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This blog post presents free content marketing tools provided by Google. Reading this blog post can help you to enhance your content marketing results. Because these free tools are simply awesome. These free content marketing tools can help you to simplify your tasks. As a content marketer, I use these tools in most of my projects.

You may have many years of experience as a content marketing professional. Then you would certainly agree that there are different ways to improve your performance. Or you can use these free content marketing tools. I would certainly agree if you can try these tools. If we say that Social Media is the number one platform for online exposure, along with Google’s Keyword Planner which would help you become a powerful content marketing professional. Some of these free tools like Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Webmasters tools (search console), etc are most favorite tools in my SEO practices.

There is something really appealing for you! You can choose to follow these simple steps to enhance the performance yourself as a Content Marketing Specialist!

Many of you would call Google simply a search engine. It’s certainly not wrong to have your website ranked as number one. However, you should not forget the process that is involved in getting your website to be ranked as number ‘1’. You need to have the right set of tools to rank your website at the can achieve significant impact good results if you use these free content marketing tools from Google.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur in the content marketing field. Even if are an expert in this field, this post would certainly change your perspectives of approach towards content marketing in the future. Below are the ten free content marketing tools available for free which can be used by all the content marketing folks. Do not worry about using all these tools all at once or maybe even once. But, it is certain that these tools are going to create an impact on the content, from a search engine point of view.

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Google AdWords: Keyword PlannerAre you in search of a tool that can help you focus on the right kind of keywords for your business?

Though there are a lot of tools available in the market, which can give you good results, Google Keyword Planner tops the list. It is one of the most suited tools that would perform a keyword search. There are a lot of good things to be liked about this tool along with its user-friendliness.

It becomes the job of a content marketing professional to search for those kinds of keywords that would boost the performance of your write-up, blog, or website. The only suggestion to make use of this tool would be through, thorough experimenting process. You need to run a lot of searches to understand the functionality of this tool better. You can also choose to run multiple searches in order to get a different perspective on how the tool works.

For instance, content marketing could be one of your focus keywords. You know that this is the best keyword. However; you would certainly know how difficult it is to rank the number ‘one’ with such simple need to have long-tail terms which would better your search results. Try to check for different keywords that are suitable for your article or write-up. Try to use a long-tail keyword as your first important keyword to increase the search results.

You should know that ‘Google Keyword Planner is just a fundamental tool, but it is one of the most effective ‘Free Content Marketing Tools for content marketing professionals who would like to do research on the keyword strategy to increase the search results.

2. Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsWhat are your goals for your content marketing strategy?

If you are unable to answer this question, you should sit back and think thoroughly, because your website performance is completely based on the kind of strategies you make. It’s good to have some goals set and if you are aware of them already, it’s now time to understand the other functionalities of ‘Google Analytics’ in depth. ‘Google Analytics‘ functions differently to different people and if you are into content marketing, there are a few mandatory things to know about it.

Start using this tool to get a quick view of the performance of your website for a particular time period. Google Analytics is one of the means to track the status of the goals you have set to achieve. You can slice and dice the data with the usage of Google Analytics. You would be able to extract data in-depth as you start exploring every section on ‘Google Analytics. Details on the real-time users, bounce rate, and top visitors along with demographics can be checked using Google Analytics and this will set your goals even clear.

3. Google Search Console or Google Webmasters Tools

Google Search ConsoleThis tool is another boon for all content marketing professionals. The more you spend time exploring this tool it makes your content marketing life better. As there’s a lot of knowledge to gain from Google Search Console or Google Webmasters Tools, do not be surprised if you get lost in data mining that is needed for your website analysis.

Apart from keeping a tab on the website status, there are a lot of other things that you can achieve using this tool. As a content marketer, you need to know the entire working functionality of ‘Google Search Console’ to gauge the performance of your website.

4. Google Trends

Google TrendsAre you facing challenges in constantly coming up with some amazing concepts for your website? You would certainly not deny that ‘Keyword Planner’ helps you with a lot of keywords with relevance to your industry. But it is good to have an alternate tool to perform the key search alongside the ‘keyword planner. Hence, it becomes important that you check ‘Google Trends’ to get newer ideas to write articles or blogs for your website.

You can use ‘Google Trends’ to check the trending topics along with the trending stories, to check if there is something relevant to the business or industry you are into. For instance, any topics related to politics especially, the upcoming political debates on the candidature for ‘President Debates’ are sure to be trending.

You can always check ways to link these things to your website, blogs, or any other content marketing concepts. Every time you write something about politics or any latest news, you know that there is a lot of scopes as there is a lot of information available. In such cases, ‘Google Trend’ will help you to explore your creative side. Keeping the above example in mind, you can probably choose to write a blog post entitled: How Donald Trump Is Using Content Marketing.

While you connect on a trending topic, you are also giving a lot of information on what your target audience would be interested to know about, isn’t it? You do not have to be experienced to know the functionality of this tool; all you have to do is review the topic and start writing creatively.

5. Google Sheets

Google SheetsIt becomes very important to maintain a systematic recording of every task you do as a ‘Content marketer’ and at times you may have to discuss these details with your team as well with different accessibility options. For instance, I’m often asked about the best way to keep a tab on the outreach campaigns that happen through e-mails.

While you have a lot of other software to perform this task, there are a few with high-end features as well but, you may not want to spend money for any of these. These features may not be available on ‘Google Sheets’ But it is one of the amazing means to keep a systematic track on the data and it would also allow you to remain organized. If you are looking for a good impact on the efforts you are putting on ‘Content Marketing, it is necessary to have the sheet updated timely.

Pro tip: try to use ‘Google Sheets’ to maintain a task list for the to-do things, and a lot of content marketing professionals rely highly on this to keep them organized.

6. Google+

Google+Though Google+ has not been able to take that spot in the list of ‘Social Media Websites’ like the others. It is still considered to be one of the best tools that can be used to grow the audience. Google+ helps you to establish connections with your prospective clients and also helps you to share content effectively. It is great to have a profile created on G+ and post the content, though you don’t want to be as active as in any other channels. Check out the Google Plus company page of SoftLoom IT Solutions.

As a content marketing professional myself, these are three ways I suggest to all of you If you are planning to grow as a professional Content Marketer using ‘Free Content Marketing Tools.

1. Share the details on content with your fan followers
2. Try to increase the number of contacts
3. Check for content that would help you increase and have positive growth in your business.

Like you post regular updates on your other ‘Social Media Websites’, updating your G+ profile with relevant content is also equally important.

7. Gmail

GmailYou need to keep in contact with a lot of your contacts if you want to excel as a content marketing specialist with ‘Free Content Marketing Tools.

You can always use Gmail to send your write-ups and articles to your contacts. Emails are one of the right means to achieve your Content Marketing goals. Gmail has always been one of my favorite email clients. I would like to thank the in-built functionalities that Gmail offers. Apart from the features that you see there are a lot of other hidden features of Gmail.

Wide ranges of plugins that can make your Gmail account work the way you want it to. You can create a custom signature using ‘Wise Stamp’. You can also use ‘Followup’ to keep a tab on the follow-ups on the emails related to content marketing.

Check if you can start using Gmail services as a service provider to meet all your email requirements. You can save a lot of effort, time, and money if you choose to make this change happen. You can always customize your Gmail inbox to meet your requirements.

Pro tip: You may go ahead with any email service provider for communicating with your team and clients. But you can still stick to Gmail as part of your content marketing strategy.

8. Google My Business

Google My BusinessFor larger companies, ‘Google My Business’ would not be a great deal but for local businesses. it becomes a little important as you would be able to achieve a free business listing on Google. It allows you to add a lot of information apart from the basic information like name, contact details, and business type.

The benefits of using ‘Google My Business include:

  1. You can attract a lot of potential customers and also tell about your business to people who would be interested in your business.
  2. There are chances of people getting to know about your business to a greater extent.
  3. Always use appropriate images that show the uniqueness of your business along with customer reviews.
    The Content Marketing strategy should involve everything alongside having high-quality write-ups and blogs.
    When you start searching for results the listings made by Google My Business are on top priority. You can choose to use it to be one of your content marketing strategies.

9. Google Docs

Google DocsAlways keep a tab on my blogs, you would certainly realize that I keep updating my blogs very frequently and as you know it takes a lot of effort in creating good quality articles or write-ups. This is one of the ways to improve your efficiency and in the quest to achieve that excellence; I always prefer to use ‘Google Docs’ as there are a lot of features that come along to be explored.
Here are some of the things that I love about ‘Google Docs’.

  • It automatically performs a check for any spelling mistakes by providing a proper count of the words used.
  • It helps you to insert the necessary screenshots and sharing of the document becomes simpler.

There are a lot of content creation tools available in the market. Yet it is important to choose the one that you are comfortable working with. Content marketing also involves a lot of content creation. And if you are not comfortable. It becomes very difficult to provide high-quality posts.

10. Google Calendar

Google CalendarOrganizing your day by keeping Content Marketing in mind is one of the important things and to achieve this, you can go ahead and use the ‘Google Calendar’. You can utilize your time to its maximum with the usage of Google Calendar. Maybe Google Calendar does not have all the features like all the other paid tools. But it is certainly useful to keep track of all the things you would want to do as a content marketing professional. You can do the following, using ‘Google Calendar’.

  • Marketing tasks are very important things and it will be necessary to have events created for them. This can be easily done by using Google Calendar.
  • Using Google Calendar, you can create necessary events
  • Share your available time and slots with your team.
  • It is good to understand open spots in your schedule, as this allows you to organize your day better.
    Google Calendar may not be used like any other tool. But it will certainly help you to organize your day better for sure.

No matter how much ever you claim your efficiency as a content marketing professional. You should always know that there is a large scope for improvement. You can always improve your search by using long-tail keywords in all your write-ups and articles. I have a personal liking for almost all the tools developed by Google. Some tools are a lot more effective and powerful than others. You can always give it a try to use these effective tools. If you have used any of these ‘Free Content Marketing’ Tools that are available from Google. Do not forget to put up your thoughts in the comments section. Do share this post if you found it helpful to improve your content marketing efforts.




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