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Simply put, they track user statistics for the largest social media platforms in the world. These statistics and analytics will allow you to better understand user growth and trends. However, Instagram Analytics Made Easy Social blade, Instagrammers, who have their YouTube channels, can use it to compile data from YouTube and other social media platforms like Mixer, Daily Motion, Twitch, and Twitter. The tool uses this data to create statistical charts and graphs that track your account’s growth and progress.

Instagram Analytics Made Easy Social blade

  • entails information such as future estimations and projections, and estimated earnings, giving both easily decipherable graphs and numerical data.

  • Statistics are available to anyone for free. You just need to have Social Blade’s smartphone or website app.

  • The tool currently tracks over 24 million YouTube Channels and 2+million Instagram profiles.

  • It reaches nearly 8 million unique and registered visitors each month. A good number of those users check the site daily.

  • provides support for its users via several channels. Their robust support ticket mechanism welcomes you to ask questions about their products and services.

  • The tool provides premium channel management and consulting services to help you grow your online presence. It helps in establishing personal brands.

  • It had already helped Instagram draw its statistics in 2014-2015.

Using Social Blade

The first step is to enter the username of the creator. If you want to view the statistics of an influencer with an Instagram analytics Made Easy Social blade, this process is mandatory. Go to the Search bar and click on the button.

  • Social made provides simplified analytics right in front of you. By seeing the geo-locations of your views, likes, and comments, you can make content for that lot.

  • In the next step, you need to select a profile for viewing. The tool then finds a list of prominent influences that fit into your search, showing each name.

  • Step 3 is to know general scores and ranks. Right after you enter the dashboard, you can see almost all influencers’ analytics. However, it’s an aggregated view. The analytics include many ranks and domains.

  • Although many Instagram users do use Social Blade, it’s fundamentally a YouTube tool. It used to have scanty features for IG before, but people still bank on it due to its level of accuracy.

Spotting fake Influencers with Social Blade

Around eight years ago, there was no such thing called Instagram. A blogger’s life used to be much different. That was the time when TOTS 100 got IG into the fold as a metric for ranking their blogging fold.

  • Therefore, Instagram’s mercurial growth has also led to some unscrupulous activity amongst social media adherents.

  • Bloggers are now joining the bandwagon of buying likes/comments and buying followers for their IG pictures to get ahead of the rate case.

  • Many people also buy auto it likes to catch up. For some bloggers, it could be very frustrating because they have worked tirelessly to get to where they are.

  • Those bloggers and the summation is that bloggers who purchase followers through sites certainly have no concrete influence.

  • It means that influencers bought likes, which is legit, but people can have their opinions.

  • Another way in which you can use the tool is to look at the follower count of an influencer on a daily. It shows how many followers the person is losing or gaining each time across the period

Identifying and Vetting Influencers

If you can identify some potential or prospective partners or brands, you can test and evaluate them by using Social Blade. The reporting tool provides influencer data at no cost.

  • ts indeed a great way to see if that person has a natural following or not. The tool shows his/her growth curve.

  • You can take case studies of fitness influencers, a niche that experiences the maximum clickbait and business of buying followers.

  • Social Blade depicts their Instagram statistics in the form of a chart.

  • It shows whether the person’s followers increase or decrease. The figures for the week per week

  • And how many people that influencer is following. The tool also highlights their media mentions to ascertain their partnership with brands.

  • Finally, if you go to the bottom, you can see the chart that shows the follower growth of the user over the 5 years or so.

  • You need to look for a natural curve of growth, sans any sudden highs or spikes in the numbers

Any hiccups?

Social Blade provided more transparency and flexibility in influencer marketing for Instagram.

  • In any person could access specific insights for another person’s account.

  • This implied that a marketer or brand could analyze an influencer and celebrity more deeply before deciding to collaborate with them.

  • Gaining 40-50k followers in a day is a fairytale.

It’s rather too early to predict Instagram’s influencer marketing, but it’s certainly true that some marketers, influencer firms, and brands could try shifting their focus on other networks that provide them with more transparency.

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