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Before knowing the maintaining of Amazon Seller Account, you have to know what is amazon seller account. Amazon Seller Account is the interface used by sellers and merchants to market and sells products directly to Amazons customers. As a seller, you have two options either fulfilling the orders you receive from Amazon’s customers. You can handle the shipping process, customer care services, and returns of orders, everything by yourself. Otherwise, you can allow Amazon to handle all these for you by enrolling your products in a programme called FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) introduced by Amazon. If you have a seller account then you are considered as a third-party seller.

Creating Amazon Seller Account

Selling on Amazon is an effective way to meet millions of buyers. If you have more to sell or little to sell Amazon provides the required tools and services to sell online effectively. Following are the steps to sell with amazon;

Problems Affecting Seller Account

Unfortunately for store owners and entrepreneurs who are busy, Amazon is not so friendly. An Amazon seller requires a significant time investment for maintaining and monitoring Amazon Seller accounts. Amazons strict instruction for customer satisfaction requirements says to Sellers that you must act on your feedback responses and performance metrics quickly to prevent penalties or any suspension.

Yes, Amazon suspends your account if it feels you are no more actively participating in the sales and customers are not satisfied with you. If Amazon suspends your listings then it is very difficult to get back to the marketplace quickly. It is time-consuming to minimize the losses.

Hence maintaining your Seller account is very important. Maintaining your account means responding to all notifications from Amazon, handling the negative and positive feedbacks, keep watching the performance of Seller account, bring changes when it drops, handles customer service, and optimize to improve the overall health of the account.

All these are time-consuming task, but necessary to avoid a suspension. But you can do something to maintain the account.

How to Maintain Amazon Seller Account

At the beginning of 2019, third-party sellers in Amazon sell 53% of the paid unit sales. There are millions of sellers in Amazon but a few are ended in building a business career. Every day Amazon sells millions of products. Customers search and compare every product they search for. And ensure their best choice by means of quality and quantity before they decide to buy. Like that customers always search in detail for getting the exact item they looking for. They always use long search terms to find their intended product.

Amazon uses your description and details of the product to match with customers search. So, it very important to provide maximum information that is accurate about your product is given to Amazon. This detail includes product title, description, search terms, size, colour, etc. At any reason do not ignore to provide these details. Then only customers can find your products when they search and know they’re met a right seller. This is just the basic preparation there is a lot to discuss on your account management.

Managing all your product is overwhelming. It is also challenging to optimize all your products based on Amazons guidelines. But if you want to maintain your seller account then you should do these all.

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