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 Best Social Media Sites for Business Marketing

Business marketing in a responsible manner refers to establishing the most enhanced relation link between a customer and service provider or a product producer. Sometimes in nondirect marketing, it strengthens the relationship between a buyer and a seller or supplier, dealer, etc. Most of the time the process of marketing work out when a clear relation is established timely with the requirements of society & their economic provisions.

There are many proven facts about social media websites which are working like professional networks, brings more valuable signals helpful in SEO, social authority, social signals etc. It is also true that social media websites differs in bringing quality responses for businesses with different nature. For example best social media site for restaurants may not be useful for professional service providers such as law firms, recruitment agencies and software development companies.

Top influential social media websites

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest are top 5 influential social media websites in the world. If we analyze influential points gained by social media websites like facebook, twitter, heavily crowded users, huge number of visibility gained through publishing high quality levels, ensures and encourage for keeping them in top of the list.

Facebook – Most thickly crowded social media website

Facebook ranks at the top among social media websites with more than 694,388,581 organic traffic (visits received through search engines) in the United States alone. (Check Detailed report organic traffic details of Facebook from SEM Rush Traffic Analysis tool) The SEM rush traffic value tool calculates the value of organic traffic achieved by the Facebook website as $550,156,620 ( from the US alone – which is only 43.98% of total organic traffic achieved by Facebook).

Best Social Media sites for Business MarketingBest Social Media sites for Business Marketing

Graph about Facebook’s organic visibility and its improvement stages in chronological order.

Best Social Media sites for Business Marketing

Check the traffic dispersion of Facebook comparing top different countries & major traffic sources.

Facebook advertize themselves as world’s largest online community and encouraging its ad views to join free of cost, and enjoy the benefits. Facebook also displays business marketing level ads as

“Enter a store name and sell one the largest social network.”

Other features which make Facebook more influential

Facebook ranks 2nd in the world on its global traffic ranking ( Traffic ranking by Alexa)

Google Page Rank: 9/10

Domain Authority: 100/100

Page Authority: 97/100

Google visibility: 2410 Million Pages

Twitter – Second Most Influential Social Media site

Twitter is refereed as quickest social media website with provision of micro blogging specialty to its millions of users. The utility of micro blogging & its quickest publishing features help to spread a message to a wide range of audience in a shortest time availability.

Twitter-Traffic-details Twitter-Traffic-details

Best Social Media sites for Business Marketing

Other Influential features about Twitter

Google Page Rank: 10/10

Domain Authority: 100/100

Page Authority: 97/100

Google visibility: 943 Million Pages

Linkedin – Most Powerful Professional Network


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