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The tedious content marketing drudgery, we have all been there. Everybody must have experienced some weakness with content marketing at some point or the other. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to:

  • Get enough content to write on
  • Engage the audience with your content, especially if you are marketing content in a boring niche, say insurance
  • Bring interesting ways to innovate the content

Content Marketing can sometimes be a Herculean Task. And as the current SEO Statistics state, the need for engaging content can never get extinct like the dinosaurs!

Ever wondered if you had a checklist handy to tick off while producing content? Well, look no further, here’s the ultimate content marketing checklist that you can look up to whenever the need arises.


  • Consider your objective- Each piece of content you create should be part of one and only puzzle and that’s your objective. The content you create should aim to achieve the goal you have in mind.
  • Analyze the type of content and where the focus has to be-What are you intending to achieve? What part of the buying cycle -awareness, research, comparison, purchase- are you focusing on?
  • Stay specific and focused-Concentrate on a particular topic and convey your opinions on it. This attracts a lot of attention as well as creates inherent trust for you to the visitors
  • Select your audience-What is the type of audience you are looking for? Who can buy what you are selling? Which category of professionals/people should refer to your post?
  • Perceive your audience-Respond to peoples opinions and questions with your content
  • See past yourself and connect with your audience-Connect with your audience for inspiration for new blog topics. People ask questions if they have listened. Get them to listen to you with engaging content thats responding with answers to their questions, a content thats also creating more discussions
  • Get your audience to inspire and feel something- Dare your reader into thinking about something he never did. Drive your reader to take an action!
  • Create a rough outline- Research on what you are going to write about and create your personal outline on it. The next step is to add more substance and grow your rough outline to a big piece of content.
  • Strike a conversation with your reader-Speak to your reader as if he was your long time companion. Write as if you are talking, exaggerate if you wish!
  • Avoid perfection-Arent you a human being? As you try being perfect, you are stuck at some point and you revert. Be yourself and write what think- even if its rubbish. After you are done, turn on the editor inside you and improvise, rearrange and rescript what youve written.
  • Find your comfortable time- I can write content when I am at a quiet place. I write best during the day. Find your best time to be creative and bring out the best in you at your own comfort. Of course, stay away from all distractions when you are writing your piece of content.
  • Develop an effective story in your content- Make your content powerful with story- something that everyone can relate to. Stories help to create strong brands and a long lasting impression on people
  • Show out the numbers-Try using statistics and percentages that support the facts in your content
  • Share an influencers thought-Give examples of what a leader in your niche is speaking to your target audience.
  • Visualize the message Inspire your audience with an image or infographic that portrays the whole message thats in your content
  • Break your content into different parts and then customize-Separate your existing content and repurpose it into the way people prefer- YouTube, Slide share, podcasts or Webinars
  • Create a list of all the new topics you are going to convey-Collect distinct resources and rank them as per the needs of the target audience going to look at it.
  • Select the way you will be presenting your repurposed content-Choose the medium you want your content to be on. Maybe it can be an infographic, a presentation or a webinar.
  • Incorporate influencers thoughts and quotes-Find live or recorded clips of famous influencers quotes or tips that are relevant to your niche and incorporate the same in the content youve created.

Hope this checklist has been of great use when intending to make an outstanding content marketing strategy for your brand! What’s your gimmick that’s helped you in content marketing?


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