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Meta is expanding its small business suite of tools. Meta Business Suite New Feature can send marketing messages to people who opt-in via Messenger. The update aims to assist in the generation of leads and the acquisition of new customers.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, gives small companies the attention they deserve. With the new tools, businesses will be able to identify new ways to connect with customers to drive higher-quality leads.

Meta Business Suite New Features for messaging and conversations

Meta found that 70% of consumers want to engage with businesses in the same way they communicate with friends and family: through texting. 

Messaging customers is also a valuable service for businesses. For example, the ad format that opens a WhatsApp conversation is an excellent way for new customers to discover the company and get in touch.

Meta uses this new insight to create Facebook and Instagram advertising made directly from its WhatsApp Business app. 

Here is an example of a unique experience.

Meta business Suite New Feature

The second update relates to the inbox. Through its single inbox, meta streamlines business communications. You already have Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct messages in your company’s inbox. In the future, WhatsApp will also be included. This feature will help you and your team save time, money, and effort.

Meta Business Suite’s last messaging update allows you to send promotional messages straight to clients who have opted for communication. This update results from direct input from small businesses, which made an effort to react to client questions more quickly. You may be able to drive more sales and long-term customers using Meta Business Suite’s marketing messaging.

Business Suite New Feature

New Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation Tools

Meta Business Suite New Feature will launch many new tools to help businesses capture and manage leads through its platform in the coming months. They will include:

Quote request on Instagram:  Currently, Instagram is testing the Quote feature with select businesses. The feature allows companies to add “Get Quote” buttons to their Instagram profiles and stickers to their Instagram stories.

Lead filtering with Instant Forms: Lead filtering will be available to businesses shortly. It will review the responses to a multiple-choice question.

Creative flexibility: Currently, we’re testing a more flexible and customizable Instant Form, allowing businesses to include visuals and other content. They can then share more visual information and cultivate people’s interest through this method.

Gated content: Shortly, businesses will be able to provide exclusive, relevant content to people who complete Lead Ads Instant Forms. Companies, for example, will be able to give extra materials (such as downloading a brochure for a car or product pricing) right from the Lead Ad Form without navigating to their website.

Partner integrations: Now, you can download lead information directly to your CRM to follow up with potential customers quickly.  


If you have difficulty leveraging Facebook marketing services for your business in the past, these tools may help. Currently, all of these items are in testing.

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