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We would be discussing in this article everything that you need to know about Directory Submission.

Long before Google, Yahoo  and Bing were noticed by people, people used to get relevant information from respective directories. These procedures are even followed now, if not by the users but by the search engines. Hence proper back links to your website from quality directories helps in improving your webpage ranking. Ultimately the aim of every website is to drive traffic to its website and ultimately get noticed by the search engines. But however getting into the top position in the list of search engines takes quite a lot time and effort.

It is then one approaches for directory submission in order to improve the website ranking.

So, what is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting the URL of your blog or website into various web directories such that the page authority and the page ranking of that directory will be shared by your website.

Why ?

Why would one go for Directory Submission?

  • Easy access to users
  • Gain page ranking
  • To improve yourself in search engine position.

Now we will see the process involved in Directory Submission.

Directory Submission Process

1) The   first step is to search a list of directory submission sites. You will come across various SEO friendly sites.

2) Before you select a directory, there are few things you need to take care of, such as Directory Submission Process-300x230

  • Whether the directory is SEO friendly
  • Check the page rank, page authority and domain authority.
  • Whether the directory is cached and indexed by Google.
  • The directory with zero active links is good for nothing.
  • Also avoid taking directories from the same IP address.

3) Now that you have made up your mind with the appropriate directory choose the category like paid or free version. For beginners we recommend to try with the free version.

4) Once you have found the appropriate directory click on Submit Your Site link at the top right corner.

5) Fill in the details given in the form and submit the form when you are done.

6) If it is a reciprocal directory, copy the source code given in the form and paste in any of your page in the HTML part.

And then you are done.

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Well basically Domain authority means the value which decides how your website is going in terms of reputation and power. And it gives us an insight about the power and reputation our website have. This is very important in SEO. Especially the authority and trust level achieved by a website enable to achieve good search engine ranking positions. Most of the webmaster don’t know about this value and how important in  start gaining revenue from your site. The domain authority goes like this, higher the authority higher the benefits you gain. You may have a question like this in your mind if you are a newbie “How this actually benefits ?” The answer is simple and it will bring you joy and obviously a lot of cash. :) Below given are some if the benefits that you may get while passing through high domain authority. This will vary according to the niche of your site.

1)Higher Domain authority, higher the search engine rankings, more the visitors.
2)Will attract a whole lot of advertisers to your website that means more revenue.
3)Participation of more and more people in your websites.
4)Higher the domain authority better the reputation of your website.

All these above given factors will make you profit according to the type or category of website that you are running or want to start. So now you may be thinking about how to boost your domain authority. It is not complicated thing to do.

Tips to Boost Your Domain Authority

1)The content is the King.

Its a fact that content is the king it will make your ranking climb much more faster icontent is the kingf you follow some steps while creating them. First of all the quality of the content you write, the uniqueness and the value which is included in that content. Secondly the length of it. The articles that you are going to publish should of minimum 500 words. Usage of simple and understandable language removal of grammatical mistakes etc are some of the important things to take care before publishing the content.

2)On-Page optimization

This is a very important process while doing SEO oron-page optimization to increase domain authority. Structured URL or permalink URL is one of the very first thing to do. Then the title of the page, in which the focusing keyword should be included. Meta description and including more images and videos in the page make the people the stay for a while on your website. Increasing the sites loading speed is another important thing to reduce bounce rate. Making your site with easy navigation will be very helpful in reducing the bounce rate. Onpage optimization tips will be very helpful for newbies.

3) Off-Page optimization

Effective link building is one of the main process we do in off-page optimization. With that internal link building, external link building, usage of social medias, article submission, directory submission etc are some of the off-page activities which are commonly optimization

4) The age of the Domaindomain age

Its better to use old domains than to use newly registered domain. Google and other search engines consider these domains trustworthy. Because of that they may get a slight edge in in search engine rankings.

5)Social Media

social networkingSignals from social medial is on the factors which decides your Domain authority. Traffic generation via social medias are much easier. Factors that can improve your Domain Authority are number of likes, shares comments in Facebook, favorites, follows, re-tweets and quality followers in twitter, number of people in your Google+ circles etc.

6) The unnatural links.

Unnatural links means back links which are created knowingly to the webmaster. This can create harm and good at the same time. If the link created is from a low quality, spam website it may harm. Paying for links from a website, paying for a post, large scale articles writing, guest posting are some of the commonly used ways to get links. Now may websites offers services link link building for cheap price. But at the end of the day, losing your money is what going to happen.unnatural links

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On-Page Optimization

SEO on-page optimization simply implies to the factors which have an effect on web-pages listed in search results. On-page optimization tips get the website optimized. One could benefit the most by following the SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips. These factors are controlled by the website owners, webmasters or by coding on the page seo expertise.

It is very important to learn why on-page SEO activities have to be done on a website before learning the basic tips and SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips connected to it as it can simplify the learning process. Understanding the basic needs of SEO on-page optimization can help you to avoid some kind of possible mistakes which may harm your website’s search engine visibility instead of helping it rank on the SERP. Basically on-page Search Engine Optimization refers certain changes or modifications made in the website and pages to get visibility to search engine spiders called bots. Google’s search engine spiders are known as Googlebots.

SEO On-Page Optimization Tips: Understanding the Mistakes

Having a detailed knowledge of possible SEO mistakes which will have negative effects is the topmost on-page optimization tip.

Keyword stuffing

The presence of the focusing keyword in the web page is proven to produce better results in SEO. Taking advantage of this, placing the focusing keyword in the web page in an uncontrolled manner is keyword stuffing.

Lack of on-topic content & content duplication

Every web page should have relevant content (contents not copied from other sites) which satisfies the user’s query.

Manipulated Link Building or Link Manipulation

The number of inbound links (links from a web page back to your own web page) is helpful. But taking advantage of this is harmful.

Wrong Keyword Selection

The web page may be intended for a particular keyword. But choosing another keyword would not give the intended results.

Link spamming

Providing large number of links to other websites in order to increase your site’s inbound links is link spamming.

Lack of Social Media Signals

Make effective use of the various social medias by doing various promotional activities in them.

Examining the trafficked pages of the site and if software is at fault then evaluating the top landing pages of the site at the bare minimum and then applying SEO on-page optimization follow-up tips helps the website get better ranking.SEO On-Page optimization Follow-Up Tips

SEO On-Page Optimization Follow-up Tips

Identify & Fix pages with worst bounce rates by the following methods

  • Sites with the hits as low as 1 or 2 are considered to have the worst bounce rates.
  • Follow the method using Google Analytics. Go to Site Content – Landing Pages, after that click on Secondary Dimension then go to Traffic Sources and pick keywords. This method helps to see which page or keyword gives the highest bounce rates.

Fix and cleanup all broken links and redirect links

  • Discover broken links in the website through Google Webmaster tools, Raven tools or Bing Webmasters.
  • Then make sure that all the broken links are not connected with pages contained in one’s websites or other websites owned by the same person.
  • If yes, then make connections to point to the new URL and old URLs should be redirected to the new URLs.

Non indexed & Thin Content Pages

  • Re-submitting your XML sitemap with status of indexed pages.
  • Update the pages that weren’t indexed.
  • Minimum content expected is 250 words.

LSI Content Implementation

Tools like UbberSuggest, Google Suggestion, Analytic Stats and Keyword Tools help you to identify the words you dictate for strengthening. It also makes the total visibility better.

Google Authorship & Structured Data

1. SERPs are being taken over by Google Authorship, rich snippets and data.

Elimination of Duplicate content is done by re-examining the Google Webmaster guidelines and bounce rates are analyzed.
The page is loaded with new content if the current content is outdated and the older content is transformed into another page.

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Upcoming SEO strategyPresent era is a period of marketing at its peak with the assets of digital and social media marketing, as most of our population sees the world with the eye of internet. With more than 50 percent of people relying on internet for their major routine work the buying and selling means have shifted from on store shopping’ to online shopping,. On one side, this has created a lot of career opportunities for many internet friendly people; while on the other hand; it has created the need to understand the importance of fresh ideas and the requirement to properly direct their resources for the content marketers. Here are some trends that are likely to dominate as the upcoming SEO strategy in the year 2014.

Content Dominance in Upcoming SEO Strategy: More Competition for consumers’ attention

A competitive environment is set loose for all the people who use the medium of internet for their business marketing. As almost everyone is relying on internet today, for marketing and publicity, what is required to create a difference amongst all is the ‘fresh and innovative content’. It’s a challenge for all the content writers to think out of the box and create more fascinating and catchy work piece, in order to attract more visitors on their sites.

Creating a Content Strategy for SEO

If a website is planning for content based SEO marketing, the team can create a special content strategy for SEO. It includes production of quality content stuffed with value and basic quality. This is majorly applied with the segment of minor companies, because, bigger companies often have plethora of resources to deal with the issue and consequently, gain the advantage over the smaller companies. What can make these small enterprises stand in the competition is their content strategy. By properly analyzing the kind of company, product and most importantly, the kind of customer they are dealing with; even smaller enterprises can stand in competition and achieve their gains. Content strategy along with the scope of product, are considered to be the major factors to decide the fate of a company in the coming time

Identifying the customer is another logical factor. Marketing for a highly sophisticated product to not so brand and feature conscious customer can create a negative response. Customers in today’s time do a lot of research and comparison before settling for a brand, therefore, it is important to make him loyal and emotional for your brand. Here comes the role of content writers to effectively present the features of the product as well as satisfy the choice of the customer.

Regulating the key metrics to compute content triumph

Upcoming Business SEO StrategyIt is well known that the page views and web traffic are into a major play on internet today, for the success of a content and most importantly, in generating revenue. Due to lack of time and resources, people tend to produce unworthy and non-relevant content and anticipate customers to visit their page. Content should not only be interesting but also relevant and in sink with the organization and the products. Shortcuts and fake content will reduce the lifespan of the concerned organization. Prime motive for holding a website is to accentuate the brand value, to convert potential page viewers as customers and most importantly, to interact with their existing customers and have their opinions.

Internet provides a visual world to build up an image for any organization. People tend to know more about an organizational group through social media like face book or twitter, therefore, if valuable content is created, then there is always the scope of people sharing and re-tweeting about the concerned product, and thus enhances product value. This will in turn help to get more access to masses and increase brand value. For that reason, it is advisable to have an amalgamation of interesting, useful and appealing content with long term view to enhance good outcome, as social media also plays an significant role in constructing image for an organization.

Increased wakefulness in content assimilation

Creating better customer interaction can result in betterment of the organization and internet is a prime means to enhance better reach as more and more people are drifting towards internet for buying and selling.

One of the major concerns for the content writers is that their content is not of broad-spectrum category and thus, has to face compromises. In most of these cases, the organization has paucity of resources and therefore, content writers have the task to increase page views with limited resources. This, in the long run, results in content prepared with short term prospective contents has a compromised quality which takes cues from other.

Another major issue is to work in accord with the current advanced technologies because people are techno friendly and willing to update their knowledge according to the trend. This requires funds and resources, but as already mentioned, organization in deficit often end up crashing. So by the time they identify with the current inclination, it would be the time for next generation technologies. It is difficult to handle this issue but organization and their content writers have to create a steadiness to conquer.

Introducing content in newer mediums

Technology and digital transformation is finding its way in today’s time as technology is expanding causing a revolution and connecting people. Markets are today flooded with the in store digital retail occurrences, sensors, adventure designs and future developments of televisions.

Sephora is an apt example for their case study enlightenment. Sephora, is a brand, that has created magnificent content on its retail stores; additionally, it owns various influencing counters that enables its customers to study various fragrances or simply to get details about skin care. The added advantage is that Sephora has its own mobile app and content that connects to their core customers and share links with other online social media contents. All the contents are so made that they are easily shared via mail or to other social networks.

No doubt, the year 2014 will be a breathtaking time for all the future content writers. As technology enhances and spreads its wings, competition will increase, which will in turn increase opportunities and quality work.

Curiosity among users is on high today, so sellers should be active and alert for fulfilling their requirements and expectations. The task in being marketers is to take advantage of this information and to scrap the merits you want to compute and authorize all future marketing strategies. The main job of online marketers will be utilizing maximum benefits using the information and put into operation all promotion possibilities. Coming is the time that is perfect time to commence.

SEO Search Engine Ranking

What kind of tactics will you select to build up your SEO search engine ranking?. Before you finalize or start a special SEO optimization practice for achieving search engine ranking, just read this post and decide what kind of off page seo activity to attain a better search engine ranking and organic visits.

The understanding the importance of modifying your website most suitable for user will be right and authorized option. First of all sort out what kind of SEO optimization ways are going to hurt your visibility and search engine ranking. Be away from those process and better aware about.

Let us discuss some sort of ideas to avoid black hat SEO optimization methods from entire search marketing industry. Let us have a decent pledge to keep away from spam indexing tactics. Individually promote all white hat practices and build up better relationships. It will surely make you a responsible seo.

There are several ways to achieve good level of trust and authority. Grow up your relationship by promoting maximum contributions to achieve good level of global navigational benefits in return.

SEO Strategy with Content Marketing

Equip a Content Marketing way for your website. Research on ways for improving user interactions in your website instead of searching for link building ways and tricks for easy search engine ranking.

Right Usage of Social media

Use your social media profiles as a good platform for building relations which will always bring useful signals initiating great trust in your websites. Optimize your profiles for more visibility connected to the business category so that more useful audience for the business will see your website. Develop a relationship outreach and promotional interface through right messages developed.

Never try to use a network which is not suitable for your business category

Never try to request your social media audience to buy the product or services

Use each of your audience as promoters for your message

Develop high quality content which unique, impressive and user friendly

Learn what sort of interaction your can generate with help of your audience

Build up a right audience suitable for your service and product

Utilize the customization features connected with location, age group, gender etc