Cloud based College Management System

Cloud based College Management System

Colleges are finding it quite challenging to manage everything manually due to the increase in students each year. However, with the help of technology, this problem can be quickly resolved. In such a situation, a cloud based college management system has proven to be an excellent solution. As a result, many colleges have incorporated this system into their management system.

In today’s world, almost every college uses a college management system to make things easier and keep things organized. This is not only a help for the colleges but also the students. As a result, both parties have benefited from the system.

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What is a Cloud based College Management System?

Using a cloud-based college management system, you will be able to manage all aspects of your school management efficiently. The system also offers analytics dashboards that generate precise reports on college admissions, scholarships, enrollments, previous academic performance, attendance management, profile management, student records, mark management, and other small or large operations.

Colleges can improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty lifecycles and campus administration with Softloom College Management System.

Cloud integration, biometrics, and online learning make the college management software fit for the current and future.

A cloud-based CMS offers a complete solution. By reducing manual labour and intervention, this system ensures accuracy, transparency, reliability, and integrity of records, information, intellectual property, and data.

Benefits Of Cloud based College Management System

Core Modules Cloud based College Management

Website Development

Admission Management

  • Online Student Registration
  • Allotment List Generation
  • Allotment Memo
  • Live Tracking of Admission Status
  • Online Fees Payment
Website Development

Academics Management

  • Outcome Based Education Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Performance Record
  • In Semester Assessment (ISA)
  • Progress card
  • Question Bank Management
  • Study Material Management
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Finance Management

  • UPI, Credit/Debit card Payments
  • Safe Transactions
  • E-receipt Generation
  • Notifications for Pending Fees
  • Fee Structure Allocation
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Exam Cell Management

  • Exam Notification
  • Hall Ticket
  • Generate Question Paper
  • Mark Entry (Grade/Mark)
  • Pass Board Data
  • Result Analysis
  • Semester Result
  • Tabulation Register
  • Result Notification
  • Grace Mark Register
Website Development

HR Management

  • Leave and Incentive Calculation
  • Increment Cycle Information
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Leave Management
  • Salary Calculation
  • Automated Salary Credit
  • Maintenance of Faculty Profile
  • Biometric Attendance
Website Development


  • Institution Evaluation
  • Evaluation (Program, Course, Alumini, Parent, Employer)
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • Research and Publications
  • Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • Department Activities and Achievements
  • Infrastructure

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