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Facebook pixel helps in tracking the conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads to remarket qualified ads and these codes are placed on the website. It helps to track the users as they interact with the website and Facebook ads.

Advantages of using Facebook pixel

Data collected from Facebook pixel tracking can be used in several ways to refine Facebook advertising strategy.

Track Conversions

Facebook pixel allows monitoring of how people interact with the website after viewing the Facebook ads. You also have the option to track customers across the devices.


Pixel tracking data allows showing ads to people who already visit the site. You also have the option to show people an ad that they have abandoned in a shopping cart or added to a wishlist on the website.

Create audiences who look alike

Targeting data build audiences of similar likes, interests, and demographics to people who are ready to interact with the website to expand the potential customer base.

Run effective ads

It makes your ads more effective by enhancing the quality of the ads by improving the targeting of people.

How to use Facebook Pixel?

Use Facebook pixel tracking to collect data by setting up the conversions.

How to create and add to the website?

1. Create the pixel.

  • Click the hamburger icon and choose pixels from Facebook Manager Ads
  • Click on create a pixel
  • Name the pixel, accept the terms and click Next.

2. Add pixel code to your website.

Install some code on the web pages by putting the pixel to work gathering information on the website.

  • To Copy and paste the code
  • Copy and paste the pixel base code in the header code of the website, post it at thetag
  • Then Copy the event code based on the actions that you want to track on the website
  • Paste the event code in the appropriate location on the webpage based on the action that you want to track

3. Make a confirmation.

  • At first, download the Facebook pixel helper extension for the Google Chrome.
  • Visit the page where you installed

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