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With the emergence of technology, marketing strategies are getting more evolved online. The path of marketing involves a lot of ups and downs. Due to the technical competency, everyone searches for a new strategy. thus, the traditional marketing techniques are failed and digital marketing came into existence. In older days, when you put some billboards, it is unable to change the design and concepts frequently. But today it is not the situation, we can change anything at any time. Through social media walls, it is easy to change the campaign posters whenever you want.

The majority of the organization transform their printed version of marketing tactics to online platforms. Almost everyone adopts the new digital marketing technique in any of one way. At least by creating a Facebook page for themselves.

There exist two terms related to marketing, Digital and Online marketing. The concepts of both are the same. Still, there is a slight difference for both. Understanding these differences helps you to refine your marketing technology much more.

What is Online Marketing?

Online or Internet marketing is a kind of marketing that needs the Internet to perform. That means a continuous internet connection is necessary to perform online marketing. So, its dependency on full-time internet coverage limits its utility. But, except for this limitation, it is the best marketing strategy compared to Digital Marketing. There are various types of Online marketing. They are

Search Engine Optimization

You need to optimize your web pages to get natural views and direct traffic from search engines. This also has on-page and off-page optimization.

Search Engine Marketing

Driving organic traffic to your website through merely doing SEO is not complete practice. Search Engine Marketing helps you to bring traffic to your website through advertisement. This includes paid advertisement too. It is trying to bring traffic by painting advertisements through search engines. The most commonly adopted method is Pay Per Click (PPC).

E-mail marketing

Another major medium of online marketing is E-mail marketing. It allows you to send mails to your audience directly. Even if your audience does not really read the emails, you can create attention to them. So, your e-mails must be some kind of attention-grabbing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a brand, product, or service through digital platforms. It doesn’t matter whether these platforms are using the internet or not to function. A very simple example of digital marketing is downloading an application on your mobile phone. Now you may think this needs internet. But you need the internet only to download the app. You can install it without the internet and some apps can use anytime without the internet. This means that digital marketing is a broader term that comprises both online and offline, marketing mediums.

Different types of Digital Marketing

  • Mobile advertising.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Television advertising.
  • Display advertising.

All these come under digital marketing. Something you understand from this is online marketing also comes under digital marketing. Both have a lot of marketing advantages.

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