Autonomous College Management System Software

Autonomous College Management System Software

Softloom Autonomous college management system software Simplify academic management and automate daily tasks. Colleges and universities can use this software.

Autonomous college management systems help institutions achieve their missions and goals, increase enrollment, and streamline college administration from admission to graduation. It’s a great tool that colleges and higher education institutions can use to manage all records, provide excellent learning experiences to students, improve operational effectiveness, and reduce costs. The autonomous college management software is highly configurable, customizable, scalable, and flexible and ensures college leads receive accurate reports on administration and academic aspects. For administration, faculty, and students, it enhances communication and works better and more intelligently.


Core Models of Autonomous College Management System Software

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Admission Management

  • Online Student Registration
  • Allotment List Generation
  • Allotment Memo
  • Live Tracking of Admission Status
  • Online Fees Payment


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Academics Management

  • Outcome Based Education Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Performance Record
  • In Semester Assessment (ISA)
  • Progress card
  • Question Bank Management
  • Study Material Management


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Finance Management

  • UPI, Credit/Debit card Payments
  • Safe Transactions
  • E-receipt Generation
  • Notifications for Pending Fees
  • Fee Structure Allocation


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Exam Cell Management

  • Exam Notification
  • Hall Ticket
  • Generate Question Paper
  • Mark Entry (Grade/Mark)
  • Pass Board Data
  • Result Analysis
  • Semester Result
  • Tabulation Register
  • Result Notification
  • Grace Mark Register


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HR Management

  • Leave and Incentive Calculation
  • Increment Cycle Information
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Leave Management
  • Salary Calculation
  • Automated Salary Credit
  • Maintenance of Faculty Profile
  • Biometric Attendance


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  • Institution Evaluation
  • Evaluation (Program, Course, Alumini, Parent, Employer)
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • Research and Publications
  • Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • Department Activities and Achievements
  • Infrastructure


Cloud Based Autonomous College Management System Software

autonomous college management system

Nowadays, automation and computerization have made enrolling, admitting, collecting fees, conducting examinations, etc., easier for Autonomous colleges. All activities of the College are managed efficiently and accurately by Autonomous college management software.

Data management and streamlining daily activities are always challenges for prominent autonomous colleges. Nevertheless, we have developed a viable, feasible solution based on our unique expertise, experience, and resources. Data Security, Encryption, and User Experience are some of our key building blocks.

autonomous college management system

Benefits Of Autonomous College Management System Software

Centralized Admissions

Paperless admissions have become a necessity in every Autonomous College today. A well-managed inquiry and admission process can dramatically improve the experience of prospective students and the productivity of administration and counselling staff. Integrating fees and finance management can increase financial efficiency and transparency. Managing autonomous colleges is made easier with Softloom‘s robust modules.

Outcome Based Education

Through the analysis, assessment, and mapping of student learning outcomes (POs), course outcomes (COs), and program education objectives (PEOs). Autonomous colleges & Universities can use outcome-based education to analyze, assess, and map the lessons learned by students.

Better Communication

Coordination between departments, entities, and functions is strong at the College. College ERP eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings between departments. In the communication between departments, there is high transparency, recording, and accessibility. Additionally, there may be channels of communication that are personal and candid. Through this feature, Autonomous CMS administrators can leverage access-based communication privileges.

Choice-Based Education System

Autonomous Colleges offer standard courses as well as electives. Students can choose from these electives using education ERP software. In addition, students can specialize in specific subjects through this choice-based education system.

Easy in Operation

Autonomous College management is a complex process. Education ERP software should simplify operations and reduce complexity. Easily controllable even by non-technical users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Autonomous College Management System provided by SoftLoom allows for extensive customization of mark card formats. Institutions can tailor the mark card templates to meet their specific requirements, including layout, branding, and data presentation.

Absolutely. Our system supports both direct and indirect grading methodologies. Institutions can configure grading systems according to their academic standards, ensuring flexibility to accommodate various assessment methods and criteria.

Yes, our system is designed with robust API capabilities, allowing seamless integration with other software applications and third-party services. Whether you need to integrate with student information systems, financial platforms, or any other software, our APIs facilitate smooth data exchange and interoperability.

Certainly. Our Autonomous College Management System provides a user-friendly student portal where students can conveniently register for exams online. This feature streamlines the exam registration process, reduces administrative burden, and enhances the overall student experience.

Yes, our system includes functionality for issuing provisional certificates to students. Institutions can generate and distribute provisional certificates efficiently, ensuring that students have timely access to essential documents for various purposes such as job applications, further education, or visa procedures.

Absolutely. Our Autonomous College Management System enables institutions to generate official transcripts effortlessly. Administrators can easily compile and produce comprehensive academic transcripts for students, providing a detailed record of their academic achievements and performance.

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