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There is a saying that Content is King. It has the ability to pull the eye of the audience towards your business and compel them to take the desired action of buying a product or subscribing to your newsletters and at the same time, it can take a toll on your business. To start a Content Marketing Campaign with no Money only way a business or a brand can speak to the audience is through their content. It is acting as a medium between the company and the end-user.
Today, content marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies so, How to start a Content Marketing Campaign with no money is one of the important things.  Many B2B marketers are using to start content marketing strategies to promote their business in various marketing channels.

There is a misconception that businesses, especially those who are in the nascent stage cannot spend a huge amount on marketing. Basically, a company will allocate budget to every marketing channel, and coming to content marketing, there would be a dearth of budget. However, you can instigate the Content Marketing Campaign without investing a single pie in the following ways.

Do extensive research on Google


If you do not have money to hire a market research company to do competitor analysis, you can start your own research by delving in-depth into your target audience. It is crucial for you to identify the demographics of your audience, especially the age group of people who are landing on your site, from which country they are viewing, the timing at which they are accessing your site, and also check the gender.

In addition, you need to keep a close eye on the type of content your competitors are crafting and whom they are targeting the most. It is crucial for you to research your major demographics to find out their online behavior and their purchases. This information gives a clear idea to create the best content campaign.

Create a free blog with the template customized for your industry

It is a piece of cake to start a blog with the availability of umpteen blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. These user-friendly platforms have a few templates which let you customize the blog as per your requirements.

You need to create a blog with the available templates that is easy to navigate for the target users. Unarguably, you do not need a platform that should be dynamic and perfect instead should allow you to post the content easily.

Create a business page on different social media sites


Many businesses that lack a budget for marketing are using social media to reach the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. Undeniably, a piece of unique content that is posted on social media pages will go viral in a few minutes, if it is useful for the audience.

It is crucial for you to create a catchy business page on every social media site with your brand name. You can publish fresh content on the business pages to create awareness about your brand to the global audience in a short time. The audience who like your products will become your customers. In addition, it improves your visibility online.

Pen down your ideas


Every business should write what the audience is looking for rather than dumping the trash. Basically, the content will speak volumes about your brand, product, and service. If you are not a professional writer, you can still put down your experiences.

As you are an expert in your own profession, so pen down the insights and what you know about the product in-depth. Undeniably, there would be thousands of users who would evince interest in reading the articles published by experts in their respective fields.

Use free images


To entice the users to read the informative content and retain their attention span, you need to incorporate a few images in between the content. This will glue the audience to read until the last point in the article. You cannot copy the images that are published on other sites, due to copyright issues.

So, there are a few sites where you can find free images that are easy to use. You do not need to hire a designer or spend money to buy the images. An example of a famous free images site is Wikimedia Commons. This site lets you search for your desired image easily.

Boost brand reputation in online

Though you have created a social media profile for your brand, having a personal identity on social media would add value to your brand. You need to focus on building your personal brand image rather than just focusing on your company. This may help you to reap more lucrative career opportunities down the line. In addition, you can build your own customer base that follows you even when you switch to another business.

Build a network


After creating a personal page on the social media channels and gaining a little social media presence, it is time for you to network with the people on your social media profiles. You need to be an avid social media user and actively like, comment, and share your views on the posts that are shared by your friends, family, and acquaintances.

You need to initiate talks with the active followers and start following other people who may become your follower in the future. Everyone with whom you socialize or network would add to your audience base. You may come across guest posters and influential who will contribute to improving your content marketing campaign.

Set a goal

set-a-goalLike every marketing strategy, even a content marketing campaign should have a goal. A campaign without a goal is worthless. You should know what you want to accomplish by promoting the campaign and how many new customers you want to gain for your business. For that, you need to add a call to action at the right places in the articles you post.

This motivates the audience to take the desired action. You also need to know whether you want traffic or sales for your business for the created campaign. It is crucial for you to post informative content and retain the online visitors on your site for a long time to learn more about your brand and turn them into your potential customers.

If you have a goal, it shows you a path to follow for earning huge revenues. In addition, you can also tweak the campaign a little and invest in it to make it even stronger.

Invest in content marketing slowly

Needless to say that, your aim is how to start a Content Marketing Campaign, but you need to invest in the campaign as you keep flourishing in meeting your business goals. If you are aiming to earn huge profits, then you need to invest your time and money.

You can start investing in peanuts and gradually increase the investment when your returns demand. You need to have a strong team of prolific writers, talented designers, digital marketers, and brand experts to attain your business goal. And, if you want to save money, you can outsource these works to reputed service providers.

Interestingly, you get double and triple of what you invest in content marketing. Though you start with nothing, over time you can earn profits. As a part of which you can invest in content marketing campaigns to take your business to newer heights.



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