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What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy using Social Medias. It is the process of gaining attention and traffic to a website through social medias. It includes creating and sharing the content through social medias that attracts the people. Social media marketingSocial Media Marketing is an important marketing strategy utilized by almost all companies today. The emergence of social medias changed the pace of marketing. The effective use of social medias in marketing can boost your popularity to a large extend. It will help you to earn more profit in a less expensive way. Here we are discussing about some social medias that can be used in marketing.

Social Medias Used in Marketing

Some important social medias used in marketing are :

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare  etc.

twitter   Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking site which has a large number of users worldwide. Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006. It is estimated that as of March 2016 Twitter has more than 310 Million monthly active users. Millions of Tweets are being posted on Twitter per day. Twitter allows sharing of short messages of 140 character length known as Tweets. These Tweets can include text, hash tags, images, GIF, Emoji, videos or links to other websites.

Twitter allows companies to post their updates as Tweets. This Tweets will appear on followers’ timelines. People can like this tweets and they can Retweet this tweets to share with their followers. Twitter can also be used for providing customer support. Many companies use this platform to provide 24×7 customer services. This will increase the loyalty and trust value of the company.

Twitter Page

The figure shows the Twitter Page of Samsung Galaxy Mobiles.

Advertising with Twitter

Twitter also provides paid advertising. We can use the paid advertising for the following purposes. They are:

  • Tweet Engagements
  • Website Clicks or Conversions
  • App Installs or App Re-Engagements
  • Video Views
  • Followers
  • Leads on Twitter

Steps in Creating a Twitter Campaign :

We should select the country and language before selecting the campaign. After that we can select the campaigns we need. After selecting the campaign we can create our campaign. There are four steps in creating the campaign.

Step 1 : In this step, you can set the name of your campaign. You can also add the website which we intended to promote and set the relevant categories related to your business.

Step 2 : Using this step you can choose your audience. You can select the audience based on their location, gender, interests etc.

Step 3 : In this step you have to select your budget. You can select the amount for which you are organizing this campaign and the method for paying.

Step 4 : In this steps you can create the tweets that you want to use for the campaign. You can choose the existing tweets or create new ones.

These are the four basic steps of creating a paid Twitter campaigns. After completing this tasks you can successfully launch your campaign. These ads will appear on followers’ timelines as promoted tweets.

fb   Facebook

Facebook is also an online community site like twitter. It is one of the important site which is used in Social Media Marketing. Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004. Facebook provides features similar to twitter. Fb allows posting of longer descriptions than the short tweets of twitter. It also allows sharing of photos videos, testimonials etc. People can like this posts and share or tag it and they can also comments on this posts.When we advertise using fb we should create a facebook page. The commonly repeated mistake in this case is that people create a profile instead of a page. Please remember that a profile is not meant for marketing. For marketing purposes we must create a page not a profile.

Facebook also provides paid advertising like Twitter. The facebook advertising can be used to promote our page and to increase our popularity more efficiently and effectively. Facebook provides paid advertising for different purposes. Using the facebook advertising we can send more people to our website, increase the conversions on the website, boost or promote the pages, to increase the installation of your app and to enhance the engagement in your app etc.

Facebook-BrandHere is an image showing the Facebook Page of Rolex Watches.

For more information about facebook advertising please read the article Facebook Page Creation and Advertising.

g+   Google+

Google+ was launched in June 2011. Google+, in addition to providing pages and some features of Facebook, is also able to integrate with the Google search engine. Google adwords, Google maps etc. can also be integrated with Google+. Google+ allows the creation of different interest based communities. We can create different circles such as friends, family, colleagues etc. Images, posts, events updates etc. can be shared to the different Google+ communities and groups.

Google+ allows targeted advertising and location-based marketing and promotions and navigation services. Such promotional activities are introduced with the development of Google Personalized Search and other location-based search services. Google+ Collections allows you to categorize your updates by topic. Such categorized collections will help your followers quickly find updates for the topics they’re interested in. You can also induce people to share your updates if they like it and it will act as a recommendation for your brand or company. Thus you can gain more popularity and trust among others and this will help you to establish yourself. Through your Google Plus profile you can share content and news about your business. This will drive more traffic to your business.


Figure shows the Google+ page of Coco Cola

linkedin   LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional business-related networking site. It allows companies to create professional profiles for themselves and for the companies. You can create a LinkedIn page for a company using your personal profile. These pages will allow business owners to promote their products or services and be able to interact with their customers. The use of widgets helps the members to promote their various social networking activities, such as Twitter stream or blog entries of their product pages, onto their LinkedIn profile page.

Many companies also use Linked for the purpose of employee recruitment. Due to the spread of spam mails through different job portals, now companies opt to recruit their employees using trusted networks such as LinkedIn. Companies have voiced a preference for the amount of information that can be obtained from a LinkedIn profile, versus a limited email. LinkedIn also provides paid campaign like Facebook and Twitter.


The LinkedIn page of Infosys is shown in the figure.

instagram    Instagram

Instagram was launched in October 2010. It is a social networking service that enables its users to share photos, videos either publicly or privately. It also allows sharing the photos or videos through other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. In addition to this the users can also follow other user’s feeds. Instagram will take over the social media marketing soon. The user engagement rate of Instagram was 15 times higher than of Facebook and 25 times higher than that of Twitter. Instagram provides a platform for companies through which they can reach the customers in a rich visual environment. Using this platform the user and the company can communicate publicly and directly.

Instagram app is now used by many companies boost their visual marketing strategy. Companies see Instagram as the most potential platform to attract their customers especially the younger target groups. Instagram can be accessed using both smart phones and internet. Thus it will help the companies to expand their brand exposure to the maximum extent. Instagram also inspires people to collect and share the pictures of their favorite brand and thus creating a user induced sharing which gives more popularity for the brands.


Here is the Instagram page of Myntra

pinterest   Pinterest

Pinterest is also an image sharing site which was launched in October 2012. You can save and share photos using Pinterest. You can create boards based on your interest and post photos on this boards. The photos which are known as Pins can be arranged on different boards based on different categories. You can also invite other people with the common interests to pin photos on your boards. You can also save or repin photos on other people’s boards. You should pin images that attracts the attention of people.

Pinterest provides you an opportunity to reach your audience through a visually attractive medium. You can use this medium to market your products and also to sell your products. You can sell your products through Pinterest my including Buyable Pins. Buyable pins let people buy your products through the Pinterest itself. There won’t be a need for people to leave pinterest to buy your products.


Figure shows the Pinterest Page of KFC

youtube   YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing app which was created in February 2005 and bought by Google in November 2006. Here the advertisements are done in a way to suit the target audience. YouTube provide video based marketing. Here users can view, share, upload videos and can also comment on videos.  Companies use YouTube to grow audience by creating videos that attracts users.

In YouTube the ads appear will be in sync with the content of the video requested. So it will increase the chance for a user to get attracted toward s a product related to the content he searches. YouTube provides promotional activities such as sponsoring a video. Paid campaigns can also be organized on YouTube.


The BBC News’ account in YouTube is shown in the figure

vine   Vine

Vine is also a video sharing service. It provides short form video sharing service which provides sharing of six-second-long looping video clips. It was founded in founded in June 2012 and Twitter acquired it in October 2012. The videos uploaded on vine can also be shared using other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The videos can be organized in different groups based on different themes. Vine app is also available for users to view and to browse for videos.

Using vine companies can create short videos about their products and services. This will help your audience to get more information about your products. You can also inspire your audience to share their own videos about their experience about you product. Thus you can get more attraction and attention among your audience. You can reach your audience more easily and educate them in an entertaining way.


This is how the home page of Vine appears

yelp   Yelp

Yelp was founded in 2004. It is a place where your businesses can be listed based on your location. Here the businesses are searchable by their locations. Businesses owners can create the profiles for their businesses. They can also post and share information such as the business location, contact information, pictures, and service information. Yelp keeps pages devoted to different locations and different business categories. User can see these pages and they can write reviews about the businesses and about the products. They can also rate the businesses using a one to five star rating system.

Yelp is also available as an app. Yelp added features for customers to order and purchase things online, to book rooms in hotels, to make an appointment at a spa etc. Yelp made it possible for business owners to respond to the reviews of the users in public or as private. Businesses can also post about the events that they organize or about the special deals they provide.


Here is the home page of Yelp

icon-forsquare   Foursquare

Like Yelp Foursquare also works based on the location. It provides location based listing of businesses. The service was created in late 2008 and launched in 2009. Foursquare provide suggestions based on a user’s current location. Using Foursquare the user can search for restaurants, nightlife spots, shops and other places of interest in their surrounding area. It also provides opportunity for users to add reviews and rate the businesses.


The figure shows the FourSquare Suggestions for Shopping near Kochi

The Social Media Marketing is the Present and Future of marketing. As a marketer we should know which are the medias that could bring us the traffic. The Social Media Marketing can bring you a great popularity and will help you to keep pace with the changes that happens in the world. If you are a marketer you should use the social medias if you want to sustain in the marketing field.




Crawling, Fetching, GoogleBots, Sitemaps, Alt Tags, etc, etc! SEO seems to be a game of making search engines find you, getting them to display your website on top so you get more business. SEO is perceived as an online marketing tool that is way too technical because it addresses issues relating to the website’s structure. For all we know, SEO is all about creating and linking to unique, high-quality content for search engines with all the right keywords!

How far is it possible to take a website using SEO? Above the surface, this depends on what strategies you capable of implementing and the techniques you use to “defeat” your competitors on your way to Google’s top but beneath it all, pull back the curtains and you will see, human psychology is behind all the show.

Yes, SEO is psychology. Why do we optimize sites for good content? Why should we use great images on the website? Why do we need a faster page loading speed? All because you want the user to feel inspired and click on to your website and buy your product. Your website is your sales person- the marketer and you (an SEO professional) are behind the show, analyzing the visitor’s mentality- what he needs, why he was turned off from your site and how you can sell him what the company’s got to offer.

Why SEO needs a psychological approach to it

Understanding the User Mentality

SEO has a technical side which anyone can learn easily in no time. But the best SEOs look beyond the technicalities of a website. They not only look at the website that’s in front of them, but they also look at them from a visitor’s point of view. They don’t just think about HTML tags and techie stuff relating to the site, they look at the UX (user experience) on the site. They are always figuring about what the customer wants out of the site and they are working on achieving that.

The best SEOs treat a website like a living entity that people want to befriend to, which is why taking a psychological approach is necessary for making the website run smoothly like clockwork.

Besides, how well are you able to probe into the minds of users? Especially if you had to enter a market you never knew? Well, any sort of marketing depends on this approach.

Search engines have their algorithms and rules as they want to serve the purpose of helping users find the best of the right information. We SEOs follow these search engine optimization techniques because we want the traffic to come to our website or blog. The biggest mistake that’s happening to all of us is forgetting what our audience have in their minds. Don’t just make your site or blog blindly according to the Google algorithms and updates without caring about what a user thinks when he/she visits your site. Even Google has emphasized the importance of considering the visitors when building your site. So, SEO needs a psychological approach to it if you think of your target audience in the process.

The parts of SEO that’s influenced by psychological thinking

1.Content Creation & Curation

We all know content marketing has been the most talked about hashtag on twitter these days. Content marketing involves the creation of high-quality content, getting quality links and promoting it on social media.

SEO needs a psychological approach

Your content should answer all the questions that a visitor might be wanting answers to.

Users like content that is answering all the questions they have in their minds all in one spot. It’s one way to make the user come back again to your site. Say, you have a page that talks about a product with just brief information like product features in bullet points. Or you have a web page that has got a product information with features, user reviews, and testimonials. Which page is the one you as a visitor would like? Of course, the second page that has got a detailed information with features, other users’ reviews and so on. This is also what people are looking for.

Providing information in a simple and convincing manner works as a boon to forming the right content marketing strategy. As users get convinced by what’s there on your site, it magically reduces bounce rates. They keep returning back to your site as you have made it easy for them to figure out what they want. This tells Google that your page is something that users want and hence, they bring your site rankings up.

2. Communication with your visitors

We all dislike people who appear to have selfish interests and behavior. Psychologically, we close doors at people who try to make us accept their opinions in a feisty and pushy manner. But we love people who are willing to share something great with us. We can never get enough of people who give us something in benefit and motivate us. It’s just the same for your website.

Rather than trying to aggressively sell your product on your site, invite them to buy your offerings by giving them some sort of valuable tip, a buying advice or presenting some great opportunities that a user doesn’t even know about or hasn’t heard of.

3. Engaging Colors and Graphics on your website

As Neil Patel, the world’s most famous content marketer states, “Color is 85% of the reason you purchased a product”. What’s the color scheme you have chosen for your site? Are your color scheme and the site design turning off visitors from your site?

It’s a proven fact that colors send various signals to the brain and trigger various emotions inside you. Choosing colors for your site can be tricky. But it should be appealing and engaging to your traffic. Women are more inclined towards softer and brighter colors like red, green or purple. Men, on the other hand, tend to go for basic colors like black and blue. If you are selling cosmetics and beauty products on your site, you need to use colors that women are likely to go for. It would be a huge mistake to use black and blue for that website!

4. Keywords must be generated based on what your target audience is using

These days, we use the Google Keyword Planner Tool, UberSuggest and the like to do a keyword search and find out the long tail keywords we must be using on our sites. Using such internet marketing tools is commendable as you need to know which are the keywords that could get you a higher ranking in search results.

But are those the keywords that your target audience is typing into a search to find you? Find out more about keywords that potential customers are using rather than relying solely on the above-mentioned tools.

5. Headlines Optimization: Is it catchy and amazing?

The use of power words like weird, incredible, secret, surprising, mysterious, bizarre, essential, strange, outrageous and so on, can make a huge difference to how people perceive your website among search results. The best headline is the one which uses this formula:

Adjective+ Keyword+ Promise = Killer Headline

For example, instead of a headline that says, “How to Start a Website”, consider a great headline like, “5 Quick Ways to Start a Website Easily”. In the second one, the headline not only appears catchy but you are also providing value and benefits in 5 ways. This is how you influence your visitors to click on to your site from the search.

Do you agree with the fact that SEO needs a psychological approach?

As you see above SEO is not just about creating good quality content, building links and getting it found online. That can result in leads but if you want conversions, that depends on studying your visitor’s mind and applying it to almost every element on the website. Do you believe in the fact that SEO is now influenced by psychology? Share it in the comments below.


Facebook Population

Facebook is known to be a gigantic social media network in the whole planet. Facebook being the world’s most used social networking website was launched in February 4 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It was first used by 4 of his friends and room mates. By origin it was used by Harvard University to connect students and it was quickly expanded to other schools. Later in 2006 the website was opened for common people of age 13 and above. Now there is barely a person on planet who haven’t heard about Facebook! So here are some fascinating facts about Facebook.


facebook users count

Today, 150000 messages are send by Facebook users in every single minute. In every 15 minutes, 49 million posts are published in Facebook. There are over 350 million photo uploads a day. There are 1,00,000 friends requests in every 10 minutes. There are 7.5 million likes generated in every minute. Average user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook. People spend about 31 million hours a day playing Facebook games. There are 1 billion enabled mobile apps on Facebook. These are the most fascinating facts about Facebook.


friend requestFacebook users have great differences when it comes to number of friends. An average user has 250 friends, i.e.  half of all Facebook users have more than 250 friends and remaining half has less than 250 friends. 15% of Facebook users have more than 500 friends. 20% of users have 251-500 friends. 23% of users have 101-250 friends. 39% of adult Facebook users have 1-100 friends. Young users tend to have significantly larger number of friends than older users.



facebook color

This fact is totally related to Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook. Facebook got its color blue because Mark Zuckerbergs’ color blindness makes him find blue better than red and green. He suffer from red and green color blindness. He once said “Blue color is the richest color for me”.






facebook mobile

I am sure most of us have kept Facebook on our mobile phones without logging out from a very long time. There are more than 1.44 billion new Facebook users in every single month (which is just an approximate count). Another great fact is that 79 % of new users access Facebook from their mobile phones. Smart phone users check Facebook 14 times a day.




facebook fact 6

Just imagine, every person sitting 3.74 degrees apart uses Facebook. I wonder how they got such a value! But it is said that there 3.74 degrees of separation between two Facebook users on average. There are Facebook users in US which is more than the total number of citizens in United States who actually voted in recent elections.



facebook banned in china

Imagine a country without Facebook. I am sure it’s very hard for us to imagine like that. Facebook’s headquarters is in California and it can be used from anywhere in the world except China. That is because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc are blocked by China since July 2009. But there are 95 million users in China who access Facebook through mobile devices, VPNs and other resources. Now that’s good to hear!



facebook hacking

Even though Facebook has many amazing facts, there are several negative consequences as well. There are 600000 hacking attempts made in every single day on various Facebook accounts. And I’m sure most of us have had an experience of getting your account hacked.





facebook tracking

Facebook uses a number of complex tracking systems which monitor or checks the other website we uses in our computer. Facebook uses cookies and other mechanisms to track users activities and other websites visited in the browsers where Facebook is accessed. It is also said that, any and every text you put in your status update box is sent to the Facebook server even if you don’t post it.



facebook ceo salary


Isn’t it hard to believe? True or not, it is said that Mark Zuckerberg receives a salary of $1. Being the founder of Facebook, he has donated 1 billion dollars for charity which makes him the largest charity donor in United States.




pirate language feature in facebook

This fact may be something that most of you all haven’t heard about. There is an option in Facebook if you want to talk like a Pirate. Once you are logged into your account, head to Settings>Language settings and select English (Pirate). It’s gonna be much more interesting to see your feed with “Home port”, “Captain’s Log” and “Bottle o’ messages”. And if you have had enough fun, go Abandon a Ship!



block mark zuckerberg

Have you ever wondered if you could Block the CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg from your facebook account. Well, we must know that he isn’t gonna make any reasons for us to block him. So that’s what he did. He removed the Block option from his page. In simple words, we CANNOT BLOCK Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook!



fake accounts in facebook


If I ask some of you, how many Facebook accounts do you have, few of them would definitely say ONE without hesitating but a very lot of them wouldn’t open their mouth to answer. That is simply because, they wouldn’t like to reveal that they own a fake account. Being a matter of fact, out of the huge amount of Facebook accounts, 8.7% of Facebook users are FAKE !


facebook like button

Just imagine yourself saying 1000 people ‘AWSOMEd my photo’. How cool would that have been? The Like button that you see daily on Facebook, was originally going to be called as AWSOME!





facebook accounts of dead people

Now that sounds scary. There are about 30 million people dead on Facebook. Who takes the effort to delete the account of those who have passed away. If you take their wall, you can see a lot of RIP’s on their timeline.





facebook home page

This person’s face was the first ever face in Facebook. Facebook’s front page used to feature this person’s face partly obscured behind a cloud of binary code. Known as the “Facebook guy,” it was not known who the mystery man was until recently, David Kirkpatrick revealed in his book The Facebook Effect that the image is a manipulated photo of Al Pacino created by a friend and classmate of Mark Zuckerberg.



facebook globe

How many of you noted that? Don’t worry it was as surprising for me too. The Globe on your Facebook notification tab will change according to your location. Now go check!





mark zuckerberg page

Have you ever tried adding the number 4 to the Facebook URL. It looks something like this – and it directly takes you to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. Of course, he needs certain privileges as he is the CEO! 





facebook heir

Its time to choose our Heir! We never know when we are gonna die. And Facebook is our possession with whom we spend most of our time on. So Facebook gave us an option to decide what happens to our Facebook account when we die. Who other than Facebook can be so generous to give us an option like that!




The only thing unpredictable and uncountable is the number of new Facebook profiles being generated. Since day by day and minute by minute the number of profiles are increasing dramatically, it is impossible to state about the accurate number of Facebook profiles and Facebook pages.

Do you wonder, even though you spend most of your time on Facebook, you really didn’t know anything about it? I mean apart from the name of the founder, that is. These were the some of the fascinating facts about the world’s favorite social networking website and I hope you were truly amazed.

Hash Tagging In Facebook

While we publish a post, video or image, we can use the hash tagging to get more outreach for our posts, videos and images. The outreach chances are high when we publish a post with relevant hash tags. While publishing posts, if we use hash tag with relevant keywords, our posts will listed in hash tag listing. But there are some important facts to know about hash tagging in Facebook. It will be helpful for social media marketing professionals to know it while you reach this post on Facts about Facebook. Following are those facts about Facebook hash tag usage:

  1. You can use letters numbers and underscores in your Facebook hash tags
  2. There is no limitation in number of hash tags we use in Facebook posts
  3. But posts without hashtag performs better in search engine ranking when compared to posts with hash tags

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Importance of Social Media in SEO

Social medias are important factor in SEO. Social media are computer mediated tools that allow people to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.Your social media efforts will increase not only your direct traffic through the shared content but an increase of organic traffic via search engines. The most important social media sites are  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. The more likes you have there and the more people who share your story the better your media marketing is your ability to foster and engage with a community of other people.

 How to add social media share button to a blog post

  • Get the HTML code from the social media websites like twitter or linked In and copy it
  • Open  your blog
  • Then click on layout
  • Add a gadget
  • Paste the copied HTML code in the provided space
  • Click on save arrangement

Adding widget to word press

  • Get the HTML  code from the social media websites like twitter or linked In and copy it
  • Open word press
  • Click on  widget  from appearances
  • Click on twitter timeline for twitter widget
  • Click on text for linked In widget

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Social media sharing

Importance of Social Media in SEO brings both organic and inorganic visits. So lets describes how to share a post in social media.

  • Click on twitter share button on published post
  • Copy the text from appeared block
  • Paste on tweet compose button
  • Open tweet  on twitter
  • Click on copy link to tweet
  • Open  search console from Google submit content
  • Copy the URL then submit it

Twitter analysis

Twitter Trends

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Importance of Social Media in SEO

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time.Trends are determined by an algorithm that monitors hot subjects based on who you follow and where you’re located. is a real-time search engine for social posts and socially shared content, primarily on Twitter and Google Plus. The service ranks results using a proprietary social influence algorithm that measures social media authors on how much others support what they saying.The service also provides access to metrics for any term mentioned on Twitter via its free analytics service at, where users can compare up to three terms for content in the past hour, day, week or month. It was announced in September 2013 that Topsy will include every public tweet ever published on Twitter for search and analysis.

Twitter follower wonk

Follower wonk lets you see how your competitors are doing on Twitter with their followers. Follower wonk shows you the most active hours of your followers, which takes the guesswork out of deciding when to schedule your key tweets to get the most traction. Importance of Social Media in SEO improves SEO ranking.

Slide published on Importance of social media in SEO from parvathy naishad

SEO is the drive for organic traffic to your Web site. SocSEO and Social Media Marketingial media optimization is becoming an important factor in SEO. SMO is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand, or events through social media pages or communities to generate publicity.

Relationship between SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search engines are utilizing the recommendations from users of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, and Google+ etc to rank pages in the search engine result pages. When a webpage is liked or shared by a user on a social media network, then it counts as a vote for that webpage’s quality. Thus, the Search Engines can use that votes for ranking websites in search engine results. SMO is helpful to reach the potential customers and helps to generate leads to high conversion rates. SMO refers to optimizing a website’s content in terms of sharing across Social Medias and networking websites.


Google uses Twitter to discover new content

Factors such as how many retweets, favorites, how many people tweeted the content, and the time frame of when the content was shared etc. All taken into consideration when indexing the content. Indexation is important for SEO, because the faster you can get your content indexed, the faster you’ll get organic traffic to your website.


Take 10 minutes each day to spend on your brand’s Google+ page or post content into Google+ communities. Be sure to post the content you want to be ranking for on Google+ to prove to Google that you are worthy of positioning high in their search engine.

Linked In

Linked In is a social networking website. Its used for professional networking. It allows users to create professional relationships. Individuals and companies can publish or post any contents related to their business to get a reach.

Best Social Media Sites for Business Marketing

Business marketing in a responsible manner refers establishing most enhanced relation link between a customer and service provider or a product producer. Sometimes in a non direct marketing it strengthen the relation between a buyer and a seller or supplier, dealer etc. Most of the time the process of marketing work out when a clear relation is established timely with the requirements of a society & their economic provisions.

There are many proven facts about social media websites which are working like professional networks, brings more valuable signals helpful in SEO, social authority, social signals etc. It is also true that social media websites differs in bringing quality responses for businesses with different nature. For example best social media site for restaurants may not be useful for professional service providers such as law firms, recruitment agencies and software development companies.

Top influential social media websites

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest are top 5 influential social media websites in the world. If we analyze influential points gained by social media websites like facebook, twitter, heavily crowded users, huge number of visibility gained through publishing high quality levels, ensures and encourage for keeping them in top of the list.

Facebook – Most thickly crowded social media website

Facebook ranks at the top among social media websites with more than 694,388,581 organic traffic (visits received through search engines) in United States alone. (Check Detailed report organic traffic details of Facebook from SEM Rush Traffic Analysis tool) The SEM rush traffic value tool calculate the value of organic traffic achieved by Facebook website as $550,156,620 ( from US alone – which is only 43.98% of total organic traffic achieved by Facebook).


Graph about Facebook’s organic visibility and its improvement stages in a chronological order.


Check the traffic dispersion of Facebook comparing top different countries & major traffic sources.

Facebook advertize themselves as world’s largest online community and encouraging its ad views to join free of cost, and enjoy the benefits. Facebook also displays business marketing level ads as

“Enter a store name and sell one the largest social network.”

Other features which make Facebook more influential

Facebook ranks 2nd in the world on its global traffic ranking ( Traffic ranking by Alexa)

Google Page Rank : 9/10

Domain Authority : 100/100

Page Authority: 97/100

Google visibility: 2410 Million Pages

Twitter – Second Most Influential Social Media site

Twitter is refereed as quickest social media website with provision of micro blogging specialty to its millions of users. The utility of micro blogging & its quickest publishing features help to spread a message to a wide range of audience in a shortest time availability.

Twitter-Traffic-Graph Twitter-Traffic-details


Other Influential features about Twitter

Google Page Rank : 10/10

Domain Authority : 100/100

Page Authority: 97/100

Google visibility: 943 Million Pages

Linkedin – Most Powerful Professional Network

Linkedin is famous and familiar online as largest professional network rather than a social media website.


Social Media Marketing Campaignssocial media marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaigns is nothing but promoting our websites in a relevance social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn. etc. This will be notified by many users which yield to convert the user into a customer. This form of marketing results in earned media rather than paid media.

The major advantages of social media campaigns are,

  • It will help you in branding.
  • The potential customer will get the feeds about you.
  • It will increase the website traffic.
  • You will get benefits according to the ROI ( Return On Investment ).

How To Make Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

There are different methods to make effective social media marketing campaigns. Learning such tips and methods will improve your overall social media marketing knowledge.

Choosing A Platform For Social Media Marketing Campaign

First of all the social media platform choose for your marketing should be relevant to your product and services. You should know that every social media may not be relevant to all sort of business and products. For example, if you are providing any professional services, best professional networking sites can be included in your social media marketing.

Always Target The Right Audience

Find what type of audience are useful for your business. Cleverly choose the right audience, who can act as your brand promoters than a useful customer. Because social media is such a big potential platform where the popularity of your product, brand name etc. can be easily increased.

Choose Social Media On The Influence

You can find hundreds of social media websites. You need to arrange them in a list on basis of relevance, influence, promotion and advertisement possibilities, and conversion tracking. Top listed social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter etc. are strongly advisable.

Choosing Best Advert For A Potential Audience

Understand that there are a lot of people normally gathered in social media websites who are in need of your products and services. They may be looking for your brand. By using social media platform, your brand name may be visible to a large level of the audience. But by pointing your ads/posting to only your potential audience you can create a better path for relevant profiles who may be actually looking for your services.

Best Choice Is The Key

Sometimes your products can be only useful to certain age groups. So cleverly choose your targeted age groups before you start your social media marketing campaigns. Similarly, the sex and location are also may vary according to the nature of product or services we offered.

Decide To Whom You Wish To Deliver Your Product & Services

Make sure that your targeted audience is highly relevant to you, your products & services. Random selection of audience may not bring a good conversion rate. Because in every marketing efforts, ROI or the Return on Investment is very important. Spreading your products and service details to any non-relevant audience by conducting a large campaign can only result in big loss of investments.

Targeting Your Audience

Think about who can be your possible customer, research for them. Plan how you can be visible to that potential audience, who can be your future customers. Targeting the audience will give the best results for you.

These are the important steps to be followed while creating social media marketing campaigns.

Thanks for reading on our Social Media marketing campaigns. You may grab more info about Best Social Networking sites for business by reading our future blog posts.


tweet activity buttonView tweet activity, the new option added by twitter is amazing. It provides the number of views achieved by a tweet. Twitter as a micro blogging platform has many features in marketing. Each and every tweets gets separate status URL and each status URLs are capable to list in Google search results for its descriptions available with tweets. If the tweet got some responses by other twitter profilers, the listing  or search engine ranking position will be in a prior position.

Check How many Responses are Achieved by your Tweets

The response generating options like retweets, favorites, replies etc in twitter make each and every tweet status URLs support for listing in more prior positions as well as help to improve its authority levels of status URLs.

The new option introduced by twitter as view tweet activity is like an analysis of a tweet made by a user. The view tweet activity option says the outreach of the particular tweet made by a user.

The new feature works like a analytics for our tweets specifically showing how many views achieved by the tweet, the descriptive form of tweet and engagements generated by the tweets. Here on image is added with this post which shows the tweet was viewed 1557 times by other twitter users. Total 35 engagements like 16 favorites, 13 link clicks, 6 retweets etc.

As a social media marketing website, twitter is the most powerful option for a quick widespread and outreach. A strong website with 10/10 Google page rank, a micro blogging website with 100/100 domain authority. Top level search engine visibility, user activity levels, huge traffic ranking etc.

What to do if your Tweet Activity Button is not Showing

You will get the tweet activity option enable if the twitter analytics is enabled. If your tweet activity button option is not showing, you can enable it. For enabling twitter analytics, you need to sign in with twitter and go to You will be asked to enable twitter analytics. Please use latest version of twitter app in your iPhine and android phones so that you can check the twitter activity easily. (just use the analytics button available with the app)

Download the Twitter Engagement Spread Sheet

After enabling twitter analytics, you can download the excel sheet (CSV file) where you can find all engagements achieved by your tweets. Enable twitter analytics, then select tweets, use the export data button to download the tweet engagement details or tweet activity in detail.

tweet activity - twitter engagements










social-interactionsSocial media is considered as one of the powerful resource for online marketing. Social media websites comes in second position  to search engines for business possibilities. Wide area coverage and quickness of massive spread through social media users, groups, communities, fans pages etc are main possibilities for a business promotion through social media marketing. There are some basic units connected with social media marketing which can easily enable the success possibilities of social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Strategy plan for Business Success

1)      Profile visibility

2)      Profile power (strength)

3)      Campaign Strategy

4)      Usage of search opportunities

5)      Relevance of Message crafted

6)      Relationship possibilities

7)      Interactions generated

8)      Generation of Engagements

9)      Collection of contacts

10)   Call to action

11)   Conversion Tracking

Profile Visibility

colourProfile visibility is very important corner stone in social media marketing campaigns. The network selection and type of your profile can be adequate for the business category, product or services. The network selected for promoting a product must be suitable and useful for your business category. For example if your business campaign is connected with some professional services, you can choose best professional networks such as Linkedin to create a campaign. If the campaign is conducted for impressing your targeted audience, scheduling it for particular targeted groups, age groups and communities are better optional tips for the campaign. For company purpose it better to create a Linkedin company page than a profile.

Keep your social media profile highly visible to your audience. Increasing more visibility by active participation in interactions and active network groups, communities, forums can make your profile more visible.

Profile power or Strength

Power of a profile or profile strength means the influence of the profile. It constitute the total volume value and points achieve in mode of interactions made or generated. Number of fans, followers, connections achieved by the profile etc will always make more engagements and interactions. The number of shares, likes, comments, re tweets etc achieved by the profile posts etc will always increase the power of a user profile. As part of social media marketing campaigns planning, some sort of prior activities such as building social media profile boosting and user engaging posts, value added messages etc can be conducted. Once the profile building activities are conducted and enlarged the power of profile, it will achieve some sort of influencing power. The profile such build up with power and influence among other users can be kept as a social media asset of a business brand.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategy

The strategy adopting for a particular campaign should be suitable for the nature of business or category of a product and services. The main aim should be aiming most potential audience which are useful for business growth, promotion and branding.

Usage of search opportunities

Search engines always leads every category in internet. So a massive attention can be generated if the posts and feeds published or produced can be made visible in search engine listings.

Relevance of Message crafted

Every interactions generated can be with support of value added messages. There are certain criteria in producing a message content for sharing in social media publications. The relevance of message generated and published should be relevant.

Relationship possibilities

Social Media Marketing succeeds when it gain more trust by building up good level of relationships. If we frankly analyze the business possibilities of social media, it is true that the relationships are directly converted to reputation chances and further relationships are converted as interactions and business deals using its promotional phase.

Usage of Professional Networks for More Business Conversion

Social media networks and social media websites are very common now a days. But usage of social media websites can be effectively categorized on basis of the nature of business. For example professional networks are more dependable than ordinary social media websites for promoting professional services. Linked in on of the strongest professional network which claims as the largest professional network in the world. Starting a linked profile can bring more potential outreach and actionable results. Since Linkedin is crowded with professionals, the published posts, updates, profiles, linkedin company pages, group activities, community interactions etc will be noticed by more potential profilers. If you can optimize linkedin profile in professional manner, that will the one of the best step for your business expansion.