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With roughly over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users as in Q3 2017, Facebook is the most popularly used social media and without any hesitation, we can call it the best social media marketing platform. What is important to note, is that Facebook is not restricted to creating a platform for merely social connections.

Long gone is the time when you would use Facebook to look up long-lost friends and connect with friends and family strewn across the world. Today, Facebook can be your stepping stone to success as a thought leader, a businessman, or a marketer. As a social platform that enhances marketing efforts, Facebook enabled you to widen your audience base, zero in on your target audience, and target your product and/or service to multiple audiences. While you are it, though, you need to be sure that you are leveraging the best of Facebook if you are to ensure that your efforts do not go in vain. So if you are up to use Facebook which is the best social media marketing platform for marketing our business, here are some checklists that you can refer to.


KISS: Keep it Simple and Social

It is important to remember that Facebook is a space for social media conversations. And where the vibes are light and fun. If you end up using a Facebook page as a place to position your product. And/or service in the traditional sense of an online shop or e-commerce space. Then you might do more harm than good to your marketing efforts. Keep your Facebook presence social and light, have loyal customers speak in your favor, use giveaways and contests to attract people, have conversations with audiences. And answer questions the more you are able to create a dialogue and fun space, the higher the chances of your marketing efforts flying high.

Visual Appeal Goes a Long Way

Make sure to use the visual element that Facebook is so well-known for. Add video ads and testimonials from your clients and users; post happy pictures of satisfied customers; position your product and/or service via a beautiful image that appeals to the people watching it. Heavy content is monotonous and boring. So adding a visual appeal goes a long way in ensuring that marketing efforts hit the right spot.


Analyze and Internalize

Social media metrics are a great way to know how your marketing efforts are faring and can show you your hits and misses with clarity. Therefore, it is important to use insights from your Facebook page to know more about your audiences that way. You can know what they like and customize your posts and marketing efforts towards their specific needs and interests. You could also find out what went wrong with a particular post or series of posts. And can make conscious efforts to not repeat similar blunders.

It is important for marketers to have a clear goal along with a well-defined digital . And social media strategy in place. By uniquely positioning themselves on the most popular. And best social media marketing platform on the World Wide Web, marketers can surely rake up a great fan base. And thereby ensuring a surge in profitable business.

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