Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO?

How Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

Here Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO and its ability to rank highly on the search engines page.

The benefit of localizing your website’s content to suit the geographical location you are trying to penetrate is vital if you want to improve your SEO ranking.

For your website to be successful in any country, the content of this website has to be unique, of top quality, up to date, relevant accessible to read/understand, and well structured. Hence Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO.

So that when trying to infiltrate a new market, it is crucial to be aware of the changes you must adopt if you want your translated content to perform as well as your original content.

What is SEO?

This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO is an action/activity that focuses on enhancing the traffic to your website from the search engines page without any paid advertisement.

What is Website translation & its Impact on SEO

This is more than just translating your website’s content from one language to another; it is accommodating your website to rank high on a search engine. This involves knowing what people that speak a particular language search for and providing for it.

Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

If your SEO translation is done correctly, your website will perform very well in this new region and will improve your website’s SEO rank.


Timing affects how well your translated content ranks in search results. As a result, your original/primary website content is not performing well, there is little to no chance for the translated content to perform any better.

Creating a successful website requires a lot of resources, some key features that ensure that your site has a lot of traffic include:-

  • Quality/Compelling content
  • Optimized Keywords
  • Unique user experience
  • Excellent user interface
  • Indexability/Crawlability
  • Schema markup.

When you are assured you have a high ranking and excellent website in your original language, you can then start the project of translating the content of the site into another language.

Keyword Research

If you want your translated content to perform well, you will have to pay special attention to your keyword research. Using relevant keywords that have a high search volume and low competition is vital.

For example, in the U.S., “pants” are used when searching for a piece of clothing while “trousers” are used by the British when searching for the same piece of clothing.


Factors like phrasing, units of measurements, and currencies vary with language; therefore, it is advised that you employ the services of credible translation agencies like The Word Point and sites like SEMrush, which helps you carry out Google Keyword Research.

The Website’s Structure

The structure of your website plays a significant role in making sure the site has an online presence overseas. It has to be structured in such a way as to optimize your international website SEO.

There are four ways in which your website can be structured. These different structures have pros and cons. Deciding on the best structure is dependent on the geographical location you are trying to target. You should use a URL structure that makes your site easy to geotarget.

The structures include:
● ccTLDs -country code top-level domains
● gTLDs- generic Top-Level Domains with subdomains
● gTLDs-generic Top-Level Domains with subfolders
● URL Parameters

ccTLDs(country code top-level domains)

This is the most used domain option for websites when expanding. This site structure is used when targeting a specific country, for example, using “.de” for your website in German. Germans are more likely to click and go through a “.de” site than a “.com” site. When using this site structure, the location of the server is also irrelevant.

One of the disadvantages of choosing this structure is that it requires more infrastructure and is expensive to set up. You will have to build your website from the ground up. As a result, there is no sharing of link authority from the parent domain.

gTLDs (generic Top-level domains with subdomains)

This site structure offers many advantages. It is not very cost-intensive and is easy to set up; it also allows for servers to be located in different countries. You can link build because it will enable some level of sharing of the authority with the main domain, which will help boost your SEO ranking.

The downside to using this site structure is that users might not identify/recognize geotargeting from the URL alone. An example of this is “” for French speakers.

gTLDs-generic top-level domains with subfolders

The shared link authority is the main benefit of using this site structure, which helps the ranking of your new website. It is also easy to set up and requires low maintenance.

The downside to using this for your site structure is that users may not recognize geotargeting from the URL alone, thereby hindering the trust users will have for your site affecting your Click-Through Rate. Consequently location signal is also weaker when compared to ccTLD and sub-domain structure. For example, this is ‘ ‘ for a German audience.

URL parameters

This option is not recommended by Google. It offers very limited benefits when compared to the other three and a lot of disadvantages, such as the inability for users to recognize geotargeting from the URL alone, building low trust.

Link Building

This is one of the fastest ways to make your new website rank highly on a search engine page. Depending on the website structure you decide to use, you can easily link your primary websites to this new website, if not, you can try and get credible websites, journalist and blogs in countries/markets where you are trying to infiltrate to link your website is vital if you want to improve your website’s SEO.

Therefore, creating a great quality infographic with the help of a good graphic designer is one of the ways you can approach high ranking websites in order for them to link your website.

So you can also offer to write unique content for this top ranking site and link your website, which will help boost your website’s SEO ranking in this new region.

Search Engine

If you are translating content for regions like Russia or China, optimizing your new website to rank high on google will be a waste of time. You have to do your research for each geographical location and optimize your website to rank high on the most widely used search engine. For example, Yandex for Russia is what Google is to the USA.


However, building trust with an international audience is key if you want your website’s SEO to perform well. Content translation is one of the best ways to reach a different type of audience and expand your reach. SEO offers immense benefits to marketers. Therefore, it proves that Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

Are you tired of creating content every other day and not getting the desired result? It is probably because you are not being able to get Inbound links or backlinks from good quality websites. Getting links from high-quality websites with high domain authority shows a significant difference in the ranking of a website. Here we mention a few effective link building techniques you can adopt in your blog to get more backlinks which in turn will increase your domain authority which in turn will improve your ranking.

Link Building Techniques

Tried and Tested Link Building Techniques


1. News Websites

Link Building Techniques Link Building Techniques

News websites are one of the best sources to get links from. If you get a mention of your brand in a local news website that will be equivalent to hundreds of links you build from less quality websites. News websites qualify as a good quality website because of their content richness. The specialty of these websites is that they publish hundreds of news articles a single day. Therefore they are bound to have high domain authority.

Here is an example of two news websites, BBC and Malayala Manorama. BBC is an international news website with 93 as their domain authority and Malayala Manorama is a local news website with a domain authority of 70. Here the whole point is that Malayala Manorama being a local news website was able to have an authority value of 70 which is considered a good benchmark to take links from. Therefore we can conclude without any doubts that getting a link from a news website is of great value.

2. Content Repurposing

Are you fed up of creating new content that constantly satisfies your audience? Then resort to content repurposing. It is nothing but finding new creative ways to publish the already published content. This could be making a video tutorial, SlideShare, Infographic, podcasts etc. You must embed a code into this. By doing this when people share the repurposed content you get a link from it. It is a great way to find new audience as well as get links from the same content.

3. Link Roundup

Link Building TechniquesGetting a link from a link roundup post is quite easy. Normally bloggers and magazine websites do link roundup’s every once in a while. It is a daily, weekly or monthly blog post. It is basically curated content about a specific topic and links pointing to external websites from that article.

You can find link roundups in your industry by googling Link roundup + “your focus keyword”. After you get link roundups in your niche, find an article that is a perfect fit and you can proceed to contact them. If you are a recipe blogger and have a great cupcake recipe with you. Then check link roundups with your focus keyword and you will get a list of websites that have link roundups in your niche. Find a website that is a perfect fit and pitch in your content.

4. Broken Link

Building links through broken links is oneof the best link building techniques. Firstly, you have to install a free plugin called “check my links”. After you download the extension go to a webpage that you want a link from and run this extension. It gives a report on valid and invalid links. Valid links will be underlined in green colour and invalid links in red colour.

If you find a broken link that can be replaced perfectly with a content that you have, then without further ado contact the webmasters of the website. First inform them about the broken link in their website and when they acknowledge you, forward your pitch. In this case, they will be more than happy to replace the link with yours simply because you added value to their website. It is a win-win situation.

5. Unique Branded Name

It is a great way to strike curiosity among readers. Unique branded name is giving a unique title to the article. The best part is several bloggers must have already written about it but when you give a unique name to the whole process it becomes a small invention of yours. The benefit of a unique title is two-fold. Apart from striking curiosity, people will start linking to it by the name itself. After a point, you get traffic from that unique name you authored. For eg, Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique earned 9000 unique backlinks just because he gave a unique name to the title.

6. .EDU Websites

When it comes to ranking domain authority based on sectors, Government websites have the highest authoritative value. But getting a link from a Gov website is not a cakewalk. But do not fret, the next that comes in line is ‘.Edu’ websites. These are websites owned by universities and colleges. They have high authority because of its content which is in the form of thesis and project reports by different people. You must be wondering how you will get a link from an Edu website. These edu websites maintain a resource page for their students and teachers. These pages are filled with knowledgeable highly researched content that is helpful to a lot of people.

You can google “’Your focus keyword'” to find Edu websites in your niche. If you can find an edu website that will be a good fit for your content then contact the administrators of the university portal. The likeliness of getting a link from these websites are trim. But even if you manage to get one link it can give a big boost to your website.

7. Guest Posting

There was a time when guest posting was considered a very reputable and respectable job. With Penguin Update google started punishing guest bloggers saying they are a source of link spamming. But even now guest blogging can be a great way to get links in a respectable way. Just make sure you guest blog in quality websites. For that, you can closely monitor popular guest bloggers in your niche. Copy their image URL from twitter and search it in Google images. You get a list of quality websites they have guest posted. You can contact these websites and offer to guest blog. For more details check out Guest Posting Power Tips For Getting Posted in Good Websites.


  • Here we mentioned 7 unique link building techniques. But when you take a link from a website make sure to run a basic website analysis. This will help you to avoid spammy links.
  • Never contact other websites and ask for links blandly. Instead, send out a personalized message.
  • Always make sure that you are giving value in return for a link.