Webmaster Tools : The Mock Point

Search engine optimization is a set of process used to list a web page or website in top search results. There are many seo tools available today. But Google webmaster tool is the best in them and also we have Bing webmaster tools too. Here we discuss about how to verify websites by webmaster tools and first we are going with Google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools

For this you need to login to your mail account. After login take google and search google webmaster tools or you can type the address You can see like this

 google webmaster


Here click on search console. Then you can see the option add a property. Here you have give your website address and click on add. After this you will reach to verification process.

google webmaster verificationalternate method of webmaster

In the verification process there are different ways but the easiest way is html tag given in alternate method. Select it and you can see a code. Just copy the code and paste it on the header section of your website.

how to verify websites by webmaster tools

For example if you are going to verify your wordpress site then copy the html code and paste it on the text box of google webmaster tools.

google webmaster wordpress verification

If you done your verification process successfully you will get a message about it and click on continue button in that notification.  After the verification you will reach to your search console dashboard.

search console dash board

Here you can see the option crawl, this is used to fetch your page in the verified website. Click on fetch as google in the crawl option after this your fetched page will be shown and you need to click on request indexing.  A new window will come and contain options like crawl this url only and crawl this url and direct links. Select the appropriate one for your page.

Now lets discuss about some other term shown here.

Search Analytics

If you click on search analytics will show the list of keywords searched by users to reach into your site. You can see 5 indicators in that, they are


It give details about your site ranked at which keyword. We can identify the relevant keywords in this.


This means number of users clicking ie, how many people are seeing your site by clicking the search result.


This means for a number of keyword search by people your site may appear in the search result. In each search result even if the users don’t visit your site you still get impression.

Click Through Rate

In the search results your site may be present, then many people will click it and visit your site. The percentage of this people is the click through rate.


For each keyword your site have position. Here you can understand your site’s position for each keyword. Top one to three positions are the best.

Some Other Important Terms Are :

Crawl Errors

This will show the errors detected while Google bot checked your site. This section will show all kinds of errors like server errors, missing pages etc.,


These kinds of files can restrict crawling program of bots from website or from certain files or folders.

So these are the main terms you need to know in web master tools. The webmaster tool provide a communication to us. This will point out the errors and mistake of us. So make use of google webmaster tools to improve your site ranking and to correct your mistakes.

Bing Web Master Tools

The Bing webmaster tools are just like Google webmaster tools but Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft and available in 40 different languages. Optimization of your web page by bing webmaster tools is by the following process.

Search bing webmaster tools or you can type the address Login via your Microsoft account and after that login to your blogger or wordpress you want to add. In the bing webmaster dash board you can see the option add site.


bing webmaster add site


Click on add your site and a new set of options will be shown like this :

bing webmaster about site

Here you have to give the website details. Copy the website url and paste it in the text field shown at the top. Add necessary details here and save it.


bing verification

The easy verification way is to copy the meta tag (option 2). For example if you are going to verify blogger then click on themes and select edit html. Paste the copied code in the head section. After this come back to bing webmaster and click on verify and you will get notification about verification is successful or not. In the dash board you can see the option diagnostics and tools, in that click on fetch as Bingbot.

bing webmaster fetch

Here paste your website address and the pages in it and click on fetch one by one. In the dash board you can see the fetched site. To check the activity click on it and you can see the options like clicks from search, crawl errors, pages indexed, appeared in search, sitemaps  etc.

Crawl Error

Crawl error section shows the errors like unsupported content, page not found, etc, while crawling process.


Sitemaps can make navigation easy. Sitemap is really important to communicate with search engines. By adding sitemap your website will get better visibility.

These are the main webmaster tools and its verification and extra details. In seo webmaster tools are important, because with that you understand the errors and you can increase the website rank.

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Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.

Google Search Console (Previously Google webmaster tools ) is a no charge web serviceImportant Facts in Webmaster Tools. by Google Webmasters. It allows Webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. As of May 20,  2015, Google re branded  Google Webmaster tools as Google Search console. Here are Some Important Facts In Webmaster Tools.  It has tools that enables the webmasters to:

  • Check and set the Crawl rate, and view statistics about when Google bot access a particular site.
  • List internal and external pages that links to the site.
  • Receive notifications from google for manual penalties.

Some of the options seen in the Google search console Window:

  • Search Appearance.
  • Search Traffic.
  • Google Index.

Let us see the details about these topics.


This includes the following options which are some Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.

  1. Structured Data: It enables the analyst to make the page structured, that makes easier to understand the basic task and it’s contents. This increases the CTR rate.
  2. Data Highlighter: This is mainly to attract the user’s attraction, towards the page by adding attractive star ratings and such other tasks. This increases the CTR rate.
  3. HTML Improvements: This checks the site to detect any potential with content on the pages, duplicate, problematic title tags or meta descriptions.
  4. Sitelinks:To Demote a specific site.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages: Fix errors on your Accelerated Mobile Pages in order to have them prominently served to mobile users. This is a service launched by Google recently. It stops the slow loading of pages in mobiles.


This includes the following options:

  1. Search Analytics: It reports more accurately than Search queries report.
  2. Link To Your Site: It shows all the Links and it’s details given to the specific site.
  3. Internal Links: These are those links that present within our site.
  4. Manual Actions: It gives warnings and messages if links are given to the site from any low quality websites.
  5. International Targeting: This refers to the act of making many language versions like .ae ,.in , .com etc for a specific site for using it all over the world.
  6. Mobile Usability: Making a webpage mobile friendly by making it fit in mobile screen , by providing specific mobile responsive design and the settings that set font for each mobile while opening the specific site etc makes a good impression and experience in the user.


This includes the following options:

  1. Index Status: It shows the website’s URL status, it is decided by the visit got for the site.
  2. Content Keyword: The most used Keyword in our Webpage.Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.
  3. Blocked Resources: The pages those are blocked in our webpage.
  4. Remove URLS: Temporarily remove URLs that you own from search results.


  • After submitting a page to google, while the bots crawl the page,if they are not able to find the page those are linked to the page, then there generates an error and also a negative impression on the user. This is the crawl error in webmaster tools.
  • This can be overcome by changing the link either to home page, or to the other page that is available for the service.
  • This is the manner: Redirect 301 /(removed page)/ /(new page for substitution)/


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is absolutely free tool provided by Google and it is also a good mechanism for communicating with Google. Google webmaster Tool helps us to identify the problems related to our site. This guide to webmaster tools will walk through the features of webmaster tools and how those features help us. Here an overview about how to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve SEO.

  • Messages

Google sends an email to webmaster when there is an issue related to our site. If don’t see the message from Goggle, you could miss an important piece of information. We have to improve our site performance by using some tips.

  • Add all your website versions
  • Select your preferred version
  • Select target country
  • Share access with co-workers
  • Submit a sitemap file
  • Learn how to work with Search Console
  • Search Appearance

It is the search appearance of search results when searchers search something. Mainly 4 search appearance in Google webmaster tools.

  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements
  • Sitemaps

Structured Data

Data is a combination of unstructured data, Semi structured data, structured data. We must ensure that the sites are visible and understandable by search engines with relevant and rich data. Rich Snippet, authorship Optimization are structured data. The searchers can easily asses and quickly understandable when adding rich snippets with content also the users get the value of site before clicking the site. So we can improve our CTR by adding rich snippet and authorship optimization.

Data Highlighter

Data Highlighter help Google to identify the structured data on page without need of code. We can add Data highlighter to our website. By adding data highlighter the search users can view the needed things on search results and they got idea about the thing. Events, Restaurants, movie, product etc these are webmaster tools includes the types of data highlighter.

HTML Improvements

Google Webmaster Tool informs you any issues related to our webpage’s HTML tags. That means any error occurring in the title tag or Meta description Google informs you. A website contains so many pages and that should have a unique title tag and Meta description. If any issues there the Google gives you the detailed error message and we can correct it. Google typically displays the title tag 50-60 and Meta description 155-160.


Sitelinks are the links that may be shown under the domain name of the site in Google search results. These links are determined by Google based on how much authority got to the particular query. Every site owner needs good sitelinks. Through sitelinks the users quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The users can save their time by using sitelinks. Webmaster tools allow site owner to demote sitelinks. That means we do not want to show one of the sitelink for some reason.

Demote a sitelink URL:

  1. On the Search Console Home page, click the site you want.
  2. Under Search Appearance, click Sitelinks.
  3. In the For this search result box, complete the URL for which you don’t want a specific sitelink URL to appear.
  4. In the Demote this sitelink URLbox, complete the URL of the sitelink you want to demote.
  • Search Traffic

Search traffic means it provides the information about the traffic- how the individual page in a website get search. Webmaster tool includes mainly 6 types of search traffic.

  • Search Analytics
  • Links to Your Site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Actions
  • International Targeting
  • Mobile Usability

Search Analytics                                                                   

Search Analytics analyze your site performance and improvements on Google search results. It also gives the report of how your site appear in search results. Filter and group data by categories such as queries, pages, countries, date, device, search type. Webmaster tools provides some metrics- clicks, impressions, CTR, position.

Links to Your Site

The best way to improve the sites rank by gets more sites to link to your website. We can monitor the site growth through the Google Webmaster Tools. When we got a link from a bad website it will hurt you. Webmaster tools give the report of who links the most, your most linked content, how your data is linked.

Internal Links

Internal link means connecting or linking your Webpages together brings your website in a higher position also may improve the authority in the eyes of Google. Good internal links good for Google page ranking and it really helps the Google to find pages. But beware that don’t want to overdo it.

Manual Actions

It is the communication area of Google to users. Google will inform you any site-wide manual penalties that you have applied to your site.

International Targeting

Targeting the search results mainly in international. Webmaster tools use 2 methods for international targeting. First one is target the search results to specific country. Second one is language targeting. Language section helps you ensure your hreflang tags use the correct locale codes (language and optional country).  More commonly, you can make sure that alternate pages have tags that link back to the pages for your site.  The Country section—you can use this tool to set a site-wide country target for your entire site, if necessary.

Mobile Usability

Our site optimized for mobile. Because nowadays everyone needs mobile phones and they access internet in phone than laptops. So the search results in google also visible in mobile phone users also.

  • Google Index

Google index obviously gives the information about how your website indexed in Google. Webmaster tools provide 4 types of Google index.

Index Status

Index status show how many pages are indexed in Google. It allows tracking the status of your site within the Google index.

Content Keywords

Content Keywords give the report of most frequently used keywords used on the website.

Blocked Resources

This report shows the blocked URLs by robots.txt.

Removed URLs

Google has removal URL tool that allows requesting that the URL be taken out the index. Only the site owners and users will have the full permission for requesting URL Removal.

  • Crawl

Crawl Errors

Crawl error feature in the webmaster tools gives the report if any problem related to your website on the web or mobile phone. The most common error seen in webpage is 404 error, which means can’t find the page by Google bots.

Crawl Stats

If we have thousands of pages in our website then we might expect crawl that most of the pages on a day or weekly. Google webmaster tool provide a feature crawl stats for showing the page crawl per day, Kilobytes downloaded per day and time spend downloading a page.

Fetch as Google

The Fetch as Google tool enables you to test how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site.  Fetches a specified URL in your site and displays the HTTP response. The fetch as Google tool allows retrieving a page of your website if you are in Google.

Robots.txt Tester

Robots.txt file is a file at the root of your site for blocking Google from crawling some pages.


Sitemap is informative document based on your site. It is a quick area for communication to Google. If you don’t submit a sitemap they may not index all pages in website. That means you won’t get much more traffic. Sitemap submitted in XML format. They can’t contain more than 50,000 URLs. If more than 50,000 URLs in sitemap we need to split the sitemap to multiple files.

URL Parameter

It helps Google crawl your site more efficiently by indicating how we should handle parameters in your URLs. This tools to give Google information about how to handle URLs containing specific parameters.

  • Security Issues

If Google has detected any malware or other security issues on your site, this is where they’ll list it out.


If you have malware on your server, you should see a message here. When someone injects code into your forum or comments area that is an issue. Google will see this and deem it malware.

  • Other Resources

This section contains links to tools that are outside of Google Webmaster Tool, but are of interest to webmasters, such as the Structured Data Testing tool, which enables webmasters to test their schema implementations.