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Designing marketing-friendly sites play an important role in Practicing SEO. You can put WordPress to the best of use when you want to design marketing-friendly sites, search engine friendly, and mobile-friendly e-Commerce sites. However, complex features that it comes with, there are a few tips and advice that you should follow to make things easier for you and keep things simple. The good thing is that such an approach will enable different types of people to know about the things you want to say much easily such as:

Designing Marketing Friendly Sites

  • The users
  • Your clients as well as
  • The stakeholders

It will help them to understand the design, its process, the concept as well as the message that you and they want to convey.

Ideally, it is the success and effectiveness of a website that makes an e-Commerce site more successful in terms of the number of customers and volume of sales as compared to any brick-and-mortar store selling similar products or services.

  • The primary reason behind this is that the e-Commerce sites typically accommodate product lines and shoppers virtually limitless as compared to their counterparts.

  • The reason for their large profit is that they do not require any specific staff or salesperson to deal with each of their clients

However, in reality, it is extremely hard, even harder than you think to convert online shoppers. According to research, it is known that the global sales conversion rate as found recently was as low as 2.86% and it remained the same for half of the decade previously.

All these points out a significant thing which is marketing optimization that plays a significant role, and probably the most arguable one, for the e-Commerce websites rather than for any other forms of business. This is where the skill set of the website developer NYC comes into play.

Effective E-Commerce Web Design

If you want to design an e-commerce site that will bring in more sales you will need to turn the website visitors into prospective customers. This is where your website design will come into play which when done perfectly will make the purchase process:

  • Much quicker
  • Much easier and
  • Absolutely stress-free.

Therefore, you must focus on the design elements as much as possible irrespective of the fact that your online advertisements are the best. If you do not then there is a high chance that you will lose valuable customers. Therefore, your prime focus should be on making your website optimized for SEO and sales so that you do not waste your valuable advertising dollars when the visitors click off of your website as soon as they get into it.

In order to ensure higher conversions in no time there are a few things that you should follow such as:

  • Keep your user in mind
  • Use simple website design
  • Insert a view cart button
  • Make honest pricing quotes

  • Avoid distracting users

  • Use quality photos

  • Be honest with your claims

  • Include reviews and customer testimonials

  • Implement simple navigation menu

  • Keep the products organized

  • Ensure scarcity

  • Include a search bar

  • Allow the users to filter products

  • Ensure a natural flow

  • Follow a grid layout

  • Include contact info

  • Ensure quick and simple checkout

  • Add thank you pages

  • Focus on mobile optimization

  • Insert a FAQ page

  • Follow consistent branding

  • Use social media links and

  • Ensure text is to a minimum

All these will drive immediate and more traffic to your website adding more value to your business.

Focus beyond search engine attention

In order to design an effective e-commerce website, most business owners focus too much on gaining the attention of search engines. This however leads them to a common website pitfall which in most cases turns out to be deadly ones.

There are other useful ways to do this for example:

  • Attract lots of visitors every day by generating a more meaningful and powerful conversation with the visitors that will increase the conversion rate.

  • Remove the clutter from your homepage so that the users can find exactly what they are looking for on it.

  • Link your products to specific pages only and to those that the users typically visit and not on each and every page and certainly not the checkout cart.

  • You will also be better off when you focus more on SEO to drive more traffic and customers to your site and lastly.
  • Your Content Goes HereEffectively develop your website so that it suits perfectly the users and their lifestyle so that they find products that will be useful to them

Therefore, you will need to focus on all of the e-commerce development considerations. When you meet the guests, try to put your best foot forward. Moreover, emphasize the weight of your homepage because this is your masthead and you should get it right. You can do this by placing the horizontal graphic at the top of the site to contribute to the impression for your online window shoppers overall.

Getting things right

It goes without saying that you will need to get everything right while designing your e-commerce website. For this, you will need to focus on a few specific aspects and incorporate them into your design.

  • One such aspect is keeping things as simple as possible. This is perhaps one of the best principles that you should follow and remember. Simple is always more effective and better when it comes to planning and designing an e-commerce site. This is because the more components and elements you add to your home page, the more it becomes difficult for the users to navigate. It will more often than not detract them from fulfilling their primary objectives as well as that of your site.

  • You must also make sure that you make branding a priority . Because almost all shoppers buy products from known and their favorite brands. Therefore, if you want to build trust you will need to create more brand awareness.

All these approaches will ensure that you eventually design marketing-friendly sites . That will drive more traffic, resulting in more conversion and bringing in more sales.

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