Importance of google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Best Reasons To Use Google Analytics, If you’re looking for a free and manageable analytics service that allows you to analyze the details about your website as well as your visitor statistics, then why not give Google Analytics a shot? According to some Google Analytics agency experts, using this nifty tool can give you a complete overview of your site in one place.

Not only is it free to use, but Google Analytics is also one of the biggest and most popular types of digital analytics software out there right now. As a business owner, you’d be hard-pressed to find other software like this. Still not convinced? Below are some excellent reasons on why you should choose Google Analytics.

Reasons To Use Google Analytics

Business strategy

Business strategy

It’s Free

Perhaps the best thing about Google Analytics is that you can try it out for free, see how it works for you, and then continue to use it for as long as you want, and all for free too.

You don’t have to pay any monthly fees to keep using this service. As a business, resources may be tight, and that includes money. Since Google Analytics is 100% free, this means you can devote the money you might have used for an analytics platform into expanding your business.

It’s Easy

So, say you feel like you’re not the most technologically advanced person out there but you don’t have someone to do this stuff for you. This is understandable and definitely not something to worry about because Google Analytics is a tool that’s easy to use, even for beginners.
Here’s a rundown on how easy it is to start:
● Go to Google Analytics and log in using your account
● Go to the left sidebar button of your dashboard and select the admin button
● Create an account
● Create a property from the drop-down menu
● Indicate your website’s URL
● Choose your niche or industry
● Select your country and time zone
● Generate and copy the tracking ID
● Paste the tracking ID on your website
That’s practically less than ten steps to start using Google Analytics. You don’t even need to worry about sending large files or uploading anything to get it working.

It Shows Customer Engagement

One of the best features of Google Analytics is their ability to track your user engagement in an in-depth manner. Simply put, Google Analytics allows you to see just how users interact with your website and content, and that includes their behavior from one page to another.

More importantly, they show you the three most important metrics when it comes to user engagement, such as the following:
1. Bounce rate – It is a percentage of how many users went to your website and didn’t do any interaction. For example, if a person goes to your homepage and then clicks on the About Us page, that’s considered a 0% bounce rate. But, if that person goes to your homepage, reads the content and then closes the window, that’s considered a 100% bounce rate.
2. Page per session – The more pages that a user goes to in a single session means that your audience is engaging your content.
3. Average duration per session – You’ll notice that a person with 100% bounce rate will also have a 0:00 duration because this is only measured when a user interacts with another element in your website.
You can also view the information mentioned above on a per page basis which will give you a better overview of just what kind of content people prefer and what drives them away from your website.

It Provides An Optimized Device Overview

Your website needs to be mobile friendly because let’s face it—a majority of people spend most of their time on their handheld devices as opposed to actual desktops or laptops. This is also the reason why it’s optimal for you to enable a mobile version of your website.

Google Analytics has this feature that allows you to monitor just what kind of devices people are using to get to your website. Additionally, it tells you what screen resolution you’re site is performing poorly in so you can optimize for that.

It Monitors Website Traffic

It’s not a surprise that website owners would want to know about their website traffic but why not do it through Google Analytics?

Web Traffic

Web Traffic

See, the thing is, the higher the traffic, the better you can generate conversions. Through Google Analytics, you’ll be able to monitor the statistics and information available to you accurately. Here are two of the most important metrics when talking about website traffic:
● Unique visitors – This is based on your visitors’ IP Address. If you have 1,000 visitors daily and half of them are unique, it’s safe to say that you had 500 unique page views for the day. This metric is important when you’re aiming for a broader audience to see your content.

● Returning visitors – This is the opposite of the previous point, but it’s also an important metric because a high percentage of returning visitors means that you are creating loyal audiences.

Not only that, but Google Analytics allows you to combine the different data that you’ve recorded to produce better results and give you a deeper insight into each of your visitor types.
It Offers Real-time Updates

You can access real-time statistics which are useful when you have new content up on your website or when you’re pushing for more conversions. Perhaps you just changed one part of your, website and you’re looking at how your audience will react to it. Through real-time updates, you’ll be able to see just how much traffic your website has generated as well as the reaction to the changes.


Google Analytics has really proven to help advance businesses in terms of the data they collect. Aside from the fact that it’s free and easy to use, it also provides you with information that’ll help you optimize your website through the use of hard data. What are you waiting for? Check out Google Analytics for yourself.

How To Improve Our Blog Traffic Best And Easy Methods

promote blog post

How To Improve Our Blog Traffic Best And Easy Methods-;Most of the blog writers are eagerly waiting to know the traffic in blog post.  But just imagine after publishing the content, if nobody reads it, after carefully working out each phrase. Your precious words are not read by anyone! This is enough for a writer to become demotivated from writing. Actually, the suggested solution is to make your content less and including styling the text so it’s easy to read and thus attract the readers and can hold their attention.

A study from 1997 showed that 79 percent of web users scan the content than reading. Just think the way you search for an information and, if you visit a web page and don’t find the right information then you may go back and look other web pages for the same. The web is a “lean forward and participates” medium. So let us check on how to engage the readers who reach your page, ie, is to make to stay on your pages and interact with your information.

Prepare the content fractiously.

Prepare the content fractiously

To become a successful web writer, you need to forget some things that you have learned in English class. First of all be aware that people who visit a web page scan it, they won’t read it completely. So accept the reality and work for it.

If you are dealing with a complex topic, break it into a series of posts. Since breaking the posts into smaller paragraphs makes your reader easier to digest the content and keep them coming back in search for more topics.

Always structure your paragraphs in inverted pyramid style. This means state your conclusion first, then support it with the following sentences. This will help the scanners to move from point to point and helps to make a decision whether to dive in deeper. If you have done this, then use the following techniques to make your content more reader-friendly

Wrap the line break

Here let us go through the easier ways to make the content more readable. A complex content can be made much more reader-friendly with a simple introduction and a lot of white space. In a single paragraph feature one idea and keep it short with three or four sentences. Also, try writing some paragraphs with one sentence.

Break the content by including subheadings

A strong headline is very important for the readers to check out in the first place. An impressive subheading will keep the readers engaged and to keep them moving through the rest of the content. The subheadings must be very informative. Web readers are very sharp, so don’t expand. You may lose your credibility if you expand it. After writing the subheadings, review them to understand whether the reader can understand.

Use bulleted lists

By including the bullets readers can scan the content very easily. It is also a good manner to present multiple points. Bullets provide a visual break for the reader, so it looks different from the rest of the text.

Include Captions

Studies reveal that image captions are a most-read copy on a page. Try to include a strong image with a deep caption. Deep captions may be two or three sentences long. It may be enough for a reader to get an idea about your whole article.

Cast suitable and accessible links

Internal links will keep people on your site and make them read your best material. External links demonstrate that you’ve researched the topic and want to highlight the other experts. Good content expands your reader’s understanding and adds value. Another advantage of internal links is they make it less frustrating.

Focus on the content strategically

It’s best to make the important concepts in bold. It will be easy for your readers to scan and pick out important information at a glance. Also, keep in mind to highlight key points so the scanner can quickly pick them out.

Tackle with the numbers

Numbers have the power to capture the attention and to keep the reader oriented. Numbers make a post more attractive and inviting. Your post can also be made more compelling by numbering your main points. Just try it out.

Does your formatting turns scanners into readers

If you have included the subheadings, numbers, bulleted lists, and other formatting styles to focus the key elements of your post, read through it again to check its worthiness. Make sure that you pulled out the interesting and relevant words.

Also, tell your favorite techniques for getting readers to lean on your content. Let’s have a discussion on it in the comments.


how to use reddit to increase web traffic

How To Use Reddit To Increase Web Traffic

Have you at any point well thought-out that while you’re contributing time posting content on any other social media platforms, obediently attempting to catch attention to your site, there are organizations which are getting a huge traffic through Reddit. Yes, you heard us right, it is Reddit! A standout amongst the most prevalent sites on the planet and right now you are likely not aware or absolutely thinking little of its incentive as a source of getting users to your website. This post will give you a clear idea about Reddit and how to use Reddit to increase web traffic.

Reddit is one of the most famous website in the United States. Reddit almost has around 542 million people on a monthly basis as their visitors. As an investment, you can’t bear to overlook such an expansive wellspring of potential customers for your website. Thus, here are the fundamental ways on utilizing Reddit to direct a lot of users on your website.

Pick A Pertinent Subreddit

subreddit on Reddit website

You all know that Reddit’s most capable element is the feature of “subreddit.” It is essentially a forum where people can talk about pretty much anything you can consider. It is important to know about the rules of subreddit and choose a relevant subreddit that fit for the registered users. For example, a subreddit called “Business” is an area where customers post connections, content, or something related to business.

Consider who your customers are prior to choosing what subreddit has got do with your connections. On the off chance that you have a blog about nourishment, a subreddit called “Food” may be an ideal place for you to upload pertinent substance. Design brands may start using the subreddit StreetWear to have a conversation, and tech organizations can always use the Tech subreddit and that makes a lot of sense. On the topmost right corner there is a search bar where you can look for all topics.

Note What The Audience Is Already Discussing On How To Use Reddit To Increase Web Traffic

Reddit logo


Caution: Do not deliberately publicize on this channel. Reddit is mostly about the buyer, and not the trade. Individuals need superiority substance, not commercials. If you are into food industry, write about various things that you can do about food related products. Discuss those details on this social media channel. By following these guidelines, you would not be prohibited from the website. Remember, each subreddit has its own principles, so be careful of every one of them.

In case you’re on a “Computer games” subreddit, you see everybody would be in common discussing about the Super Mario game. For instance, remember this when you are creating the data that needs to be uploaded. Try to connect in the “local dialect” and a lot of traffic would be driven to the website to make more profits. This will enable you to discover the kind of value on the kind of data you would be discussing about.

It’s essential to compose posts that individuals on Reddit will utilize it to the fullest and find its value. Try to link it with the kind of business you have established. It’s alright to back link to a page on the website in Reddit content, however don’t compose the whole post regarding why your make is so superb.

To see who’s on the web, Reddit discloses to you the number of active individuals on a particular subreddit and this is on the right corner of the Reddit program.

It’s good not to mistreat the channel

When you start getting the desired outcome, don’t mishandle the website and the platform. There are arbitrators that keep a tab on the activities that you are into. In the event that they see that you are explicitly attempting to publicize or post excessively, they will boycott you. Check here to understand the complete procedure of Reddit. That will easy for you to know about Reddit and how to use Reddit to increase web traffic.

On a whole, there are five important elements to check while using Reddit to drive large number of users on your business site. Initially, figure out the most important subreddit that is right for your target audience. Next, understand the guidelines about that subreddit.

Always remember to make a note on what that group on subreddit predominantly is discussing about and then post accordingly. Also, it is good to take your blogs live when you see the users online and this can drive a lot of traffic to your website. At last, be cautious when you are connecting with on the website and do not get prohibited for posting inappropriate content. Thus following these guidelines you can clearly know about how to use Reddit to increase web traffic.