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Content is the king of SEO. So it is important to keep quality content and remove unwanted or low-quality content. For this, we do the content audit. By using some performance metrics we can analyze the content and from that, we can understand which to keep, which to remove, and improve. The purpose of a content audit is to improve the domain quality, trust, and other ranking things on the site. Here we explain how to do a content audit.

The content audit is not a simple thing. If it is not done properly it will affect your site. The content is analyzed by using different metrics. We must have the inventory data and depending upon it we do actions.

It has three phases:

  • Inventory And Audit: The inventory of contents begins with the crawling of the site. The difference between the technical audit and content audit is, in technical audit crawls are mattered with crawlable content and in the content, audit crawls are concerned with indexable content. URLs are the unique identity of websites. Some URLs contain important content and are worth the entire application. But to get the effect of the URLs it may take one or two years. So in such cases, the process given below will help.

  • Analysis And Recommendations: In a large organization, it’s tempting to have a junior SEO do all of the data-gathering up to this point. We find it useful to perform the crawl our-self, as the process can be highly informative.

    Let’s check how to do an Analysis.

  • Summary and Reporting: The content audit is very useful. The report should contain all details and recommendations. The clients are going to find the greater benefit in our final content audit report, which includes a high-level overview of our recommendations.

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