Sales force if you are using , then you’ve already joined the bandwagon of the digital marketing of your business. However,sales force even it can be taken for granted; one should exercise some caution while doing this. There are many advantages come packed, but it’s noted that there are a few common mistakes also users tend to make, which may drown the benefits you may have gained through it. Learning from mistakes is good, but not very advisable in the highly competitive marketing environment, where the mantra is ‘learn before you leap.’ So, here in this article, we will discuss some such mistakes and how you should not fall prey to choose.

Cloud Marketing mistakes

Mistake #1: Not fully testing

In the case of digital marketing, the theories which you have learned cannot be smoothly translated into successful action. You may have a clear route map as to how your digital marketing campaigns must run, but one cannot expect that you will cover everything perfectly until you build and test the campaign appropriately.

In many cases, digital marketing executives may have forgotten to define and include proper personalize, sometimes it may be a wrong image to represent the values or some dynamic content creation without giving it a proper thought. It may also be leaving out an important link, making a mistake on alt text and could be million other things too. A skilled professional will try to get everything done perfectly from the very beginning, but still, we cannot bypass the need for a thorough review of the completed works.

To ensure baseline perfection, you need to test the below areas at least:

• Appearance and layout of your messages on different devices.
• Spelling and grammar of the messages.
• All the links to ensure that they are pointed to the right location and also that those work well.
• Proper link placement in emails and other places.
• Correct usage of name & address for messages.
• Defining apt audience for the messages.

For this, you should develop a custom checklist of all the basic elements to be tested. Beginners can use this list as a reference and keep on adding/modifying it over time. Testing may be time-consuming initially, but it can surely save a lot of time and efforts of you compared to leaving it unattended and try to fix the errors later.

Mistake #2: Testing of many variables

You’ve seen above why testing is a crucial component for the success of marketing on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but you need to understand different types of testing. One cannot do too much testing to get caught without moving. On being too much stringent, you may be biting too much off than what you can actually chew.

The expert advice by is that you must remain patient while you plan and run the A/B testing or performance testing. Say, for example, if you try to measure too many variables at a time like testing the image and the subject line of the message with this content, you may be seeing some confusing results which could be misinterpreted. If you are trying to dive into the statistics deeply, then you may end up in investigating with multivariate testing Taguchi methods for your mails, but it would have been easier totest one at a time.

Mistake #3: Misassumption that flashy elements may bring in better results

Everyone is on the lookout for cutting edge technology, and so you can find many cool features on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which you want to try it instantly. Moreover, leveraging the innovative capabilities and trying out new things are really tempting. However, you need always to remember the fact that the objective of the marketing message must always decide the technological element to e used for it, not the other way around.

So, trying to bump in new technology into a marketing campaign where it’s not a natural fit will only end up in chaos. Such a move may ultimately cause slowing down of the deployment, increase errors, annoy subscribers, or make your campaign look silly to the viewers. Say, for example, it is not needed that you use dynamic content for all emails. If you can identify the interests and preferences of your subscribers

Mistake #4: Doing hyper targeting

You create marketing campaigns and put in a lot of time to rightly identify the exact target subscribers for your message. However, once after thoroughly filtering out the subscriber’s list to see who may find the message interesting, you end up with only a handful of people. It is said that hyper-targeted campaigns may perform well, but you need to think before you leap as at what cost these may work. On considering the R O I, you will find that it may have taken more to prepare the campaign compared to what you get in return. In fact, you can build your target audience over time, but focused campaigns can surely bring in more results.

Mistake #5: Neglecting the proven conventional channels

When you scour through the internet, you may find many experts saying that email is dead as a marketing communication channel. When it comes to text marketing or social media marketing, you may see various such comments. In fact, all these proclamations by the so-called experts may be biased or cannot be taken as one-fit-to-all size advice. Even when such proclamations grab the headlines of online blogs, but largely fail to offer any good advice to you.

We know email marketing, even though one of the erstwhile marketing communication channel, is still active and fully worthy of investing in. Like many other things in life, getting good rewards is all about expending more effort, and if you do it the right way, all these conventional marketing communication channels too bring in new results, sometimes even better than the new-age channels.

Along with avoiding such mistakes, you also should abstain from over-messaging, compromising on the quality of the content, and not staying updated. Sales force  offers many unique benefits to the users, and when clubbed with the right digital marketing practices, it can do wonders to your business performance.

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