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While last year was indeed significant year for the SEO, the most of SEO strategy that worked will continue to be effective in 2019. Here we list of the five essential SEO tips and tricks to consider in 2019. We describe Five Essential SEO Tips and Tricks below

Five Essential SEO Tips

1. Target Smart Keywords

Keyword research is one important SEO strategy that hasn’t changed much over the years, and will likely continue to be one of the most important to get right. It’s a necessary essential for success in on-page SEO, link building and content marketing. Honestly, if you’re going to be doing any online business, you’ll need to include keyword research in some capacity.

2. Follow Best Practices for On-Page SEO

Five essential SEO On-page SEO is still a important step to earning higher rankings. If you haven’t optimized your landing page content for specific search terms, we recommend that you mention a keyword 2-4 times on it’s assigned landing page. “Keyword stuffing” will not help you in 2019. On-page ranking factors can have a big impact on your page’s power to rank if optimized properly.

The important on-page factors that affect search engine rankings are:

  • Page meta description
  • URL slug
  • H1 or H2
  • Image alt-tags

If you use WordPress CMS, the simplest way to modify page titles and meta description is through Yoast SEO Plugin (they have a free version). It Shows a visual editor for your page’s snippet.

3. Improve Your Site Speed

Improving website loading speed & times, can be a major factor. It’s absolutely worth the time and energy. It’s not can it improve the website’s search visibility. But it will improve website user experience and it will reduce bounce-rates of website. We recommend checking out your site speed optimization guide. You can also see a case study of your website with GTmetrix. Start by heading over to GTmetrix and running a report on your website, and bookmark the URL for the report it generates.

SEO Tips and Tricks guides

Optimize Images: If you’re on WordPress, download an image optimization plugin like WP Smush or EWWW Image Optimizer. Both have free plugins, that can simply optimize the file size of the images on your website.

Minify JavaScript and/or CSS: This means that you can make certain files smaller, saving on load times. Again, WordPress has a more free plugins that can do this for you, like Better WordPress Auto optimize or Minify.

Leverage Broswer Caching: By leveraging caching, you can extremely improve load times for repeat visitors. To solve this, try a WordPress plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache.

4. Build Quality Links

There are many rankings factors in Google’s search algorithm. Back links have consistently been among the very important. In fact, you may remember a time ago when back links were so singularly important that spamming low-quality links surely helped improve rankings. Now, your link-building efforts need to be focused on quality over quantity.

If you try this five essential SEO sips and Tricks commonly using

“Help! My Google Rankings Dropped”
Here is some SEO rank drop reasons Picture this situation: You’re running a website that, at one point, held the top ranking on Google. Over the past few months, you begin to see your web traffic slowly dying down from millions of hits to a few hundred thousand hits, and then to nothing a few months after that. You search yourself on Google, but find your website is no longer on the first page, and you wonder why.

We have some of the possible answers that may be SEO rank drop reasons. Let’s take a look at five common reasons your web site may be losing traffic.

1. Your Website Violates Google’s Content Guidelines

Google has very strict guidelines about how they rank websites. If you find yourself with little or no traffic and look in your email to find a notice from Google, you have likely run afoul of Google’s policies regarding content.

The number one rule for Google is “Content, content, content.” If you have a lot of spammy or low-quality content, Google will penalize you. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no. These are just two examples of old, but still surprisingly common practices that will earn you a Google violation and cause your traffic to drop significantly. Refer to this article to find out about bad SEO practices you might still be using.
Google violations can be removed. You will need to check your Search Console account. Inside the Messages menu under Warnings, you will find any manual actions taken against you. The message will include instructions on how to have the manual action lifted. Follow these instructions. You will then need to petition Google to take another look at your website. If you pass, the manual action will be lifted.

2. Irrelevant key word

Another SEO rank drop reasons are Your Keywords Are Either Obsolete or Not Relevant to Your Region Using obsolete keywords is a recipe for disaster. When people search on Google, they are actually using keywords to simplify their searches to get the most relevant results. Google has become so advanced these days that it can even search websites based on location. There’s a hint for you, in case you missed it!
However, you also need to take into account that nearly all industries change over time, so if you’re one of those people that are asking yourself “Hey, I used this keyword x years ago, and it worked fine, why is it not getting me anything now?”, it’s because that particular keyword has likely become obsolete. Furthermore, keywords can vary by region. The best way to find out if you’re using the right keywords is to do keyword research. Use Google Trends to find highly-used keywords in your country, or join communities with similar interests. Sometimes you can find communities that offer amazing insight into your particular industry.

3. Spammy or Low-Quality Backlinks

This is also one of the SEO rank drop reasons, Just as low-quality content on your site can get you penalized by Google, you can also get penalized if you link to other sites that have low-quality content. Here’s why: In the days before the Panda and Penguin updates, websites used backlinking to rank on Google. These sites often had spammy or spun content stuffed with keywords users commonly put into Google. The result was that you would perform a search for something like “fish tanks” and get a whole host of… well, let’s just call them “Not Safe for Work” sites just for the sake of professionalism and good taste, shall we?

The point is that Google looks upon poor backlinking as a way to “game the system” so to speak. In essence, you’re trying to gain artificial hits using very questionable methods, and that doesn’t sit right with Google. The above example is a good reason why you should always check the quality of your backlinks.

4. Poor Website Speed

Poor web Site speed is most SEO rank drop reasons for our website, We know it’s tempting to use those free hosting providers you see floating around the Internet. After all, free hosting is a great way to cut costs and increase your profit margin, right?
Wrong! What you may not realize is that a lot of these free hosting plans offer what’s called shared hosting, which means the speed of the server on which your site is hosted is highly dependent on the amount of traffic going to that particular server. Since you’re sharing bandwidth with other websites, it’s quite possible that the amount of traffic will bog your site down tremendously, and nobody likes a slow website. Just think of what you would do if you encountered a business that had a slow website. While free hosting may work for the average Joe Schmoe that doesn’t expect to get a lot of visitors, a business has to show a lot more confidence than that!

5. High Website Downtime

It also another SEO rank drop reasons, This will leads us to another caveat with shared hosting: it doesn’t guarantee 100% uptime and may even have a bandwidth cap. Downtime on a website is bad for business. If a customer, or worse, a potential customer visits your website only to be greeted with a 404 error, it’s going to create the impression that the quality of your services or products is as bad as the quality of your website. Do yourself and your customers a favour, and look into dedicated hosting options. It will cost some money, but don’t you think the rise in traffic would be well worth the cost?


If you don’t have the money, knowledge or staff to handle the large-scale management inherent to dedicated hosting, you might look into what’s called VPS hosting. This type of hosting is best described as a low-cost upgrade for shared hosting. You will still have some of the bandwidth limitations, but every website has a dedicated partition on the server, so each site runs at a higher speed. This type of hosting is great for small businesses because of its typically low cost.

Your chosen hosting company will likely offer different types of hosting plan. Most, if not all of them, will offer dedicated hosting, no bandwidth cap and a high amount of uptime. Some services are quite affordable, while others are on the expensive side. Be sure to choose a plan that best fits your business as it currently stands. You can always upgrade to a higher plan later if the influx of new customers becomes too much for your current hosting package, and upgrading will cause very little downtime, especially if your provider can guarantee a high uptime. Just as not enough hosting can cause a serious drop in traffic, too much hosting might take a larger bite out of your profits than you can effectively handle.

SEO is the life blood of any website. There is no “easy way” to get your website to the first page on Google. Using the wrong SEO practices can reduce your website to nothing more than a collection of bytes sitting on a server. It takes dedication and hard work to rank high on Google, but the resulting web traffic you will receive is well worth the amount of effort you put in. Hopefully, this article will help you with your quest to the top.

Best Off-page SEO strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Search engine optimization is a technique used to improve traffic to your website by high-rank position in the search engine result page (SERP). Choose the correct, best Off-page SEO strategies to Build Your Online Reputation. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO are the two techniques to improve your website position in SERP

On-page SEO includes all things on our website such as title, meta description, content, image, internal links etc.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO plays an important role to improve your website ranking. Off-page SEO definitely make your website popular on the internet. Through this techniques, we can get more visibility in search engine. Now we go to detailed discussions about best Off-page SEO strategies to build up your online reputation.


Benefits of Off-page SEO strategies

Through off-page optimization, our website gets lots of benefits. some of them are:

  • Increase in ranking: The website will rank position higher in SERP. Through this, we get more visitors to your website.
  • Increase in page rank: This is actually Google introduced. page rank value between 0 to 10. page rank indicates the quality of a website in the eye of Google.

Off-page SEO techniques

off-page SEO techniques

For improving our website ranking, we have lots of off-page SEO techniques. Off-page techniques improve your website position in SERP. The main Off-page strategies are given below.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is the best off-page activity in SEO. This is also a form of link building. The most popular social networking sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, Pinterest and first create your own profile. Share your post on this social media. Depending on the like and share your post on this social media, it will definitely increase your website ranking.

Social media engagement






Directory submission

Directory submission is another one best off-page activity. For improving website ranking, most popularly used this. But directory submission is an old school SEO practices. Through this directory submission, build quality backlinks. Choose a good directory and select a proper category. Submit your website to the topmost quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZoomInfo. Directory submission gives good result and these results stand out over a longer time period.

Directory submission

Article submission

Article submission is a recently used off-page SEO technique. Submit your article in high PR article submission directory. In directory submission, we get tinny pages, powerless and less content. But in article submission, we get rich content.,,,, these are the free article submission website.

article submission

Forum posting

Create a forum online discussion board of your own and start a discussion and share the topics. In this forum posting post or reply to a thread in other service-related existing forums. Through this allow links in your signature which can be crawled by the search engine. Forum posting is an effective way to build backlinks to your site.



Blogging is one of the simple off-page SEO techniques. This is a most powerful and effective way to promote company or website in online. Create your own blog of your company or website and write fresh and quality content.


 Search engine submission

Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, Alltheweb

Social Bookmarking

This is an effective way of promoting your website online. Bookmark your webpage on a popular bookmarking website, then you get high traffic to your webpage. The most popular bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Tumblr.

social bookmarking

Link Exchange

Link exchange is simple off-page activity. For improve your link popularity, exchange links with the service-related website. This is a major factor of Google page rank algorithm.

link exchange

Press Release submission

The press release is another off-page SEO technique. Most press releases are paid. 1888pressrelease, Open  PR, PR Leap, these are the popular PR websites.

press release

Use this best off-page SEO strategies to  Build Your Online Reputation and improve your website ranking. I hope this will be very useful to you.


Praseetha Vijayan

On Page SEO Techniques or On-Site SEO is the practice of optimizing elements on the website in order to rank higher and to earn a good traffic from search engine. The fundamental goal of On-site SEO is to make a page useful for both search engine and users. On page SEO activities include using keywords in right place and in density, usage of internal links, meta tags, taking care of image SEO etc. Here let us look at the best on-page SEO techniques to be implemented in detail to attain a good ranking.

on page seo techniques to be implemented for better ranking

 On Page SEO Techniques

  • In-depth Content: Content must be thorough to attain a good ranking. Google Panda update was to eliminate thin content.
  • Convenience: Google checks the content to know whether it is readable? Is it organized or not?
  • Exclusive: The content in the page must be unique and properly addressed.
  • Credible & Definitive: Checks whether your content is good enough to read and does it provide the information that the user queries for.

Keyword Agnostic On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Links used in the Page

It is a very important aspect of on-site SEO. Whether the link is external or internal? How many links are there? Let’s look what is an internal as well as external links?

Internal Links are the links that point at the same domain that the links exist on. While External Links point at any domain other than the source link.

Why External Links so important?

  •  It is the most important source of ranking power.
  • These links pass equity differently than internal links. Since search engine listens what others say about you.

2.Page Load Speed

Page load speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. It is described either in “page load time” or “time to the first byte”. Your page load can be evaluated using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

 3. Handling of structured data or other markups. is semantic vocabulary that you can add to the HTML to represent your page in SERPs. Structured data contains the pair of a name with a value which helps search engine in categorizing and indexing your content.

4.Page URL Structure

It must be shorter than 2083 characters. It must be simple and relevant. Use hyphens to separate words. Always use lowercase letters for URL.

5. Mobile Friendliness

By doing this we ensure that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for their specific device. It is best to adopt the responsive design for the sites which serves the same content to mobile and desktop users.

6. Page Metadata

  It describes the page content. Let’s have glance through the metadata.

     i.Meta keywords attribute – keyword relevant to your page.

    ii.Title tags – text that appears at the top of the browser.

    iii.Meta description attribute – a brief description of the page.

    iv.Meta robots attribute – you are telling the search engine what to do with your pages.

      index/noindex – tells search engines whether to show your page or not.

      follow/nofollow – tells the search engine what to do with the links on your pages.

On Page SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Content of Page: Good content has demand since it provides relevant information.
  2. Title Tag must contain 50 to 60 characters. Try to put the keyword first. Also add modifiers to your title like best, 2018, review etc.
  3. Use SEO friendly URL.
  4. Fascinate with multimedia images: Inclusion of images reduces bounce rate and it also boosts user-interaction signals.
  5. Use the keyword in first 100 words.
  6. Use internal and external links.
  7. Apply LSI keyword – To understand about a particular query Google looks at LSI keywords or synonyms of the searched keyword. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing.
  8. Image Optimization: Include targeting keyword in the image file name and also in the alt text. To write good alt text keep the tips given below in mind. Describe the image as clearly as possible and keep it short. Also, use the focusing keyword in it.

Hope you all get a small idea of the On Page Optimization techniques and it’s ranking factors.

Ancy Thomas





Webmaster Tools : The Mock Point

Search engine optimization is a set of process used to list a web page or website in top search results. There are many seo tools available today. But Google webmaster tool is the best in them and also we have Bing webmaster tools too. Here we discuss about how to verify websites by webmaster tools and first we are going with Google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools

For this you need to login to your mail account. After login take google and search google webmaster tools or you can type the address You can see like this

 google webmaster


Here click on search console. Then you can see the option add a property. Here you have give your website address and click on add. After this you will reach to verification process.

google webmaster verificationalternate method of webmaster

In the verification process there are different ways but the easiest way is html tag given in alternate method. Select it and you can see a code. Just copy the code and paste it on the header section of your website.

how to verify websites by webmaster tools

For example if you are going to verify your wordpress site then copy the html code and paste it on the text box of google webmaster tools.

google webmaster wordpress verification

If you done your verification process successfully you will get a message about it and click on continue button in that notification.  After the verification you will reach to your search console dashboard.

search console dash board

Here you can see the option crawl, this is used to fetch your page in the verified website. Click on fetch as google in the crawl option after this your fetched page will be shown and you need to click on request indexing.  A new window will come and contain options like crawl this url only and crawl this url and direct links. Select the appropriate one for your page.

Now lets discuss about some other term shown here.

Search Analytics

If you click on search analytics will show the list of keywords searched by users to reach into your site. You can see 5 indicators in that, they are


It give details about your site ranked at which keyword. We can identify the relevant keywords in this.


This means number of users clicking ie, how many people are seeing your site by clicking the search result.


This means for a number of keyword search by people your site may appear in the search result. In each search result even if the users don’t visit your site you still get impression.

Click Through Rate

In the search results your site may be present, then many people will click it and visit your site. The percentage of this people is the click through rate.


For each keyword your site have position. Here you can understand your site’s position for each keyword. Top one to three positions are the best.

Some Other Important Terms Are :

Crawl Errors

This will show the errors detected while Google bot checked your site. This section will show all kinds of errors like server errors, missing pages etc.,


These kinds of files can restrict crawling program of bots from website or from certain files or folders.

So these are the main terms you need to know in web master tools. The webmaster tool provide a communication to us. This will point out the errors and mistake of us. So make use of google webmaster tools to improve your site ranking and to correct your mistakes.

Bing Web Master Tools

The Bing webmaster tools are just like Google webmaster tools but Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft and available in 40 different languages. Optimization of your web page by bing webmaster tools is by the following process.

Search bing webmaster tools or you can type the address Login via your Microsoft account and after that login to your blogger or wordpress you want to add. In the bing webmaster dash board you can see the option add site.


bing webmaster add site


Click on add your site and a new set of options will be shown like this :

bing webmaster about site

Here you have to give the website details. Copy the website url and paste it in the text field shown at the top. Add necessary details here and save it.


bing verification

The easy verification way is to copy the meta tag (option 2). For example if you are going to verify blogger then click on themes and select edit html. Paste the copied code in the head section. After this come back to bing webmaster and click on verify and you will get notification about verification is successful or not. In the dash board you can see the option diagnostics and tools, in that click on fetch as Bingbot.

bing webmaster fetch

Here paste your website address and the pages in it and click on fetch one by one. In the dash board you can see the fetched site. To check the activity click on it and you can see the options like clicks from search, crawl errors, pages indexed, appeared in search, sitemaps  etc.

Crawl Error

Crawl error section shows the errors like unsupported content, page not found, etc, while crawling process.


Sitemaps can make navigation easy. Sitemap is really important to communicate with search engines. By adding sitemap your website will get better visibility.

These are the main webmaster tools and its verification and extra details. In seo webmaster tools are important, because with that you understand the errors and you can increase the website rank.

Nikitha V P

eCommerce and seoIs it possible to sell anything if customers are unable to find you? SEO is the heart of every business and eCommerce store is no longer exempted from the benefits it can reap by making their site SEO friendly. In simple, SEO boosts the site or eCommerce store visibility in renowned search engines. Why to maximize the site visibility in search engines? The site that appears on the first page of the search results is clicked by many of the internet users. The users liking the products will take a desired action. To achieve this you should follow the SEO tips to strengthen eCommerce website. Moreover, the sites that have good ranking on search engines get a sea of traffic and target customers to the store.

There is no particular size that perfectly fits the strategy of SEO. It is the responsibility of the site owners to audit their site thoroughly to find out its strengths and weaknesses and later should prepare a right SEO strategy that pulls more traffic to the online store.

Critical SEO Tips

Few of the critical SEO tips that are embraced by eCommerce site owners include

Do not completely depend on PPC: Many eCommerce site owners fall behind PPC ads to gain maximum visibility on search engine results page. The cost of PPC is too high as the prospective customer clicks on your ad. When you stop paying for the ad, then your presence goes into oblivion.

There are a few customers who do not have good opinion about banner ads, online ads and sponsored links. In fact, they do not trust the products showcased in the ads. Therefore, instead of just depending on PPC strategy, the site owner should also implement organic SEO strategy to gain maximum visibility on SERP. This visibility remains for a long time

A recent research conducted by Google has found that the eCommerce sites who stopped using paid ads was not able to transform the paid clicks to SEO clicks. So, it is clear that you should not solely depend on PPC ads, since once you stop them, you do not even get organic clicks. Every eCommerce store should implement both PPC strategy and organic strategy simultaneously to reap fruitful results.

Keep Junk And Duplicate Content At Bay

Posting duplicate or junk content on the site will push your site ranking. In fact, junk content is considered to be the biggest enemy of search engines. The eCommerce websites that have duplicate content in the form of product descriptions will slump the site ranking. In addition, these sites are imposed with fines by search engines.

The eCommerce site should find out the duplicate content on the website and replace with unique content to avert getting penalized by Google and other search engines. You can use canonical tag to keep this kind of problem at bay.

Prepare A Powerful Content Strategy

By adding fresh and informative content on your eCommerce site regularly will not just help you to grab the attention of your esteemed and potential customers to the site, but it also improve your site ranking on search engine results. You need to post content that is related to your products and services to engage the audience on your site for a long time. People liking your content will share on social media pages, therefore making your piece of content go viral swiftly.

Do not Use The Product Descriptions Crafted By Manufacturer

Basically, writing content for every product is a challenging and time-taking process for the eCommerce owners. As a result, they copy and paste the product content from the manufacturer site. This is not the ideal practice of SEO. Ensure to rephrase the product description that is easy for readers to understand and that is SEO-friendly. You need to embed the words in the product description that are often used as search terms by the people while looking for the product.

Optimize The Images Of All Products

Image search is the popular function that is used by the internet users to search for the desired products online. The site owner should add keywords relevant to the product in the ALT tags of images to make the images search engine friendly. Ensure to use the keyword that speaks about the image and do not cram the ALT tag with too many keywords.

Embed A Unique Meta Description In Every Page

When the eCommerce site owners are optimizing the on-page, they use the same Meta description on each and every web page. This is another false practice in SEO. The Meta descriptions are written to help the user understand about the product prior to clicking on the link. These couple of lines of Meta description appears on the search engine results page under the site link. The user after reading the description decides whether or not to click.

Add Product Reviews

Unique and information content is crucial in SEO to avoid getting penalized by Google and affecting the SEO ranking. The product review is the best way to create unique content for the eCommerce store. These reviews will increase trust about your store in potential customers.

Link Products From The Home Page

The link structure used by the eCommerce site is often confusing and customers get lost in this structure. Many people create product pages deep inside the link structure. This will not only let your customers find the products easily, but also affects the page rank score of the product. The sites that have deep link structure will less likely to appear on search results.

By linking the product from the home page make it easy for the customers and search engines to find your products without any hassle.

Optimize Anchor Text

By adding links to the internal pages of your website will improve the crawling process and site visibility. Instead of using “click here” link, you need to add link to the keyword to redirect to another page that is speaking about the keyword to get better ranking. For example, instead of writing click here to visit daily wear shoes, you need to create a link on causal loafers to redirect the user to that particular page. You also need to add links to the keywords within the product description to direct users to similar products on the website.

Optimize The eCommerce Store To Make It SEO Friendly seo tips to strengthen ecommerce

Structure of the site will add a lot of weight in search engine ranking factors. The site that is properly structured will get high visibility on search engine results. You need to structure the page to add more number of landing pages. These pages can be related to your product, service or a product type. By doing this, it helps you to optimize different web pages and keywords groups. Therefore, it maximizes the site visibility on search engines.

Also, if you are offering coupon codes to the customer, then redirect them to coupon sites to redeem the offer. This helps you to gain backlinks to your store besides boosting the sales. In addition, you need to create profiles on reviews sites to encourage the customers write about the products of your store. This helps you get many inbound links that improves the site trustworthiness.

If you have any more SEO tips to optimize the eCommerce store, do comment about them.

If you have finally decided to optimize the site to make it user and Search engine friendly, you would initially face chaos understanding the concept of SEO. Here is a post on the concerns of SEO beginners.

There are many business owners and marketers who are not using SEO, despite the innumerable benefits it is offering to them. The SEO helps businesses to gain huge traffic and sales to the business in a short time span.

There are umpteen reasons for not using SEO by the business owners. The major concern of the people who are refrained from using SEO is the preparation of strategy. To clear the disbeliefs in SEO, we have spoken to the audience who are not acquainted with SEO. The common concerns that are raised by the non-SEO users and who are beginners to the SEO world are listed below;

seo begginer

ROI – Return On Investment

Many SEO beginners are wonderful on how to prepare an ROI strategy.Let us see about the concerns of SEO beginners. The main aim of SEO is to boost the site visibility and for that, an SEO expert has to spend a lot of time and efforts in improving the site ranking. Moreover, there is no assurance that the results would be fruitful, meaning that the site would be able to get a sea of new traffic after optimization. In addition to traffic, you also need to know about the sales rate. If the sales rate is poor, then there is no point in pulling non-qualified traffic.

Though these concerns of SEO beginners are agreed, one should remember that SEO strategy is highly flexible and reap benefits down the line. If you are not able to see any return of investment in a couple of months of implementing an SEO strategy, then try to tweak the strategy and follow new online marketing methods to see a positive result.

Invest time in Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term strategy that will not show results overnight but starts producing fruits over a period of time and continuous forever. After implementation of an SEO strategy, you cannot see evident results in a week or a month. You would need to spend ample time optimizing the time and spend thousands of dollars on hiring experts to optimize. If you have limited staff and do not have a budget or tightly scheduled implementing with the current marketing strategy, you may not be able to learn and practice SEO. You do not need to switch to SEO strategy completely, but by making a few small changes in the site such as changing the color of the site, changing site structure, and doing other minor tweaks on the site will help you to improve site visibility on search engines. These small changes infill confidence in you towards SEO and let you implement the SEO strategy gradually. A small SEO change can bring a big difference in the ranking of your page on SERP.

Technical side of Search Engine Optimizationseo begginer concern

If you are aware of how effective the SEO strategy is but do not have the required technical or programming knowledge to do technical SEO, you can hire experts to do this job. Also, technical SEO is not as intimidating as it looks. You can follow a certain to perform Technical SEO.


The Penalties in Search Engines

Many people are terrified with the penalties imposed by Google for doing wrong SEO practices. Many webmasters are worried about the penalties. The advancements in SEO algorithms like Panda and Penguin has instilled fear in the layman SEOs making them believe that a small mistake done in optimizing the site would slam them with heavy penalties and push their ranking down. Though practicing something that is illegitimate on your site would push the search engine ranking and reduce your trustworthiness, but it is repairable. It is easy to avert these mistakes by carefully following the guidelines to optimize the site.

Google penalizes the sites that are following black hat SEO techniques rigorously. The search engine only penalizes the sites of webmasters who are deliberately trying to improve the site ranking following black hat techniques.

Public perceptions

Many webmasters are worried that their audience would think that the SEO strategy used by their site owner is to pull traffic. Therefore, the webmasters believe SEO as a cheap trick used by the people to improve site visibility and ranking, which actually affects the trust factor they have in the potential customers.

This statement was true before 1999, but now SEO is giving high priority to the sites that publish unique and informative content targeting its users. This SEO is a tool that rewards the site that is ethical and is user-friendly, but not is the one that tricks search engines to boost ranking.

concerns of SEO BeginnersTargeting Audience

You are also concerned of targeting a specific group of audience and particular keywords. Search is an ocean. Though you are in the niche industry, there would be thousands of keywords and topics to choose. The choices you pick would make and break the SEO strategy.

However, there are many keyword search tools available from which you can choose the target keyword for your industry or web page based on the volume, competition, relevancy or blend of all these three. Though this makes you feel complicated, once you start doing the keyword search, everything falls into its place.

Complexity in Search Engine Optimization

The challenges in SEO will intimidate people from embracing this strategy as part of their marketing strategies. There are hundreds of factors that affect the ranking of the site in search engine results, including content marketing and conversation optimization.

This is absolutely true that there are hundreds of Google ranking factors that make this process complicated. However, take some time to learn how these factors are impacting the ranking. It is not a rocket science but takes some time to get familiarized with those factors.

The above are a few genuine concerns of the SEO beginners who want to take a plunge into the SEO world. Though SEO is not an easy strategy to digest or a strategy that gives you an assurance of potential results but mastering this SEO concept will definitely add value to your business marketing strategy. With dedication and doing little homework every day will allow people to prepare a powerful SEO strategy that helps them earn high ROI in a short time. As long as you adhere to the rules set by search engines, you are not slammed with any penalties or defame.

So, it is the high time for you to take a dive in this world. You learn and implement the strategy instead of taking it as a risk factor. You would be amazed by the fruitful results it reaps for you at the end.

On page optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing number of visitors to our website, by obtaining a high page ranking in the  search engine results. We are using two techniques for this. One is On page optimization and another one is Off page optimization.

After website analysis,On page optimization is one of the first step of SEO which every webmaster should look into. On-page optimization is used to optimizing each web page, for getting higher rank in search engine results. The optimization is done inside the website code.

SEO Title Tag

Title tag is one of the most important website optimization element. A title tag should be short but descriptive enough because when a user search in google, Title tag should be the first thing that all users check. So it should be attractive and make them curious to open our page. The HTML code for the title tag is:

<title>Write The Title</title>

Title tag

Main things that should be include in our title tags are Keyword that we focused should be included in title tag. Title should have a meaningful description. Full capital letters are not allowed. Character limitation should be between 55-60. No spelling mistakes and grammatical errors should come. Unique title give for each page. Title should not be more than 3 words. Title should be have 512 pixel width. Impressive title give then CTR (click through rate) will increase. If no title given, then Google shows probably H1 as the title. In case of H1 is not good then Google will take H2 as title.

  • Snippet

The result  that Google shows to the user in the search results is a snippet. The title in blue, the URL in green and a description that Google shows together called a Snippet. We also using anther snippet called a Rich snippet . It shows extra information between the URL and the description.

snippetSEO Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions  describes and summarizes the contents of your page to search engines. It have a great role in On page optimization. The HTML code for the Meta descriptions  is:


 <meta name=”description” content=”Writ the description.”>

Main things that should be include in our meta descriptions tags are For a page, Character limitation should be between 155-160 and For a post, Character limitation should be 155 because it needs to insert post publishing date. Like title tag, No spelling mistakes and grammatical errors should come . Use Unique meta descriptions give for each page and Meta descriptions should be have 1024 pixel width. If no Meta descriptions given, then Google will take some highlighting contents from web page. If web page don’t contain much content, then Google will take links, text etc…

  • Meta robots tag

Meta robots tag is a tag that tells search engines what to follow and what not to follow. It’s a simple code that gives you the power to decide about what pages you want to hide from search engine crawlers and what pages you want them to index. An example of a meta robots tag code would look like this:

<meta name =”robots” content=”index”>

  • Nofollow – Tells the search engines robots to not follow any links on the page at all.
  • Noindex – Disallow search engines from showing this page in their results.

Head Tags – H1 to h7

Head tags is used  to highlight certain parts of your website.  There are several tags in html. They are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. H1 should be used to define the most important section of your page. User mainly attract to H1 tags.

Head tags Image optimization

All uploaded images filename should be saved with related to that image description. Images should be added with respect to the page contents. In HTML part alt text is added for each image related to image description.

Content Optimization

Content is the king in SEO. And it is mainly decides it’s position in search results.  Contents should be always linkable to users. Anchor text is the hyperlink added text.Focused keywords should not be used as anchor text. Use our keywords at the beginning of sentences and arrange them in simple sentences. Keyword density is defined as the density of  keywords in content should be always between 2-5%.

On page optimization Techniques from Nivea Joy


Nivea Joy


Latest Trends In SEO 2017

The Search Engine Optimization is an arena where we would like to go higher than our competitors. We were struggling hard to find more ways to rank higher. One way to beat our opponent is to adjust our SEO strategies according to the latest trends. If you are looking for inspirations in SEO planning, feel free to read this article. I have collected various useful tips which are the latest trends in SEO 2017.

Latest Trends In SEO 2017

In the world of SEO’s, trends and features are not constant. Even the most expert SEO miss out some of the updates done by Google. Basically, there is no rest for SEOs who want shine in this field. In this article, I like to share some of the latest trends in SEO 2017.

The major players in the Search Engine Optimization section are the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP which is used to improve the mobile phone-based searches. The next one is the voice search which is a convenient way for most of the people. The next trend is the content who is always a hero!. The long, quality content is the princess of SEO Kingdom. Apart from that, the social media engagements are vital for the SEO boost. The structured data is another major development in the SEO. One of the latest trends include infographics which are another visual treat for the audience. Dig into the details here.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is the abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. It was introduced by google in-order to increase the loading speed of pages in the mobile. Its the lighter and simple version of our basic HTML. AMP comprises of: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and Google AMP Cache.

  • AMP HTML- Standard HTML with web components
  • AMP JS library- Manages resource loading.
  • Google AMP Cache- Serve and validate AMP Pages.

Voice Search

Voice Search has become one of the most important latest trends in SEO 2017. The latest study states that there a great increase in the number of voice search users. The main reason for this is the Speech recognition error rate has decreased from 25 percent to 8 percent. Voice searches are more like spoken word, make sure you understand the searchers intent and market to that.


Hypertext Transport Protocol Security (HTTPS) sites protect a site through authentication and encryption. When it’s installed on a web server, an SSL certificate activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. From January 2017, the world’s most popular web browser (Google Chrome) labeled non-HTTPs sites that transmit passwords and/or ask for credit card details as “Not Secure.”

Long Form And Quality Content

Presently Long form and quality contents play an important role in SEO. Content with more than 2000 words is considered as Long form content. It’s a sweet spot to increase your ranking organically. It provides the value needed to convert website visitors into leads, sales, and revenue.

Social Media

A major part of branding relies on social media. Consumers will continue to resort to social media for reviews and updates, thus building traffic. It’s the major source of quality referral traffic.

Structured Data

Structured Data is often collectively referred to as Schema or Microdata. Through structured data, search engines are able to understand a website easier and therefore gives them better SERP rankings. is structured data developed by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Yandex.


An Infographics (information graphic) is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance. It’s a powerful online marketing tool which helps to increase the traffic to your website.



SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

seo ranking reportThis post related to SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting. Everyone knows SEO about generating huge traffic and sales for the businesses by improving the ranking of the website. SEO is changing at a jet speed with the release of new algorithms by Google very often. Interestingly, the Google is updating the algorithm over 500 times a year.

There are various blogging and content strategies that the company has to embrace to defeat all your competitors and stay ahead. To improve the website ranking, companies adopt link building technique. It is crucial for the SEO expert to conduct SEO audit to detect the underlying issues. Especially the technical issues on the website that is taking a toll on the website ranking.

The job of SEO Expert

The expert is to present the performance of the website and the SEO audio report to the boss and tell them the areas that you want to improve in the website and how these optimizations will improve the website ranking. You need to tell in the language that is easy for them to understand. The role of SEO is to analyze the website and communicate about the same to the manager or the CEO of the company.

Undoubtedly, after hiring an SEO professional, the first thing that they would ask is the number of qualified leads or inquiries that they can generate by making the website SEO friendly. How much amount they can save on promoting the product and in acquiring new customers is the next question asked by the CEO or your manager.

Basically, it is challenging for the SEO experts to convince the boss who has no knowledge on why it takes time to generate leads by embracing white hat SEO techniques. Few of the bosses who are alien to the world of SEO will ask the below questions to the newly hired SEO expert is :

• How sales have been improved in the present year compared to the last year by optimizing the website using SEO    techniques
• Why the website ranking is slighting pushed down
• When they research with an industry related keyword similar to your business, then why the competitor website is appearing first.

You need to be ready to give explanation to all these queries

When there is a dip in the Google search engine ranking of your website due to release of new Panda and Penguin update and when you try to explain the same to the boss, then would not be in a position to listen to your explanation. All they expect is results.

Undeniably, it is stressful for the SEO consultants to send the SEO reports to the boss who has no knowledge on SEO. Basically, the person who has knowledge can understand the fluctuations in the SEO results every month. Undoubtedly, not every individual can understand about organic traffic, domain, page authority and other SEO terminologies.

funny bossThere are three advice that you can take to get rid of headaches from the bosses who do not know anything about SEO
• You need to be able to think in your boss perspective. The person thinks always in the business and marketing levels
• You need to use marketing terminology to convert the SEO results into business level of thinking
• Create an easy to understand SEO report to showcase the SEO results to your boss
The only thing that a boss expects from a marketing guy, especially SEO expert is business.

People are ready to listen to whatever you say only when it generates business. So, it is not feasible for you to communicate in SEO language that we usually needs to use business terms to explain about the progress of your business. You need to tell them how many inquiries you are receiving every month due to on-page and off-page optimization of the website.

Different phases in SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

There are different phases in SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting.

Awareness Phase

In the Awareness phase, the prospective client will get to know about your products and services. They are educated about your products through ads and promotions. There are traditional ways embraced by the companies to advertise about their products including giving ads in TV, newspapers and distributing pamphlets. The amount spent on traditional advertising to acquire new customers and retain the reprising ones is called as Customer Acquisition cost (CAC).

The role of SEO is to bring a sea of potential traffic to the website by getting quality back links to your website from industry websites to improve the website ranking on renowned search engines. When the ranking of your site increases for a specific set of industry keywords, then it gives maximum visibility of your website in organic search results. Therefore, customers can know about your brand with ease.

Consideration phase

In the Consideration phase, the customer would dive in-depth to learn about the company and why they should buy your company product over rivals. For that, you need to create an informative and appealing landing page that is embedded with rich content, images, and call to action button that will compel the target audience who land on your website to take a desired action after reading the content on the site.

The best landing page will help you get scores of traffic and qualified leads. The content and images in the web page should inform the website visitors about your products. Moreover, the testimonials and reviews posted on the website will improve trust in your brand and motivate the potential audience to buy your product or avail your service confidently.

Decision phase

In the Decision phase, the customer decides to buy your product or take your service. In this phase, they verify whether or not their decision is correct. The testimonials and videos uploaded on YouTube will let the customers to lock the decision of buying your products. In the blog posts, you can tell how using your product will solve the problems of the customer briskly. Undeniably, this will compel the customers to take the decision of buying your product.

Sales phase

In the Sales phase, the customer will buy the product or avail your service. Basically, sales phase is the final phase of the marketing funnel. In this phase, the efforts put in by the marketing team to push the prospective client into a marketing funnel and convert them into a potential customer will be paid off. The amount spent by the businesses in marketing their products will be gained in this phase. The higher the number of sales, the higher would be the ROI.

This helps you to identify what exactly your boss is expecting. More importantly, this person wants to know how much profit they are reaping in return for the amount investing in digital marketing.

SEO Reporting should be in line with Marketing Goals and terms

After analyzing the website thoroughly, you can tell your boss how much traffic you can improve for the website within the given time span and how many number of clicks you can expect and from the clicks, how many leads you can generate and improve over the past month. You can use business terminology to gauge the success of your SEO tactics such as ROI, profits, customer acquisition cost, etc.

In SEO, you can move the website to the first page of the search engine results page where the customers will find your products with ease. This reduces the amount you spend on acquiring customer besides gaining a huge profit. Furthermore, this helps businesses to earn huge profits and each stakeholder can get a meaty share.

The answer that you can expect from an SEO expert would be Last month, the website was ranked in 8th position and in this month the website ranking has been moved to 3rd rank in the search engine results page. The SEO can also tell the client how much efforts they have put to improve the ranking of the site despite of fierce competition from the rivals. You need to show supporting data of how much time it took for you to increase the traffic.

There is another wonderful way to communicate the SEO Reporting results to your boss

Undeniably, it takes a lot of time for the businesses to gain trust of the audience by promoting their business embracing traditional advertising methods such as TVs, papers, pamphlets, and other promotional ways. Conversely, SEO takes a little less time over traditional advertisements to boost the brand reputation in the online world. No business wants to earn a short term reputation instead they want to gain foothold in their niche and want to get continuous inquiries about their business even down the line.

SEO techniques will help you reach the target audience globally that is otherwise impossible for you to reach with the newspapers and television (traditional ads). This way, you can completely cut down the customer acquisition cost and let you earn huge profits on your investment in the long run. Every business wants to stand out from their rivals and gain good brand reputation in the online world.

Users Advantages

You can track the SEO results and show how the SEO strategy embraced by you is reaping beneficial results for the organization. You can also show improve in sales revenue compared to last year to your boss. If you keep optimizing the website with the target keywords, you can improve the site performance in no time. If you have integrated Google analytics to your website, then you can generate the performance reports every month and show it to your boss. You can show the increase in traffic, leads and the performance of ad campaigns that you have started.

You need to set a Goal tracking on the Google Analytics program to show the progress of your goals to your pesky boss. Ideally, setting up a goal is a part of SEO campaign to count the number of qualified leads you got. Using Goal tracking you can create a personalized template that lets you to measure the quantifiable results. The goal of a website could not the number of people who have come till the shopping cart or number of people who have filled the inquiry form and submitted it.

Create a template to report your statuses

You are publishing interesting blog posts every day with catchy headlines and informative content, thus it is helping you to boost your brand reputation in online for the industry keywords you have chosen.

You need to use the same templates that you started using every month to depict the results. No one likes to see the data in different formats every month. More importantly, if you have changed the data arranging format, you would need to explain your boss about the new format. You need to use bullet points to tell the facts and reasoning. Try to put everything in a concise manner rather than cramming with huge content.

How do you inform about your brand reputation for a set of keywords to your boss

The comprehensive report will let you inform your boss about the website performance clearly and give up-to-date about what are the steps you are taking to improve the site performance. A boss may be your manager or the CEO of the company. Basically, boss needs a piece of information to show how their team is putting efforts in boosting the site reputation and improving the sales revenue.

The SEO Strategies Reporting that is prepared properly will explain about the progress of the website and SEO campaigns to the boss in an understandable manner without you explaining line by line of what is in the report. You need to send this report on a regular basis to let your boss know about the site performance from time to time and avoid headache from them.

Your report should contain the traffic of your site, Key Performance Indices (KPI) collected from Google analytics and keyword performance.

The boss looks for the following things in a SEO Reporting.

1. Health of the SEO campaigns
2. Progress of SEO campaigns in terms of marketing funnel

  • Interesting blog posts created by you and submitted in government blogs to get quality backlinks for your website.
  • Optimization is done on the content and image among the total number of web pages.
  • Number of sales that you have generated from organic traffic and the sales you got through social media

3. What you did to reinforce your SEO campaigns like how many posts you have published and setting goals in the Google analytics
4. Days you are ahead from showing the results
5. Further actions you need to take in the project
6. Penalties that you were imposed by the search engines for not updating the site with the latest Google algorithm changes.

If you like to put the data in a visual format, then you need to collect the social media metrics. They are number of tweets, re-tweets, likes and shares you got for your post and depict the percentage in bar graphs.

Sending the reports to your boss regularly will help him/her to assimilate the status of your SEO campaigns easily. You need to explain your efforts you are putting in to take the website ranking to the first page of search results to your boss in a compulsive way.