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Most of the time, one of two topics comes up while discussing internal vs. external marketing. They first contrast how we sell to our clients with how we can apply the same techniques to our workers. Second, people discuss the advantages of employing an internal marketing team instead of outsourcing marketing to a third-party firm. Since all of these are related topics, we’ll talk about them here.

The size and objectives of a corporation are critical factors in the internal vs. external marketing discussion. Each company must choose the most practical and cost-effective for its requirements. Here are the facts about marketing for an internal audience versus an external audience and the benefits and drawbacks of hiring an outside firm to handle your marketing so that you can make informed judgments.

What Is External Marketing?

External marketing involves interacting with potential clients who are not now customers of your business (e.g., Digital Marketing, email marketing, or traditional print ads).

When done correctly, external marketing may enhance your brand’s value from the outside by assisting potential buyers in understanding and trusting the products and services your company delivers.

Creating and distributing content, messages, or branding to directly impact customer interactions is the main goal of external marketing. External marketing is helpful to provide better service to your consumers and guide them through the sales process to gain repeat business.

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What Is Internal Marketing?

You are still interacting with an audience when you practise internal marketing. However, this time, the target market is internal to your company. Therefore there will be some key distinctions between this and external marketing.

One of the most obvious distinctions between internal and external marketing is that the audience for internal marketing is made up of people you already have ties with. Instead of casting a broad net to find new relationships, internal marketing works from a position of strength and strives to strengthen those that already exist.

Other objectives also vary. Internal marketing, for instance, is not concerned with convincing employees to use your services or buy your products. Instead, the focus should be on getting to know your employees, giving them the tools they need to flourish both personally and professionally, and helping them develop fulfilling careers with you.

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Internal vs. External Marketing

Your strategies do not need to distinguish between internal and external marketing, even if your demographic recommends it. Even though they will probably take different forms and provide different results, being skilled in a variety of communication channels has a big impact on your company and the people you serve.

The platforms you utilise for internal and external marketing will probably be the same, but your marketing approach will be very different. For instance, social media will still be crucial for internal marketing, but your focus will be on encouraging teamwork and educating your staff rather than garnering attention and interacting with potential customers.

The usage of incentives is another area where internal & external marketing will vary. Prospective customers are generally lured in with incentives including a reasonable price, excellent service, and information about the benefits of braces. You may also run interesting prize-filled social media competitions. Promotions, being named employee of the month, and receiving more paid time off are examples of internal rewards.

In the internal vs. external marketing argument, a company’s size and objectives are crucial factors to take into account. Each business must think about what is most useful and economical for its needs in order to make the best choice.


A divided team can be brought together with the use of a consistent internal marketing strategy. Through your marketing campaigns, you can enhance whatever sense of community that already exists among your personnel. Don’t forget to take your employees’ requirements into account. The main objectives of external marketing are to satisfy consumer needs and strengthen customer relationships with your business. As you create the goals and a plan for your internal marketing, keep this strategy in mind. Pay heed to your employees’ input, and if it’s helpful, help them out. Use integrated marketing communication to reach out to your staff.

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