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Some of the best Google Analytics tips

You cant improve then you can’t measure it, is an important saying. Keyword rankings are a great measure of SEO and a critical measure of success. But it doesn’t mean that using more keywords provides a higher ranking. Going beyond keyword ranking showcases how organic search brings revenue and profit to the business. The best tool for measuring SEO is Google Analytics and a lot of google analytics tips are available. Each and every business is unique, so every website needs different metrics. Now let us check out the ways to use Google Analytics to report the success of the business by using the following Google Analytics tips.

Only View Organic Search Traffic

The google analytics tips for organic traffic search are as follows. If there is a decline in website traffic, then they will conclude that it may be due to traffic loss. But if we conduct a deep study, we could understand that traffic sources are down which affects overall traffic. Open channel-group report by clicking Acquisition-> All Traffic Channels.

Measure the quality of SEO Traffic

To measure traffic source quality there are many ways. One of the most common ways to measure improvement or decline in search traffic quality is by the Assisted Conversions report. This report compares the data.(Conversions-> Channel Funnels-> Assisted Conversions).
Use the report to check for decline or improvement in conversions from search traffic. If you find a decline in conversions from search we can understand that traffic coming from search is not of high quality. If you start focusing on selecting a set of keywords then you can find improvement in conversions.

Add values to Organic Traffic

In order to assign a value to sites organic traffic, compare how much the keywords costs, if purchased in Google Adwords campaign. In order to make this strategy work out, access a GoogleAdwordsaccount, and your Analytics will need to get synced with the Search Console account.

Also, open an Adwords account in a tab and click on Tools->Keyword Planner. Also, choose to Get search volume data and trends, enter top keywords from Google Analytics Queries report, and click Get search volume. In the next screen click Keyword Ideas. For the keyword that you have selected, a bid amount is shown that is an estimate of the amount that advertisers are paying per click for the listed keyword.

Search and Identify the slow loading page times

Page speed is a major factor in search rankings. So if a business invests time and money in SEO and keyword ranking, don’t blow it by looking in a slow-loading site. Let us look at how to identify slow loading pages and measure the impact on conversion rates. To measure and understand page load times on a page by page just navigate to Behavior-> Site SPEED-> Page Timings. Set middle column to Avg. Page Load Time and right column to %Exit. Then filter down to show only organic traffic.
This report shows in the topmost row the average page load time and average exit percentage on a page-by-page basis. It’s also easy to see that page load time surpasses the site-wide average, the exit percentages start to skyrocket.
When you see this as an SEO report this to site developers and ask them to optimize page load times. Once page load times have improved run the report and compare the old data to show how additional traffic has been retained and has been converted due to the improvement in page load times.

Create SEO Dashboard

Sometimes it may take a long time to believe in your work and how you present the data. Most of the clients want to see the forms of measurement in bar graphs, pie charts. The best way to present Google Analytics and SEO data is by building dashboard interface. The dashboard consists of widgets that pull individual reports into a single view easy to access, share and print. Analytics helps in focusing on doing the SEO work. If you want to import the dashboard click on Dashboards->+New Dashboard.
The first widget set up is a counter to measure total visits to the site from organic search.

Convert challenge to strength

The most challenging aspect of being an SEO is to articulate the value and to bring business. In order to retain the business, you need to quantify your work from traffic. If your clients can’t understand the work volume that you put, they will stop the service that you provide. So find a creative way to present data in monthly SEO reports.

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