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Google Search Console (Previously Google webmaster tools ) is a no-charge web service by Google Webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. As of May 20, 2015, Google re-branded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search console. Here Are Some Important Facts In Webmaster Tools. It has tools that enable the webmasters to:

  • Check and set the Crawl rate, and view statistics about when Google bot access a particular site
  • List internal and external pages that links to the site
  • Receive notifications from google for manual penalties

Some of the options seen in the Google search console Window:

  • Search Appearance
  • Search Traffic
  • Google Index

Let us see the details about these topics.


This includes the following options which are some Important Facts in Webmaster Tools.

  • Structured Data: It enables the analyst to make the page structured, that makes easier to understand the basic task and its contents. This increases the CTR rate.
  • Data Highlighter: This is mainly to attract the users attraction, towards the page by adding attractive star ratings and such other tasks. This increases the CTR rate.
  • HTML Improvements: This checks the site to detect any potential with content on the pages, duplicate, problematic title tags or meta descriptions.
  • Sitelinks:To Demote a specific site
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages: Fix errors on your Accelerated Mobile Pages in order to have them prominently served to mobile users. This is a service launched by Google recently. It stops the slow loading of pages in mobiles.


This includes the following options:

  • Search Analytics: It reports more accurately than Search queries report
  • Link To Your Site: It shows all the Links and its details given to the specific site.
  • Internal Links: These are those links that present within our site.
  • Manual Actions: It gives warnings and messages if links are given to the site from any low quality websites
  • International Targeting: This refers to the act of making many language versions like .ae ,.in , .com etc for a specific site for using it all over the world.
  • Mobile Usability: Making a webpage mobile friendly by making it fit in mobile screen , by providing specific mobile responsive design and the settings that set font for each mobile while opening the specific site etc makes a good impression and experience in the user


This includes the following options:

  • Index Status: It shows the websites URL status, it is decided by the visit got for the site.
  • Content Keyword: The most used Keyword in our Webpage
  • Blocked Resources: The pages those are blocked in our webpage.
  • Remove URLS: Temporarily remove URLs that you own from search results



  • After submitting a page to google, while the bots crawl the page,if they are not able to find the page those are linked to the page, then there generates an error and also a negative impression on the user. This is the crawl error in webmaster tools
  • This can be overcome by changing the link either to home page, or to the other page that is available for the service
  • This is the manner: Redirect 301 /(removed page)/ /(new page for substitution)/

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