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If you are an online or digital marketer, It is important that you must know about ‘Reddit marketing tips’. It’s the biggest blunder if you do not know what Reddit is all about. You must be living in the dark or somewhere deep inside a dungeon; else it is certain for you to know what this Social Media platform is all about. Reddit is mainly used as a tool to do a lot of marketing on your website.

And it is one of the most popular channels that have been in use for quite some time now. Reddit has a lot of users registered in it. It is surprising that this popular Social Media channel has about 8 billion ‘Page Views’ and 200 Million users. This huge number of users indicates the importance of Reddit to be used as an online marketing medium and hence the need to understand the ‘Reddit marketing tips’.

Did you know that Reddit has a lot of terms and conditions attached to it? Some can be very easily spotted while there are a few which cannot be easily understood. So, let us go ahead and check for some of the Reddit marketing tips, to use effectively in marketing campaigns. It’s always the fundamentals that matter the most. So, let us quickly go through the basics, and understand the concepts of Reddit. However, if you think that you are an expert in using Reddit; you may choose to omit this bit of the write-up and proceed further.

General terminologies

Subreddit (sub) This is a slot that comes with a specific rule set, and this position has a lot of strategies. Most of these slots are open to everyone. You can proceed to take part in writing comments, and it does not matter if you have subscribed to Reddit or not.

Default subreddit If you do not have a Reddit account, but you still want to access the trending subreddit that appears on the main page you can choose this ‘Default subreddit option.

Upvote/Downvote If you like a Reddit post, you can choose to up-vote and if a post is against your choice, you can always choose to downvote it.

Sidebar If you would like to understand the terms and conditions and other rules of Reddit, it is good to access this ‘sidebar’ option.

Frontpage This is the main page which would contain the information from all the ‘subReddits’. You should always know that the main page would look similar to all non-registered users of Reddit. However; if you are a registered user, you would be able to see a page as per your subscriptions to the ‘subReddits’. Do not load your main page with a lot of featured posts, just to increase the traffic on your website. Chances of the traffic becoming less are also more if you unnecessarily have a lot of load on the main page.

front page

Karma If someone clicks an upvote or writes a comment on your post, then you would be achieving karma. Achieving Karma is what most of the ‘Redditors’ dream about. Link Karma and Comment karma are the two types of Karmas available on Reddit. As the name suggests, ‘Link Karma‘ would be given to you when you post new updates; and ‘Comment karma‘ comes to you when you properly comment on a post.

AMA expands to “Ask Me Anything“. It is an option where the person who starts the original post would be answering all the questions from the community; as that person would be the original poster.

Let’s check for the complete details on Reddit quickly!
You may get into trouble if you do not understand the terms and conditions before you post on Reddit. You need to keep yourself away from all the trouble before you start posting on Reddit. To read the ‘Don’t section‘ clearly with great interest is what we recommend to you. Since I have been using this social media platform for a very long time now; I have been able to understand the depth of using Reddit. I chose to write this article to help others who would find it a little tough when they are using Reddit for the first time

  1. First, You need to register on Reddit and start using it. Keep yourselves busy accessing the information you would be getting, on the community section actively.
  2. You can try to install the Reddit enhancement suite on your web browser, as the extension would help you use Reddit much effectively. You would be able to access a lot of things in just a couple of clicks.
  3. Since Reddit does not have a verification process, you can create a lot of accounts as you need. All you need to do is choose a user name and a password and start accessing it. You can try to create several accounts, maybe one for personal and the rest for marketing and backup. It’s always good to have standby accounts to avoid any sort of mishaps.
  4. It’s great to use a separate account for Reddit marketing purposes, instead of your personal id. It becomes important that you have a specific account for marketing campaigns to promote business.
  5. Let's check for the complete details on Reddit quickly!You should start building on your Karma; the more Karma you get the better would be your fame as a Reddit user. It’s good not to use a new account, to promote anything without a balance of Karma on it. It is also good to have ‘comment karma’ instead of ‘link karma’. Karma should never be negative. Negative karma will spoil your reputation. It’s great to use an account, that has more than 100 ‘link karmas‘ and some thousands of ‘comment karmas‘.
  6. It is good to gain Karma when you start commenting on ‘asked it submissions. You would be able to achieve a lot of karma when you start answering questions that appeal to the target audience. It becomes easier to achieve a maximum number of upvotes per comment and this would result in the overall achievement of karmas.
  7. Do not try the internal Reddit search engine, it is not that effective. However; you can find out the subReddit that you are searching for. Try to search the subReddits that relate to your target audience. It would become tougher to find the right set of target audience under a big Reddit. Hence, it becomes important to search on the smaller subReddits.
  8. It is great to create positive publicity. In case, if you have a lot of downvotes, it’s better to delete those down-votes which would create a lot of negative impacts and spoil your reputation. Do not worry that people would notice what you have deleted or not. Mostly they are least bothered about what you have done.
  9. You can always choose to run an advertisement campaign on Reddit. Since Reddit can target its audience efficiently; it is great to start running advertisements on this social media platform.
  10. Find instances of good marketing skills on Reddit by clicking Try to make your advertisements relatable and funny to your audience to get more clicks.
  11. If you are sure someone would be interested in what you have got to say, Do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on that. You can also go about checking a few manuals that are already available on the other websites; to know more about Reddit promotions.
  12. Try to stick to guidelines as much as possible as almost all the subReddits have their own rules. Check for the shadowban and ban on Reddit. Also, check for any rules on sidebars before you ahead and post anything on Reddit.
  13. It is good not to up-vote your own posts using different accounts. You need to know that Reddit would be able to figure out everything that you would be doing even with a different VPN account. Reddit would easily be able to find out that it is the same account. It would prohibit both the account users because it would be able to find out because of the low Karma
  14. You need to keep a check on your subReddit and you would be able to promote your ads once you start doing this.
  15. Never add any hyperlinks to the text you are posting as it may lead to some sort of doubt. If you really want to use hyperlinks, try to use them at the end of the text.
  16. It is good to have five up-votes to get a ‘do follow’ link. ‘Do follow’ links are usually converted by the up-voted posts. It is good to have the maximum number of up-votes to get a do-follow link. Reasons to get do-follow links are based on a lot of reasons; like the age of the post and the ratios of up-votes and down-votes on your post.
  17. If you want a lot of people to reach out to you, it’s great to have a subReddit created under the name of your product. There could be a lot of complaints, feedback and also have a discussion on the product that you sell. Avoid using the moderator account of sub-Reddit to grow your business because a lot of audiences would not be interested in this kind of campaign.
  18. It’s always better to have your sources ready especially when you have to deal with questions related to controversies and other matters that would raise a lot of questions. Else, the chances of losing your audience would be more.
  19. It’s always better to avoid a comment if you do not know what to say. Never comment just because you want to show that you are active and by posting something totally senseless. That type of comment would only result in spoiling your reputation and nothing else.
  20. Are you eager to show off your website, then you may choose to do it on one of these links; ‘r/shamelessplug’ or ‘r/promote’.
  21. Are you looking to increase traffic on your website or hungry for feedback on the design aspect? If so ask people to check your website design on ‘r/design critique’ or choose to update on ‘Feedback Friday thread’ on ‘r/web design’.
  22. If you are looking to draw attention from your audience heavily, try to post things that are unique. Then only you will be able to market your product using Reddit. Else, if the audience finds it not interesting, you would not be able to do anything at all.
  23. Always post something that makes sense. There could be a lot of damage that can cause by other Redditors in case they find your product an unworthy one. No one would even regret to have ridiculed you for your actions or posts. These posts may kill your enthusiasm. Hence, it is always better to post things that would not spoil your status.
  24. In contradiction to the point made above, you need to know that people on Reddit would turn out to be very helpful as well. They would be able to answer your queries and also guide you to solve your problems.
  25. It is good to use Reddit for your benefit. There is a lot of information available here and it is frequently updated. Hence, it becomes very important that you also learn the terms and conditions of Reddit before you start using it. This amazing Social media Network platform help to promote your business. You would be able to find answers to almost all your problems on Reddit and that makes it one of the best Social media networking platforms.

Hope you have got an idea on basic Reddit and Reddit marketing tips, that would benefit you for your online marketing. You can read this post to know how to use Reddit for Digital Marketing.




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