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Internet marketing is a widespread term in today’s world. Everyone may have heard this term once in a day. For a digital marketer, the main playground is social media. And now the goal post is on Facebook. Yes, we are talking about the possibility of Facebook in digital marketing. As of March 2019, Facebook has more than 1.49 Billion monthly active users. And they are our main spectators.

We use Facebook mainly for branding, awareness, and for marketing of course. In consumer psychology, images play an important role. As we know that people would like to watch images or videos rather than read a tedious article. So the major focus in digital marketing and especially in Facebook-based marketing, branding, and awareness programs is the image. The best image size to use in your Facebook ads depends upon the type of ad you are creating. So, let us discuss the Facebook ad image size used in various places.

What should a Facebook Ad Image Size be?


Let us discuss facebook ad size in various places. First of all, let’s check out the image size of a profile picture. The profile picture is the identity of a company or a brand. People first watch out for the profile picture. The size recommended for the profile picture is 180 X 180 Pixels.

This is the apt size of a profile picture. For a viewer, the display shows 160 X 160 Pixels and all the thumbnails of this profile image on Facebook will be in the 32 X 32 Pixels range. The second priority is for the cover photo. The Facebook ad image size of the cover photo will be 828 X 315 pixels. If the image is bigger than this size then it will be stretched. The best results will be available for images in JPG with RGB color combinations.

Then comes the images that we share on a company page. These shared images are used to attract more customers to our website. These images will also guide them about the products that we provide for them. The size of these images will be 504 Pixels width and the height may vary. This width is applied on the page only. The width of a shared image in a news feed is 407 pixels. The recommended Facebook ad image size of a shared image is 1200 X 630 Pixels.

To share a URL or a link we may use Facebook posts. That time Facebook will automatically catch the image in the URL provided. And if you need to change it or need to preset it in the URL you can do it easily. The recommended upload size is 1200 X 627 Pixels. For a square photo, the minimum size is 154 X 154 Pixels in the news feed and 116 X 116 Pixels on the page.

For a rectangular photo the minimum size in a news feed will be 470 X 246 Pixels and on the page 484 X 252 pixels which are the minimum size. Facebook will scale the images to the minimum dimensions. So you need to provide high-resolution pictures with minimum size. The next priority image in the list is the Event image. If you plan for an event and prepare an event alert on Facebook don’t forget to add the apt image. The size of an event image is 1920 X 1080 Pixels. The minimum dimension is 470 X 174 Pixels.

Use this wonderful information to yield better visibility on Facebook. Provide your feedback about this using comments and shares.


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