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Content marketing trends are changing rapidly over time with the change in the way users is interacting on the web and the way search engines are changing the algorithms. This is helping the brands to get maximum exposure in the search engine results.

By staying on par with the latest content marketing trends will help you to tweak the content marketing strategy regularly. And let you keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing to get huge traffic and sales to the business.

Five best content marketing trends of 2017 that you need to think about include:

Bots will soon replace the writers

With the evolution of the digital world, we are finding various means that let us do all the works for ourselves quickly. This is wonderful news for the brands, but a little sad news for the writers.

The Robot algorithms are giving informative information to the audience about simple topics. For instance, audiences are able to get quick information about the climatic conditions. And the temperature of a specific place or city briskly. Probably, the content writers who write basic articles will have less work in the near future. This is helping the brands to save a huge amount of money on promoting their products and services through content marketing.

The industry experts believe that the algorithms get more advanced and would be able to deliver even the complex content down the line. However, we are not sure that the content generated by the robots will be of the same quality as developed by the expert and accomplished bloggers in that particular niche. The brands are more excited about the outcome of using the algorithms and generating the content rather than its uniqueness.

Content is portrayed in a visual format

The picture will be incorporated into the content. The infographics are used to portray the content in a visual format. Undoubtedly, the multimedia tweets would get more re-tweets over the tweets that are filled with text. Moreover, every blog post that is published in recent times will certainly have pictures to engage the audience.
The demand for pictures would grow at a rapid pace. You can find more content in a visual format including infographics, gifs, videos, and pictures. This content is easy for the readers to go through and understand over reading the content. Undeniably, this content is pretty straightforward and engaging for the readers.

Rise in interactive content

A content marketing strategy is said to be successful only when the content is engaging and when the business gets qualified leads through blog posts. The best way to engage the audience on your blog post is to craft interactive content.

Many brands are coming with new ways to interact with customers. Few of the ways that are embraced by the advertisers to interact include conducting polls, surveys, maps, and social media.

Consider the Buzz feed quizzes that you find on Facebook

No one will care to share the quiz which tells whether their friends are snow white or about their eyeliner style. You can take the quizzes to share your personality with your friends on Facebook. Few of your friends may share the result of the quiz you have attempted. Basically, buzz feed quizzes have become a buzzword of Facebook in recent times. The online visits, shares, and ad revenue it generates will raise your eyebrows.

Undoubtedly, the success rate of interactive content is very high. People will participate in the quizzes to express their opinion about the topics on social media. It is the sheer responsibility of the advertisers to come up with ways to interact with the audience to improve shares and re-shares of the content. This gives maximum brand exposure, traffic, and sales for your business.

User will aggregate informative content

Basically, the user on social media gets more information through shares from their friends rather than from the brands.
In recent times, Facebook has released a new algorithm news feed that will showcase the content shared by friends and acquaintances on the timeline. When it is shared by many of your friends, maximum exposure can be acquired.

There are many content aggregation tools, especially the most famous one that is developed by Twitter, i.e., Project Lightning will let you aggregate videos, images, hashtags, and other information and create a trending story.
The publishers have to create a unique piece of multimedia content to make their content appear in the aggregate content to let their voice heard by millions of audience globally.

Social media offers innumerable options

Social media is offering umpteen ways for businesses to circulate their content to the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. To get noticed by the potential audience briskly. The instant articles that are published by the businesses on Facebook are posted on Newsfeed.

Soon, the Search engine Giant, Google will release an instant article format for mobile users to let the brands gain maximum visibility even from the users using mobiles.

You need to incorporate these techniques in your content marketing strategy to boost the brand image in the virtual world. Unarguably, you cannot expect a sea of traffic to visit your website after publishing and instant article. You need to wait until your content goes viral and the audience interacts with your content.

Day by day the content marketing trends are getting complicated with the increase in positive results. It is reaping for businesses. It is crucial for the business to come up with the latest content marketing trends to reach the target audience globally. However, it is important for you to make changes to the content marketing strategies. As per the trend to strengthen your brand in the internet world.



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