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What makes Internet Marketing unique?

Planning to step into the world of Internet Marketing ? This is why you should try it. Just a glimpse into some of the very interesting facts on Online or Internet Marketing. The domain of Internet Marketing is vast. But every marketer has to get acknowledged with some basic concepts first. Like it’s said, first things first!

#1 Attracts Attention On A Large Scale

These days people spend more time on the Internet than on any other service. The exposure is quite larger here as compared to other media of marketing. The various forms of internet marketing such as blogs, social medias, etc make it a lot easier to communicate with people. Customers get to know about each new product in the market instantly.

#2 Efficient Time Management

The marketing strategy enables to share advertisement campaigns simultaneously on different platforms. Time effectiveness is a key feature of Internet Marketing. Millions of customers can be handled simultaneously without degrading customer satisfaction. This way the task is less time consuming and tedious.

#3 Cost Effective Service

internet marketingEver thought what it takes to start with internet marketing? Well, it takes up only a few of your ideas! Yes. Less or no apital investment is required. All you need is some good blog writing skill and you are almost there. Compared to the traditional marketing methods, internet marketing paves a path to a cost effective service.

#4 Wide and Global Reach of Customers

It is much easier to introduce the products in the market on a global and wider prospectus. This can be done without actually doing all the hectic travelling. Once the product is introduced, it can be at your doorstep within a single click. The modern era of shopping is addicted to these online shopping free these days.

#5 24*7 Service

internet marketing full time

Internet marketing is available on a 24*7 basis. In other words, your online campaign doesn’t work on the basis of any time schedule. It is available on the net from the moment you upload it online. Any user can access it the moment they switch on their system. This makes the task all the more simpler. Bid good-bye to the time constraints!

#6 Quick and Easy Accessibility

Everything is just one click away. Whether it’s fashion or home appliances or gadgets, just select your choice. The service is swift in action. There is no nag-nag of those salesmen or risk of travelling. Enjoy a happy home shopping experience!

#7 Easy Catch-Up

It is often difficult to save every retail retailer number on your phone. The visiting cards also do not help us much. Only beacuse we misplace them too soon. On this context, internet marketing makes it easy. Every retail information is available on the Internet. All you have to do is just take the retailer website and get the contact information.

#8 Online Payment Service

With the evolution of internet marketing, internet banking also made it way into the digital world. These days payments are mostly made digitally. This ensures quick and instant payment service over the net. The bulky bundle of cash is an old story now.

#9 Machine Learning Solutions

Customer behaviour based options are kept in front of us. This is the new era of technology called Machine Learning Services. Now even the bots can understand and play as per our choice. The systems can automatically configure based on customer behaviour. Options are set as per each user style. In the following days, this can lead into a new form of internet marketing.

#10 Long Term Services

internet marketing long term

The service starts once the ad is put up online. Even after the product is sold, the campaign remains. This attracts more user demand. There is no time-period for how long the service can last. It provides a long-lasting and continuous affect on the customers.

This is just a sneak-peek into what Internet Marketing can do. I hope this gives you an idea about just what you are looking for. Have a happy Online Marketing experience!

After the third update on October 7, 2014, Google today rolled out a new Penguin update, which will be the last update for this algorithm. Google uses about 200 signals to bring you the aptest search results in front of you. This is the 4th Penguin Update, making it known as Penguin 4.0. Google has announced that Penguin will be part of their core algorithm, one of the 200 signals they use to process search results.

A Little Background on the Google Penguin Algorithm

google penguin update: one of the latest google algorithm changes

The Google Penguin is an algorithm, more like a filter that Google uses to capture sites that have lots of links from spammy websites The algorithm also punishes those websites having an unnatural link building process, aimed at acquiring too many links within a short period.

Key Features of Google’s Penguin Update 4.0

1. It’s real time

Previously, if your site got penalized by a Penguin update, you had to wait for the next data refresh to happen in order to see your site rankings improve. However, with Penguin 4.0, the data refreshes happen regularly. So once you have removed all the bad quality links pointing at your site, you just have to recrawl and recache your website and the rank improvements would be visible almost immediately.

2. It’s now more page-specific

The previous Penguin updates punished the website as a whole. If you had just two or three pages having lots of spammy links, rankings for the entire site would get affected. As given below, Google announced the latest Penguin update to be granular.

latest google algorithm changes: the penguin update 4.0

Hence, it’s interpreted that Google Penguin would penalize the specific set of pages or a section of the website and not the whole website

3. Changes will be visible faster

Owing to the real-time nature of Penguin 4.0, you can see your site rankings improve quickly as soon as it’s recrawled and reindexed, should your site get penalized.

Why is the Penguin Update 4.0 Awesome

1. Easy recovery: Webmasters whose sites were hit by the Penguin Update need not wait any longer. They can see their site rankings improve quickly as soon as they have disavowed the spammy links.

2. Since it’s granular, you don’t need to worry about your whole site getting hit and not getting any of your pages listed for different keywords. The Penguin Update 4.0 targets only those specific pages where the spammy links point to.

The arrival of Penguin 4.0 comes as a good news for webmasters, digital marketers, and SEO Analysts, especially because of its real-time aspect. On the flip side of the coin, it is also a warning for all blackhats to keep themselves on their toes and not practice in getting links in an unnatural manner or from spammy sites. You can find more info on Google Algorithm by visitng Moz website.


Being an SEO Analyst is awesome. If you love challenges, this is the place to be in. The job of an SEO Analyst is like a roller coaster because one never knows when Google’s Algorithm changes. Google is said to change its search algorithm 500-600 times every year! So you never know when your site rankings could go up or in the worst case scenario, go down!

So I just decided to whip up a post about the common experiences we SEOs face.

Here are those moments and experiences that only SEO Analysts can Relate to. Have fun!

1.When a client hands over an internet marketing project with keywords that have got huge competition online


2. When you did an SEO Audit (Website Analysis) and found that the keyword is too tough to rank for


3. And then you start with your SEO Activities- On Page and Off Page Activities, Content marketing, Link Building and Social Bookmarking!


4. When you just finished the off page activities and created blogs after blogs, taking so much effort


5. And now, you wait for the keyword to start ranking


6. You are still on the wait…

7. After the long wait, your website finally starts to rank for the keyword on Google


8. A few days later, when your site is ranking FIRST in Google!


9. And a few days later, when your site rankings go down due to some change in Google’s algorithm


10. And when you see your Spam Score has increased because some site that’s got a low Page Authority is linking back to you


11. When you get annoyed and have lost all hope

12. When the site suddenly ranks on Google after you get a link from a site that’s got high Page Authority

13. And when someone asks how you do all this


Ultimately you do it because you enjoy it! The best part about our jobs lies in the variety of business people you get to meet and work for! And of course, when you win!

I hope you have enjoyed this hilarious post. And in case you aren’t an SEO Analyst already, here’s a guide in case you are looking for ways to get started with a career in SEO. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

What’s the best way to promote a small business? How do you get the word out about your business on a shoestring budget? Whether you are a small business or a startup looking for low-cost, effective solutions to publicize about your products and services, here are some quite inexpensive strategies that you can use to advertise your small business.

How to Advertise Your Small Business on a Budget

1. SEO your company website

We can bet that about 80% of your target customers might be Googling. Hence, you can’t overlook getting listed up in the right place where your customers are looking for you.

So get your site geared up tow show up online on Google as well as on mobile devices. Find out the marketable keywords related to your products and services and optimize your page to get listed on Google in those keywords.

cheap ways to market a business

2. Create a Facebook Page for your business

With about a whopping 1.6 billion users (that’s a third of the entire number of people on the planet!), Facebook is the place to establish a presence on in if you are looking for growth! You can start a Facebook page and use it to post photos, offers and discounts about your products and services. This way you also get to advertise without paying a single penny as well as connect with your customers.

3. Try Sponsored Ads on Facebook

Once you have crossed the threshold of getting a significantly large number of likes on your Facebook Page or if you know that your posts are creating a good interaction among the audience, you can try using Facebook’s paid features. Depending on your goal, whether it’s getting more number of likes or more website clicks, you can boost your posts or pages using paid options to reach a large number of people. The catch is that you get to choose the target region and the type of audience you want to show your ads to.

4. Invest in Google AdWords or PPC Ads

Paid Ads on Google which are created using Google AdWords can be a great way to show up online instantly in the keywords that people regularly use in search. Since it involves setting up a bid rate and managing your budget full time, it’s suggested that you outsource it to PPC Experts who are qualified and trained to maintain multiple accounts in different niche.

cheap ways to advertise your small business online: Google Adwords

5. Start a company blog and promote your business using great content

I don’t think I even need to say this, but I might get guilty if I didn’t mention the importance of some kickass content! If you yourself are able to create it, it would be great! (Free is, of course, great, right?) If writing isn’t your cup of tea, you can always consider the influential bloggers in your niche and contact them. Everyone loves Top 10 lists, Best Practices, Tips, Do’s and Don’ts. Here’s the ultimate content marketing checklist I created, so you can get started. We have also published the 10 quick editing tips to create awesome content, which can turn any garbage to gold.

cheap ways to advertise your small business: Blogs

6. Take advantage of Press Releases

If your business does something that’s worthy of showing up in the news, never hesitate to report it in a press release. It can be your best media reference online and also generate publicity for your business at very minimal costs, with no fuss. There are dozens of press release websites online that you can take advantage of, including PRLog and Newswire.

cheap ways to advertising small businesses: press releases

7. Shoot your own videos and start a YouTube channel

You won’t believe how mind-bogglingly huge YouTube is! It’s got over a billion users online (one-third of the world!) and every minute, more than 100 hours of videos are getting uploaded in here. For some of us, YouTube is that platform where we can watch movies on a holiday, how-to guides, reviews of new gadgets and smartphones or even watch normal people unboxing and reviewing them. So if you can shoot awesome instructional and “how-to” videos or create simple Vlogs relevant to your business offerings, you can market yourself without spending big bucks. Hire a film student to do it for you or you can even shoot it with an old iPhone. It doesn’t have to be a DSLR camera itself.

cheap ways to advertise small businesses: videos

8. Promote your business on Twitter

Did you know that this micro-blogging giant has about 350,000 Tweets being sent out every minute? So not having a business profile on Twitter could be one huge mistake. Tweet, tweet and tweet about your products, new arrivals, offers discounts or simply about what made your day awesome. Give your favourite customer a mention and thank him for being so awesome with a 140 character message. That could be one sure fire way to getting a dedicated number of followers who could be your potential customers.

cheap ways to advertise your small businesses

9. Get locally listed

As the stats mention, local searches lead 50% of the mobile visitors to visit shops in a day. And 68% of the people use the “Get Directions” or “Call” buttons shown on local listings on Google. Many of us drive down the road to your shop using the directions as shown by Google Maps. So, make sure you get listed locally on Google as well as on the local online directories like Yahoo! Local, Foursquare and so on.

cheap ways to advertise your small businesses: get locally listed

10. Repurpose your blog content into Infographics, Videos and Slideshare posts

Recycle your blog posts and convert them into an eBook. Or transform your blog posts into infographics and Slideshare posts. Since picture-based posts are proved to have 600 times more engagement than text posts, infographics have even beat videos to be the most shared content on the internet. As for Slideshare, it’s known as the “YouTube of PowerPoint slides”. So you can transform your long form content into sales assets with slides in here. Besides another fun way to transform your content is by making a video tutorial about your products, DIYs and video reviews.

11. Get branded through Instagram and Pinterest

Pinterest is now the second social networking site in terms of growth, which is about 57%. Most of the Pinners in Pinterest are into art and craft and 88% of them are proven to buy the stuff based on the pins they see. Boasting billions of pins, this is where you as a business must showcase your products, especially if they involve food and drink, art and craft, home décor, DIYs, fashion, technology, cars, holidays and events. Same goes for Instagram, that’s booming with about 400 million users, 75% of which are located outside of US.

cheap ways to advertise your small business

12. Use LinkedIn Ads to get linked up

With over 400 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is another professional network you should be having your profile in addition to Google, Facebook and Twitter. If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with business users. LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your audience with characteristics like geography, demographics, job title, location or the LinkedIn groups they belong to. Being able to design an ad copy that’s tailored to the type of audience you are targeting, can help you achieve higher conversion rates and hence, better ROI.

cheap ways to advertise your small business

13. Design Flyers and Distribute them

Get help from that creative, designer friend of yours and create compelling-looking flyers and get them printed at an inexpensive rate. Distribute them to the people walking nearby your shop doors, give them away to apartment complexes, your friends, fix them on as many cars and other vehicles as possible or just throw them around the street!

cheap ways to advertise a business

14. Email Marketing

Emails are a very cost-effective system to advertise your business, especially when you are adding a new product line or a service to your existing business. It can also be used to invite people to come shopping especially by sending them promotional offers or coupon codes. Build an in-house mailing list of your existing customers or from your Facebook and Twitter followers. Communicate with them by sending them out emails once or twice a month. Anything more than that could put you on the spam list.

cheap ways to advertise a small business

15. Online Contests

If you can cough up some money for a prize, you can get a large number of participants to follow you. They could be your potential leads! Organize online contests which centre on your product or services. Having a tight budget? Don’t worry, you don’t need to give super expensive prizes. Two tickets to a movie or a sporting event, a makeup kit or some back-to-school gear supplies like some fancy backpacks, markers or an art set could be attractive enough for getting a lot of participation.

cheap ways to market a small business

16. Create Surveys

You can create interesting polls and surveys asking people to vote what they like best about your products, what motivated them to buy it. Offer them a discount or a coupon on completing the survey (as given by Kentucky Fried Chicken). You can also use these surveys to understand where they work, their age group and their income scale. You can also use the information to formulate your marketing campaign and also build a valuable email list of your potential leads.

cheap ways to market a small business

17. Vehicle Advertising

Go for a magnetic sign on your car or van, especially on the back of your vehicle. It is a very visible form of small business advertising. As your vehicle goes down the road, certain customers may copy down the address and phone number from it as they drive nearby.

cheap ways to market a small business

18. Bench/Bus Stop Advertising

Transit advertising can help you reach a massive part of your target audience. Get into an agreement with the local transport service to know more about the possibilities of advertising in benches and bus stops.

cheap ways to market a business

19. Ask your customers to review you

Online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google can make or mar your business. If you are confident that your customers are satisfied, ask them to rate you and submit a review. As you receive more of the 4 to 5-star ratings on reviews online, you will be the business that everyone wants to buy from. It’s a powerful tool to increase your credibility and trust among people about your business.

cheap ways to market a business


20. Collaborate and Cross-Promote

Expand your marketing outreach and surge your advertising power by joining forces with another business, that’s not your competitor. Get together and sponsor events together. This way you get to meet new people and expand your customer base. Add social media contests to the mix along with advertising your business quite a bit on each other’s websites too.

cheap ways to market a business

21. Offer coupons and giveaways

Once in a while, especially when it’s a festive season, send out coupons or promotional codes via emails, flyers and let people know that you are giving them some massive discount they need to make use of immediately. This sense of urgency can create a huge sales rush, so be prepared. Giveaways can also be announced especially for those loyal buyers or consumers of your products and services. You can organise a giveaway for people who make the biggest purchase or for people who sign up for your services in a given time limit. Online giveaways can be an awesome way to promote your site.

cheap ways to market a business


To conclude, advertising is all about finding out where your customers are hanging out and reaching out to them then and there. Every niche has got an opportunity to promote its business online. The key is finding out that appropriate mix that works fruitfully for you and channelling your resources optimally for it.

Have more ideas to promote or advertise your small business on a shoestring budget?

Do you have an idea that we missed out here? Let us know about it in the comments below.