How to Increase Domain Authority In Your Website

How to Increase Domain Authority In Your Website

By Published On: May 9, 2019Categories: SEO, SEO Tools

Here we show you how to increase domain authority in our websites. There are many factors that Google uses to see the search engine ranking of a website. One specific that has taken on great importance over the years is that the domain authority of a website.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Before we get into the meat of however domain authority is factored, how you’ll be able to go about up your site’s domain authority. It’s vital to differentiate it from page authority. Page authority measures the ranking strength of one web page.

Domain authority, additionally referred to as website authority is that the ranking of a website. This method was first discovered by MOZ.
Increasing DA can increase the probabilities of your website ranking on Google and different search engines. There should be times once you might have seen a website that has low DA scores with very less engaging content. Domain authority plays an important role in search engine ranking of a specific page.

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