Responsive Website Development

Soft Loom provides responsive web development services including responsive web designing.

What is Responsive web development

Responsive website development is developing a website with special qualities and extra coding to make itself adjusting with the devices in which the website is opened by a user. For example if your website got a visit in smart phone device, if your website is developed in a responsive manner, your website will automatically adjust its size according to the screen size of that smart phone device.

Why Responsive website development is needed

If you analyze the trends in internet usages and the average hike in net usage with devices like smart phones, tablets, ipads, i phones etc., more and more users are daily shifting to small portable devices compatible for their daily life. The change in net usage with mobile devices are showing gigantic figures. And it grows faster than any other arithmetic growth levels comparable. So if you can adopt responsive web development, your website can be compatible with low end devices. So the visits, query levels, navigation, page views, conversion, business deals can also be more when compared to ordinary website development methods which give full view in only desktop computer and laptops.

As the whole world is changing to new phases, technologies needs to be changed. Those who are moving with changes will be outdated from their industry. In the year 2011 alone $241 billion transactions were made through mobile devices.

86 percentage of adult persons use Mobile phones

53 % adult persons use mobile for accessing internet

28% internet users coming through Mobile phones

E bay get a sale through mobile phone in every 2 seconds

A study reports reveals that 19 % travel related queries came from mobile device in 2011.

So why you are not deciding to adopt a responsive website development for your new business website.

Do you still confused in re designing your existing website to a responsive manner

Those who decides or rise the hands first may get the better results as early as possible.

Responsive web development has become a branch of web development wing with special attention due to the high outreach of various devices like smart phone, tabs, ipads, Iphones etc. The technology of developing websites in order to adopt its design features according to the devices used by the users. The technology is an innovative one and it marked as a perfect blessing for business firms. As a responsive website development company in Kochi, Kerala, India, we focus on mobile friendly website development and web application development which are highly mobile friendly.