Multi channel approachToday we have many platforms to promote our business. During old times, radio was the only medium for marketing campaigns. Later television became a dominant platform. But this changed with the advent of Internet. It sowed seeds to a multi channel approach which later became a major tool for businesses for marketing campaigns. It is an approach where the businesses use multiple channels to interact with customers to sell their products and services. The channel can be direct and indirect; emails, TV ads, Phone calls, bus ads, billboards, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Twitter, Websites etc. Marketers contact the customers multiple times using multiple mediums. The repetition is important in order to register the company’s name and their products in customer’s mind. Only then will they think of your product when the need arises.


Multi Channel Approach Challenges

  • Data Integration

It can be a challenge to track customer behaviour. To track the customer, Twitter and Facebook have analytics. But these data do not integrate easily. So to overcome this companies must build robust tracking system. If you have Google analytics, you will get information regarding the channel, customers use to get into your website. With this, companies can modify their multi channel approach. For example if no customers access your website via a particular channel, then you can divert the resources to another channel.

  • Customer Behaviour

There are different patterns of buying. These patterns can be analysed and guessed. For example, during World cup season there will be a high demand for jersey’s. A t-shirt manufacturer must recognise this time and give offers and discounts to entice customers. Such foresights on human behaviour will help you channel customers effectively.

  • Time and money for channels

Without knowing which channel has the best performance it is difficult to know where to spend the resources like time and money. We always have the temptation to spend more money and time on best performance resources. But this may not increase the number of customers via that particular channel. It is an art to find the best channel.

  • Channel Evaluation

Some customers visit your website through different or unique channels. And it is hard to know which channel convinced them. So the companies need to keep experimenting with different channels.

  • Coordinating channels

Coordinating multi channel is no cake walk. For example, if a customer clicks on an ad displayed in a channel and reaches your main webpage and not your product page. This situation is bad because there is a possibility that the customer closes your website thinking it’s not worth searching. So the landing page is important for each ad.

New Marketing Approach: The Omni Approach


In Omni-channel approach is a multi channel approach where the companies provide the customers a smooth shopping experience. The Omni channel marketing strategies are:

  • Smartphone Channel: If the customer decides to buy something online via smartphone and they are not ready to buy the item at that time. So they put their product in the cart.
  • Email Channel: The customer forgets about the product but it is still in the cart.
  • Desktop channel: The customer decides to buy the product via desktop. But sometimes they put it in cart.

omnichannelIn all these cases the product was safe in the cart. No matter what channel the customer used, the cart was with them until they purchased the product. This integration level may look difficult but CRM software solution can integrate different channels and these provide a seamless experience to customers.  This is an effective marketing strategy.


The multichannel marketing approach basically works with guesswork and data integration. Mere integration is not the point. We need to identify the customer behaviour and the signals provided by various channels. If you spend more hours to calculate and analyse the data and do various strategies for different companies you can identify the faults and benefits easily.

Visuals pave a good way to content marketing especially videos can be used by brands to showcase their products. Videos are attractive and help brands to communicate with their audiences. Videos help in introducing a new product. According to research, 45% web users watch video in an hour or more per day. And by 2020, 82% of consumer web traffic will be video. On the other hand Limiting yourself YouTube is not a good idea. This article will show you the video marketing tools and techniques for the marketing purpose.

Video Marketing Tools And Techniques

Different Video Marketing Tools And Techniques

  • YouTube

    It is good for promoting the accounts. It has the first place in digital media. There are chances to drive leads to the site and to build income. It also helps a lot for branding and it offers an opportunity for organic spread among the video marketing tools and techniques

  • Vimeo Pro

    This is good for the persons who are into creative film-making. You may come across a big community and can become a part of it. It helps to find partners or clients. Vimeo Business is a good platform if you are into a video marketing agency. Wistia is a blessing for the ones who need videos to embed on their landing pages. It is very easy to use and no training is required to use.

  • Flipagram

    It helps in combining images to create video stories and it is very easy to use.

  • Picovico

    creates slideshow videos from photos and video clips. It has exciting features like voice-over, video clips and empowers to create slideshow videos in simple steps.

  • WeVideo

    This tool is a web-based video that helps to weave stories out of photos or audios. It offers tools to make video editing really easy. You have the option to create text slides, crop photos, edit audio files.

  • Keyword Shitter

    It allows you to enter a keyword and lists possible combination available with the keyword. In addition to using the tool for video keyword tagging, it also helps to develop titles for content writing. Keywords Everywhere are similar to Google Adwords tool. It also helps to narrow down keywords to select less competitive and helps in ranking the content much faster. This is available as an extension of Chrome and Firefox.

Tools Used To Create Animated Videos

  • Sellamations

    It helps to develop the animated video. You have the option to create doodle animations and can spread the message in a right manner. Doodle in this is hand-drawn, you can also ask for a custom character to be created for your video. There are plenty of online applications available for creating animated videos. Anyone can utilize it and prepare animated videos and publish for branding purposes.

  • Powtoon

    This tool is helpful for creating presentations, animated videos that can be embedded to your website and can be shared to social media channels. You have the option to choose from a range of templates, characters, and transitions. The video comes with a set of templates that can be selected and customized to deliver messages to create templates from scratch.Powtoon - the video marketing tool

  • Stop motion

    It helps to make videos with stop-motion techniques. The peculiarity of this tool is that you can edit the video frame by frame. It is the animated film-making technique.

I hope you got an idea regarding the video marketing tools and techniques, which can be used and implemented for the advertisement purposes. Try out these tools and make a change in the marketing field.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism

Digital marketing placed its footprint on the tourism industry. We can the emerging digital marketing trends in tourism industries. It helped millions of travelers around the world. We know there was a time when the internet or digital services were unavailable for any activity. Especially in the case of the tourism industry. If we plan for a trip it was unable to book a hotel or home stays. Also, it was unable to know about the weather and current status of a particular place. Later things changed, the world changed and our technologies too. Today we can just simply know the weather and current status of a particular place at any time. And we can book a hotel room with a small click. How this digital services or digital marketing come so far? Let’s have a look at that.

In order to gain more advantage and popularity in the tourism industry and the related services depends on digital marketing. Customer satisfaction is one of the main agenda behind tourism industry. The tourism industry wishes to give the best services to the customer. Without any discomfort, the customer can enjoy the services. The tourism industry is growing day by day. There are a lot of amazing destinations around the world. If people plan a trip what they first do? Yes, they look for more details about the place with the help of internet. And then what? Here you go:

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in TourismBooking Tickets and Hotel Rooms

After checking the details about the place they try to book the plane tickets and hotel rooms. There is a huge increase in the use of mobiles phones. So the travelers simply search the details they want in the search engines. Have you heard about Mobile Travel Agencies? The emerging trend in Mobile Tavel Agencies (MATs) is due to the increase in the search for travel destination details and tickets via mobile phones. Mobile Travel Agencies offer many downloadable applications to book the tickets easily.

Time From traveler’s Place to Destination

It is sure that the travelers need time to travel from their place to their tourist destination. What they do at this free time? Here come the marketing ideas of many entertainment service provider companies. It is sure that the travelers can enjoy their flight time by watching various entertainment programs. For this, the airlines install advanced entertainment systems in the flight. So the travelers can watch different movies, Television programs, they can play games etc. Today we can see many airlines partnered with some companies to provide these services. After installing the entertainment system the travelers use their own devices to access the media library wirelessly.

At The Dream Destination

After landing at the destination place the travelers will search for best beautiful locations to visit in that area. Free WI-FI is available in all places. So by using this, they can do their searching on their mobile phones. There are many websites which show the reviews of the places. So the traveler can easily understand the standard of that particular location. If it looks like a bad one he/she can skip that location. Today many websites are competing with each other to provide the best services and to gain the trust of people. So we can expect genuine details on the websites. The travelers will get guidelines, digital maps, weather details etc.

The tourism companies are adopting digital marketing strategies. They monitor the customer needs and provide the best services as customer wish. So customers became potential customers and they return to you. Google Adwords will help you to promote your website. Promotion through social media platforms is another emerging trend. There are many promotional activities in social media. How do you market your destination? Here are some tips

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism
Provide Proper Information About the Destinations

The travelers may not know the details of the area. So always give proper details about the place. The tourism marketing must be focused on the travelers’ needs. Make a simple and informative guide for the travelers. People prefer simple word content. Not complicated.

Discussion Platform in Social Media

A discussion platform will help you to get more interactions. If the travelers have any kind of questions he/she will put it in the discussion platforms. You must give the proper and informative reply as soon as possible. You can gain the trust of the travelers if you give the right reply.


A beautiful video about the destination area always catch the eyes of the traveler. The video contains a huge amount of information in a very little time. Videos are far better than writing a content. So add helpful videos that show the tips and things to do in a particular location.

Keep Follow The Travelers

Always focus on people who love to travel. So by adding them to your social media platforms, you will get some potential customers.

Allow Reviews

The one who visits your social media platform will look for reviews of other people. People love and trust real life examples. So by allowing reviews, you will get positive reviews (if you give the best services) and other people will get attracted to your services.