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WhatsApp Business App is free to download for every business people. This app is aiming to small business owner to communicate easly with their customers.. Whatsapp as a medium for connecting your business with people. Whatsapp is an automated mechanism to sort, arrange, and list possible things in front of customers.

Almost it works like a WhatsApp Messenger. People can chat through your business account and can place orders very easily. You can communicate with your right customers and establish a secure and reliable connection. The account is the name of your company. Before downloading, there are some instructions;

  • If you have a WhatsApp account, then you can easily migrate your account to a Business account along with your current chat history and media files
  • But your chat history can’t move back to your WhatsApp Messenger whenever you decided to stop using the WhatsApp Business.

  • And no issues if you use two different numbers for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business. You can’t use these both simultaneously in the same phone number.

If you are sure of the above, then move on to next;

  • Download the App from the Google Play Store (for android devices) and install.
  • Then verify with your business contact number.
  • Set your business or company name.
  • Then build your profile for your choice.
  • Then you can create your product catalogue, will be easier for your customers to find products

The benefit and drawbacks of using WhatsApp Business

As a marketing platform, WhatsApp ensures many conditions over the communication with the customer. These limitations are established for the protection of customer information. But the disadvantages of the WhatsApp business can’t balance the advantages. Some of the advantages are given below;


Every data sends by each business accounts with their client is under tight security. Always whatsapp monitoring the content you send and receive through the chat. If any violation of their privacy policy and commercial policy will result in permanent blocking of your account. Further, you are not able to use WhatsApp products anymore. All the information sends each other is encrypted by end-to-end verification. Only the communicating people can read the messages

User-friendly Interface

It is very easy to handle. The user interface is very simple to understand by everyone.

It is Free of cost

This application is absolutely free and open-source. Anybody can use its benefits under its terms and privacy policy.


  • Due to security reasons, one business can have only one account. This limits the reachability of business.
  • It creates a situation to communicate with customers directly, which could be a little annoying and always need to maintain the interaction whenever they respond. This will be a big responsibility.
  • Cannot used for promotion and advertisement.
  • No same number can be used for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business. Either need separate numbers or use any single account.

If your business wants to subscribe to WhatsApp Business App, then you have to pay for WhatsApp under certain conditions. The communication with the client may happen in two modes. Communication by the customer or the communication by your-selves.

If you start the communication using some templated messages, firstly, these template messages have to be approved by WhatsApp. And they charge some amount for this message for once. You can receive and replay to the customer in 24 hours which is free from cost is called as 24-hour support window. After that, you have to pay for each message you send to the customer. After 24 hours you should pay for each reply. And these charges are changes from country-to-country based on the money value.

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