By Published On: February 14, 2020Categories: On-Page Optimization, SEO, SEO tips

On-page SEO techniques are considered one of the most important processes you can follow for achieving higher rankings in search engine organic results. Doing that can increase the traffic to your website. And it refers to the optimization of website structure and content anything that is done on the page of a website. They are categorized as basic and advanced practices. In this post, we will discuss both the basic and advanced practices in on-page optimization.

Important On-Page SEO Techniques

All the above practices are the major On-Page SEO Techniques.

Apart from this, we can also perform Advanced tactics that can enhance the ranking and the attractiveness of your website.

Advanced SEO Practices

There are other tactics like AMP Optimization, off-page optimization, Social Media Marketing to improve the ranking of your website.
If you give good attention to the on-page practices that you can do on your website, you can achieve good results in ranking on google search results.

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