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Twitter, the second interactive social media network introduced a new interactive feature named Night Mode. It is a new feature introduced for Twitter users. Internet marketers all over the world use Twitter to promote business via different social actions such as tweets, retweets, favorites (likes) replies, etc. The hashtag method and social mentions on Twitter increase the highest outreach and social engagements in the second interactive social media website on the planet.

What is Twitter Night Mode Feature

It is a new feature introduced by Twitter by which you can change your Twitter account mode. By selecting twitter night mode the total background will be changed into a dark. Hope this feature will increase the activity rates of Twitter profiles. It is good news that Twitter is redesigning its mobile app and it will boost up a better user experience in the future.

How to enable Twitter Night Mode

Just sign in to Twitter. Tap your profile picture shown on the right side and select the night mode given at the end of the drop-down menu. Your account will change to night mode successfully. By doing the same feature you can disable the night mode.

New Mode Enhances the New Features of Twitter

The heavily crowded social media improves its social acceptance and is more interactive with these new features.  Latest interactive features like Twitter activity button, Twitter analytics, tends, Lists, Moments, and now Twitter night mode. Try night mode in your account. Check out how they have enabled this new feature. If you like this blog post subscribe for our future posts. Hop our recent posts bout the twitter activity button, Twitter analytics, etc are useful for your marketing and online promotion activities. If you like this blog post feel free to share it with your social media friends.




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