistic view of the entire campaign.

    Along with the metrics that can be used to make your ad campaign effective, you should also know about the vanity metrics as well so that you do not get overwhelmed about the ad campaign. It’s good to know about the 3 vanity metrics that usually distract marketers. If you hear a marketer blabbering about a random metric, then you need to understand that these campaigns would not make much difference which would impact the result in the success of your campaign directly and it is good not to give too much significance to any of the metrics.

  9. Likes and Theoretical reach

    What is that you look for when you first visit a page on Facebook?

    As a social media marketing specialist, you should be looking beyond fans and likes on the pages. It’s pretty simple to buy likes through ‘Fiverr’ to generate a false social testimony. A lot of social media marketing professionals would be overwhelmed and end up buying unworthy ‘likes,’ especially, after getting to know that their competitors have a lot of fans. Though you can increase fan followers, the social media commitment will definitely go for a toss. You should have a different perspective to look at a page which has about 75,000 fans, but has a very likes on the updates they share, as a social media marketer; you need to start analysing the situation instead of getting excited. Like dealers are getting a strict warnings from Facebook so that the businesses do not end up having fake likes.

    What you do if you earn likes through Facebook Ad campaigns?

    You should be aware that gaining fans from running ads is still fine when compared to buying likes from companies. However; you should know that accelerating your business through Social Media is also important. But, you need to stick to proper techniques of running an ad campaign. You should also remember that the number of reach on your posts is never proportional to the number of likes and the kind of engagement that happens on your posts. So, it becomes important that you do not fill your report with just the number of reaches your ad would have received.

    Buffer started running an ad campaign at $5, although their reach was over 7k, their click rate was as less as only 95%. The total number of click-through rate and the views on the video also would be misguiding and I don’t think that you should rely on click-through rates, either. Clicks can be useless, in a lot of ways. Was your ad so powerful and it made the person click on ‘see more’ button, though your ad copy was lengthy?

    If you want to start an ad campaign to generate a lot of likes on the Facebook page, then such clicks are almost of no use at all. And, if you are looking to generate a lot of traffic on your website from these Facebook Ads, then you may have to specifically depend on these ‘link clicks’. Another metric that most of them depend on while going for a video ad is the number of views.

    Did you even know; that if a video is viewed for more than 3 seconds on Facebook it is counted as 1 view?
    With the feature of auto-play (they are claiming update the policy) on the news feed section; it makes absolutely no sense as the videos are automatically played. They are watched without knowing anything about your brand.

  10. Relevance Score

    Relevance score is one of the important aspects to achieve better results through paid marketing campaign. And this has a straight impact on the advertising fee. Chances of lesser relevance scores beating those with more relevance scores are also there. Are you eager to understand how that happens? Relevance score would only let you know about the relevance of your ad campaign to your set target audience and demographics. But, it doesn’t criticise the quality of your ad creative and copy.

    So, now you have understood “How to use Facebook Ads”. You are aware of both the best and the vanity techniques of running an ad campaign effectively on Facebook.  So, it’s all in your hands to take your business to the next level through ads.

‘Facebook’ is  gaining it’s popularity day by day. Hence, ‘Facebook ads’ have been considered as one of the most powerful lead generation opportunities for a lot of businesses.

Never follow the vanity metrics that would mostly misguide you. It may be hard to follow all the metrics mentioned above for How to use Facebook Ads. However; to get a better performance report about your business and have in depth details on your ad campaigns; it becomes important to have these metrics in place.

Now, You have understood How to use Facebook Ads. You are now aware of the five most important metrics; which can be focused on to measure the performance of your ad campaigns on Facebook. It’s good to bring all the metrics together. Instead of trying to view the performance of each and every metric in isolation; check for the performance of your ads

The list of metrics is pretty exhaustive however; I have tried my best to give it a best shot to explain some of the metrics in this article. So I want to hear from you, in the comments below. Also do let me know about the metrics you’re relying to measure the success of your campaigns?







How to use Reddit for Digital Marketing Promotion & SEO

How to use Reddit for Digital Marketing

This post describes the How to use Reddit for Digital Marketing. Reddit seems to be buzzing everywhere – it regularly comes in headlines, you hear your friends talking about it, it seems to be quite popular with Obama and even Bill Gates; but what exactly is Reddit?
Well, it is an online social media community wherein members and users vote on the content. Reddit has sub-communities – they call it subreddits. This can be created by any user who is independent and is controlled by volunteers. Links are submitted by reddit users and thus vote on which discussions or stories are more important. Reddit is open to all – anyone can join or participate.

Reddit seems to be a platform which is growing by the minute and has a good technical audience. IAmA is the most popular one – here the user can post Ask Me Anything’s or AMA’s which are open to all and the comment system can be used for questions or answers. This being said, Reddit needs a good deal of commitment and maybe isn’t for all. But if you expect to connect to a technical audience, to understand their requirements, how you can be of help and so on – then maybe this is for you. How to use Reddit for Digital Marketing

Some pointers on how to use Reddit

Here we have given you some suggestions on how you could connect with your customers using Reddit –
•    Frequent Reddit – You could try joining this community, try and ask questions and also take part in AMAs. If you think you are ready and understand it well then you can start with your own AMA. Just like in other social communities, in Reddit, you get more out of these experiences only if you give more. Hence, it is also a good idea that you engage in other AMAs and only then start your own.
•    Be real – You need to be real. It shouldn’t feel like it’s a robot taking part in the AMA. Do not use jargon or marketing language. Bring in people who are knowledgeable and those who can respond fast.
•    Be prepared – All questions needs to be answered and acknowledged. It’s possible that you may not know the answer – but that’s fine. Do not try and change the conversation; that could backfire.

Reddit for Beginners

How to use Reddit For Digital MarketingEveryone needs to begin somewhere. So if you are not familiar with Reddit it’s perfectly ok. All you need to do is spend some time so you will get used to it. Check it out at least once in a day. Find out how the content moves around. Get into the comment threads and find out what people are currently into.

•    Come to think of it Reddit is quite self-referential. You might see something that you don’t understand or feel that it doesn’t make sense. Well, it’s possible that it is referencing a feature of the Reddit culture – a meme or a previous post. Usually you should be able to make out the reference point right in the comments. Those who need clarification would upvote commenters who are capable of explaining things and thus bring up the value of the thread.

•    Comments are the most important in this site. But if something has been upvoted to the top or front page, it doesn’t mean that it is legitimate. If it has been there for long then it is quite possible that the top comment is a user who is questioning the article or cites opposing sources. Hence unlike Twitter or Facebook, this community is very much capable of self regulation.

Some terms used in the Reddit world

Multireddits – These subreddits can be grouped up in customizable ways – these are called multireddits. It is through them that users would be able to navigate the communities that they choose and need not be weighed down by the domineering front page. They would come as an expandable sidebar and can be created quite easily if you just click on the ‘create’ button and enter the subreddits that you want. You would also be able to see other user public multireddits and if you like them so much, then you can also make a copy for your sidebar.

What are Upvoting, Downvoting and Scores

When you log into Reddit, you can upvote or downvote on items and thus help in determining their ranking. On each item, you get only one vote but it can be changed later. The numbers which come between the up or down arrows are the submission scores – that is the upvote numbers minus the downvote numbers.

What is Karma?

Reddit Karma is just an accrual of goodwill which you get when other users see your comments or posts and upvote them. A good amount of Karma gives you more value in the community. There are two kinds of Karma – links or comments. Your user profile displays both on the up right hand corner and it is pretty much like a badge of honor.

How can you use Reddit to promote your business?

Marketing is not something that is taken lightly. That being said, brands like Xbox and Redbull are on this network and this is because of their potential. So before you start promoting your business, please do have a look at the following tips.

Get familiar with the Reddit users

How to use Reddit for Digital Marketing blog page is useful for viewers. You need to make up a profile which is genuine and open up your observation skills. Find out what is happening that is relevant to your brand. Keep your ears open, listen to conversations, find out where you can contribute and on which topics. Apparently, it has been seen that most of the redditers are liberal. Also, that a Reddit user generally spends more than 13 minutes on the site. Hence, such users are quite engaged with the platform content and might be quite open to your branded communications too. If this particular group can fall into your audience that you target, then Reddit would be a great choice for your marketing strategy.

Build up a Genuine Reddit Profile

Your presence might be marketing oriented, but to avoid any suspicion you have to create a profile which feels and looks real. If a Redditer gets the slightest idea that you are a marketer, they would surely monitor your posting history and try to find out whether your purpose of being there is to promote your business. This is why you need to avoid being too promotional and have to be smart by it. You need to be there in different subreddits and be lively in these groups. Whenever, you share any link to other sites or content you need to keep your high quality in mind. This is the only way you get great karma points. Accumulate them and then post content which is branded. You need to be patient and wait to post. Think that you need to bring in value to the community.

What to post on Reddit?

Now you are ready to post – you need to choose between two kinds of posts –

•    Link posts which would send users to an outside site.

•    Text posts which are on Reddit itself.
It has generally been seen that if you go for link posts it could enhance the traffic to your website. But if you are looking to building links or you want to boost your brand then you need to go for text posts. If you go for text posts, then you need to ensure that you submit them to the appropriate subreddits. All your content needs to be relevant, bring in insight and try and educate users towards your topic. Make it interesting and link to various resources.

Choose the appropriate subreddit – You have two choices when you need to choose the right subreddit for your post.

•    Opt for a niche subreddit which has a limited number of engaged users. Your advantage would be that these kinds of users are usually easy to convert.

•    This being said, you can also do your posting in large subreddits which would attract large numbers of users. You may not get many conversions here, but you would get lots of traffic.
For your post to be seen you need to take a little effort. You need to target the apt community. Use humor – it seems that redditors have a fondness for wit. Post or comments which seem insincere do not last long at all.

Do not get banned – If you look like a spammer or marketer to Reddit communities you would get banned very easily. So do not be too promotional. Do not use too many links that would connect to other websites. You might be tempted to submit same comments to various subreddits. That is best avoided. Also never ask for upvotes at all. Never share any sensitive or illegal information. If you like this post on how to use reddit for digital marketing share with your followers in twitter linkedin and other social media networks.




Digital Marketing Tools that Helps Grow your Business

Digital marketing is an important term for marketing of products and services through the internet with using digital technologies. Digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influence marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, optical disks and games, are becoming more and more common in our advancing technology. There are so many digital marketing tools, each of them has its own unique features.

The most important fact is that these digital marketing tools will make your job easy. There are so many free and paid digital marketing tools, which companies and managers use for their own growth in search rankings, social media influence, and traffic. Here I have pointed out some tools which every digital marketing manager must have in their stash.

Monitoring and sharing tools


Digital marketing tools- Hoot suiteHootsuite is used for managing social media. HootSuite was launched back in 2008 by Ryan Holmes through his digital services agency, Invoke media. It helps you keep track and manage your social network channels. It can enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly. It can manage facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, WordPress and foursquare all from one place. The free version works well for many businesses and that’s a small budget companies. HootSuite has four paid versions, Financially good companies can approach this paid version.


Tweetdeck is most powerful twitter tool for tracking,organizing, and engagement everywhere. It is a popular tool for Digital marketing tools-Tweet Deckboth individuals and businesses to manage their twitter account in deep. The tool allows you to post and schedule to your tweeter account. It is totally a free accessible tool, with no limits to the twitter account we used. It allows you to stream some advanced feed, such as the feed of a specific user or feed of trending content.

#Social Clout

It assembles relevant conversations from the social web, blogs etc. It helps to Digital marketing tools-Social Cloutmonitor your brand across social media.It is a good tool to know the user’s view about your brand and also you can adjust your post according to audience interests. It will lead to increase the social interaction.

Social Media Automation Tools

#Social OomphDigital marketing tools-Social Omph

Social oomph is an important tool for social media management with the greatest automation feature. If you post a content on your social media platforms.  But none of your fan or followers didn’t see this after you initially shared it. You can add it to your  queue and this queue you have to specify how often you want content shared.


Zapier is a tool, helps you to connect easily to web apps you use, making it easy toDigital marketing tools-Zapier do tedious tasks and also save time. You can connect any of integrated apps together to make your own automation, this automation is achieved by mixing trigger with actions that are available on your favorite app. It is very quick and easy to set up you don’t need to be a developer.

#BufferDigital marketing tools- Buffer

Buffer is a free digital marketing tool, allow you to easily plan and schedule your social media activity for a day, week,month or year as your wish. You can set a particular time for publishing your content.