We come across campaigns every day whether it is on TV, social media or in a social demonstration. A social media marketing campaign is the effort to assist business goals using different social media platforms. Because of the different focus, targeting and measurability campaigns differ every day. As we are focusing on how to run a social media marketing campaign, 4 sections in social media marketing campaign listed below:

  • Establish Goals
  • Understand the Target Audience
  • Create Content
  • Create Plan

How To Run A Social Media Marketing Campaign


Establish the Goals

Campaigns are run to promote a new product, to generate brand awareness, to drive traffic to a website etc. Your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time specific.

Understand your Audience and Work Accordingly

Understand and define your audience if you want to succeed in the process of how to run a social media marketing campaign. For example, while running a campaign for the gym the customer segments include men, women between the age of 30 and 64. But during the new year campaign, they will focus on the ones who don’t actually attend the gym but want to start an active lifestyle as a new resolution of the year.

Create Content

Content should be aligned with the goals and target audience. Make use of the core topic and create the content accordingly. Here are the suggestions for the way of writing the content:

Question & Answer format: This could be in the form of video, blog post or comments etc. Question answering format is the best way of generating interaction for creating a relationship.

Images: Make use of images since images bring up more engagement, interaction. Choose good and catching images since it will reflect on your brand.

Videos: Nowadays videos are the most trending and effective content that can be guided. Varieties of video content on social media include 360 videos, time lapse etc. If you are planning to do a campaign on facebook then the video is a must.

Events and Polls: Events ties online and offline interactions. To interact with the audience and to find about them use polls in the social media.

Hashtags: Use hashtags related to the brand and product.

User-generated content: User-generated content is a way to make your campaign more attractive.

Introduce a new plan

For everything to succeed there is a need for a well-defined plan. In the case of social media, a good and well-defined plan is needed. Plans should contain the elements listed below:

Platforms: Make sure about the platforms that you use for the interactions.

Content types of the plan: Be sure of the content you opt for the campaign.

Content Calendar: Keep the content realistic and make the most use of the available resources.

Metrics measurement: Metrics used to measure the success will be determined by the goal. For example, if your goal is to increase the traffic then you would measure CTR and if your focus is to generate brand awareness then you would measure likes, comments, shares etc. Determine your metrics and measure them consistently.  Social media marketing campaign is very effective if we utilize it very well and in a decorum. Fore  more details about how to run a social media marketing campaign click here:

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