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About Bing

Bing is one of the search engines like Google, Yahoo,, etc. Bing Webmaster Optimization is launched by Microsoft. This tool is used to connect our website for crawling, caching, and indexing and improve listing in a search engine. The basic idea and process are the same as Google webmasters. Through this, you may get steps to connect a website or blogger to Bing. The Google webmasters tool is mainly used by the users for their needs. While listing on Bing there won’t be many users available as a Google search engine. While connecting our website to Bing we can identify how Bing is crawling our website. Here introducing different steps for how to submit WordPress or blogger to Bing.

How to connect to Bing webmasters tool In blogger

Blogger is a place in which we can publish our recent posts or entries. We can share our posts through social media optimization. The various steps to connect our blogger to the bing webmasters tool are,

  • Firstly, we need to make account in Bing webmasters through username and password.
  • To add a site, two options are shown. Select add your site manually option.
  • Go to the blogger and copy the url of the blog site and enter it to the ‘enter the site url‘ box. Click add button.
  • Bing will ask you to verify the ownership. Select html meta tag verification method.
  • Copy the tag and go to the blogger page. Select Theme option, click near the customize button and paste it on the edit portion of HTML in head section.
  • Click on save changes and go to Bing and click verify.
  • Then we will enter to the Bing webmasters dashboard. There we can see option to enter the URL and  sitemap of our website.

In WordPress

WordPress is a platform to create a website. Through WordPress also we can publish and share our posts on social media. The various steps to connect WordPress site to Bing webmasters are,

  • In order to connect WordPress to the Bing, copy the WordPress URL and paste it on ‘add site’ option 
  • For verification, select Html meta tag method and copy the code.
  • Login to the word press and we reach on WordPress dashboard.
  • Select Tools and select available tools. In that page we can see our available tools like Google webmasters tool, Bing webmasters tool etc.
  • In the Bing webmasters option, paste the Meta tag. And click save changes.
  • Then go to Bing webmasters and click on button verify.
  • Go to the dashboard of Bing and enter the URL and  sitemap of our website.
  • Sitemap is a list of pages that included in our website that are accessible to crawlers and users.

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