Would you like to learn about Instagram advertising? Various Instagram Marketing tips?

Before discussing Instagram marketing tips, let me give a brief idea about Instagram. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network. This app allows you to upload photos along with other features like the ability to include multiple images and videos in a single post, messaging, reels, stories, and much more. Introduced in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most promising social media platforms that can also provide you with the best marketing tool for your business.

Most effective Instagram Marketing tips

There are numerous ways to use Instagram for promoting your business or brand. The most effective ones are the following:

Change to a Business Account

Instagram account are of 3 types which include personal, professional, and creator. Only when we have a professional account, we will be able to do paid promotions and also get access to Insights. In order to change a personal account to a professional account do as follows. Go to settings and choose the account option and select the option to switch to the professional profile. A business account in Instagram enables to create and publish ads and also help the clients to communicate easily through a business account

Utilize Instagram Marketing Tools

Business profiles on Instagram provide a free tool called Insights. A business or creator account is needed to view Insights.

Through Insights, we can learn more about our audience and their engagements. Insights provide information like interactions, total followers, top post, recent highlight, overview, demographic details of account engaged, discovery, ads, and more. Insights enable to understand the trend among the viewers, what type of images or ads should be used, how to catch a viewers attention etc. can be known.

Make Sponsored Ads

Another Instagram marketing tip is to use Sponsored ads. It helps to reach out to new audiences with matching interests along with our followers. Sponsored ads can be photos, videos, stories, carousel ads, etc. Carousel ads showcase multiple ads at a time providing a wide opportunity to show your product or service. Ads always help to connect with your followers. Run multiple ads at a time to get maximum reach and interactions from the audience.

Use Instagram Stories

Stories are the most popular feature on Instagram. It exists for only 24 hours but helps to generate leads. On Stories, you can add videos, photos, live videos, boomerangs ( looping videos that looked just like animated GIFs ), text, music, and more. They are displayed in the above section of Instagram. Instagram Stories are very much similar to Snapchat stories. Tools like Canva and In-Video can be used to create amazing photos or videos that can be added to the Stories.

Use Influencers For a Wider Reach

Partnering with the right influencer in the concerned field with a large number of followers will help to reach out to potential customers. Influencers can help to introduce the brand to their followers, who trust the influencer’s word for products and services. Influencers can bring a good impact on the people that follows them. Unlike advertising, this is treated as a recommendation by the viewers.

Use interactive Hashtags

Hashtags help to categorize posts, seek attention among users, get maximum interactions and thereby strengthen the brand. Make the hashtag interesting and eye-catching to the audience. Hashtags help to get more likes and followers. Instagram is another hotspot for hashtags but works differently than tweets. Interactions are high on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags.

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