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Are the keywords important?

Here we are discussing about the Importance Of Keywords In SEO. Are they really important in SEO ?Yes,Keywordsare important as they are an important element of SEO for every search engine, in absence of keywords search engine would not be able to search relevant content matching with the need of user who is searching for information. For a successful SEO campaign keywords play a very crucial role to make the campaign successful as these are keywords that let search engine to get the website or webpage identified for the user.

Types Of Keywords

Importance Of Keywords In SEO, When we discuss about keywords in SEO there are mainly two types of keywords:

  • Short tail :These are the most commonly used terms or words used over search engines.

  • Long tail : These are mainly phrases of 3 5 words. Long tail tends to attract less traffic as these are not very popular and are not as much used as compared to the use of Head terms

Importance Of Keywords In SEO

Here is some points about the Importance Of Keywords In SEO.

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