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We would be discussing in this article everything that you need to know about Directory Submission.

Long before Google, Yahoo and Bing were noticed by people, people used to get relevant information from respective directories. These procedures are even followed now, if not by the users but by the search engines. Hence proper back links to your website from quality directories helps in improving your webpage ranking. Ultimately the aim of every website is to drive traffic to its website and ultimately get noticed by the search engines. But however getting into the top position in the list of search engines takes quite a lot time and effort.

It is then one approaches for directory submission in order to improve the website ranking.

So, what is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting the URL of your blog or website into various web directories such that the page authority and the page ranking of that directory will be shared by your website.

Why ?

Why would one go for Directory Submission?

  • Easy access to users
  • Gain page ranking
  • To improve yourself in search engine position

Now we will see the process involved in Directory Submission.

Directory Submission Process

  • The first step is to search a list of directory submission sites. You will come across various SEO friendly sites.

  • Before you select a directory, there are few things you need to take care of, such as

    • Whether the directory is SEO friendly
    • Check the page rank, page authority and domain authority.
    • Whether the directory is cached and indexed by Google.
    • The directory with zero active links is good for nothing.
    • Also avoid taking directories from the same IP address.
  • Now that you have made up your mind with the appropriate directory choose the category like paid or free version. For beginners we recommend to try with the free version.
  • Once you have found the appropriate directory click on Submit Your Site link at the top right corner
  • Fill in the details given in the form and submit the form when you are done.
  • If it is a reciprocal directory, copy the source code given in the form and paste in any of your page in the HTML part

And then you are done.

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