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Being an SEO Analyst is awesome. If you love challenges, this is the place to be in. The job of an SEO Analyst is like a roller coaster because one never knows when Google’s Algorithm changes. Google is said to change its search algorithm 500-600 times every year! So you never know when your site rankings could go up or in the worst-case scenario, go down!

So I just decided to whip up a post about the common experiences that only SEO Analysts can relate to we SEOs face.

Here are those moments and experiences that only SEO Analysts can Relate to. Have fun!

1. When a client hands over an internet marketing project with keywords that have got huge competition online

2. When you did an SEO Audit (Website Analysis) and found that the keyword is too tough to rank for.

3. And then you start with your SEO Activities- On-Page and Off-Page Activities, Content marketing, Link Building, and Social Bookmarking!

4. When you just finished the off-page activities and created blogs after blogs, taking so much effort.

5. And now, you wait for the keyword to start ranking.

6. You are still on the wait…

7. After a long wait, your website finally starts to rank for the keyword on Google.

8. A few days later, when your site is ranking FIRST in Google!

9. And a few days later, when your site rankings go down due to some change in Google’s algorithm.

10. And when you see your Spam Score has increased because some site that’s got a low Page Authority is linking back to you.

11. When you get annoyed and have lost all hope.

12. When the site suddenly ranks on Google after you get a link from a site that’s got high Page Authority.

13. And when someone asks how you do all this.

Ultimately you do it because you enjoy it! The best part about our jobs lies in the variety of businesspeople you get to meet and work for! And of course, when you win!

I hope you have enjoyed this hilarious post. And in case you aren’t an SEO Analyst already, here’s a guide in case you are looking for ways to get started with a career in SEO. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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