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If I say about social media engagements and the metrics what comes to your mind first? Mostly the answer should be likes, comments, and shares. But these are not only the metrics that are considered as social media engagement and KPIs. There is no lack of data to track. Marketers don’t struggle with cant having enough data. The trouble to pull the insights from all the data already provided. So to have a social media monitoring process, we must have metrics to analyze.

The KPIs for modern social media teams to track are

  • Likes
  • Engagement
  • Followers growth
  • Traffic conversions
  • Social sentiment
  • visitor goals
  • Shares
  • Web visitors from the social channel
  • Social visitors conversion rates

Social media is a valuable tool for building personal relationships with your audience. Also, social media metrics should help you to determine the performance of your social media campaigns and the ROI from them. So the only way to ensure this, however, is by tracking the right social media metrics KPIs beyond your fan, followers, or like counts. When we use social media for business purposes we should consider the following factors

  • Are you reaching the Targeted audience?
  • Are you engaging with Targeted people?
  • How many of your social media fans are inquiring about your product or service?
  • How many of them actually become customers?

Through this section, we will assist you with identifying the full spectrum of social media metrics available to you for evaluating your content and social media marketing, the meaning and importance of each, and how to utilize and improve them. Here few will need to keep track of all these social media metrics, so choose the mix that gives you the most important information

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