Responsive website Design & Development is only solution to keep better experience to users visits websites through mobiles and other handy devices. Websites can no longer visible in search engine results unless they upgrade website pages into responsive way. Responsive design is the technology by which a Business web development company can change a website compatible for mobiles. By using responsive website development, the website itself can rearrange its contents, properties, design automatically into the corresponding screen size of mobile devices in which the website is opened. By adopting responsive web designing and development, websites can get better responsive and can provide better experience to its user visits coming through mobiles. Responsive website design technique will make websites changes its column wise displays For example, a mobile device with shortest screen size will show the website content portion in a single column and medium sized devices such as tabs and mini iPads will display websites content portion in 2 columns. Same time when the website is opened in desktops, laptops and normal devices it will be showing its content portion with 3 or 4 columns and its normal width layout.


According to Google’s suggestion the website content must be readable without zooming when it is opened in mobile devices with small screen size. So all responsive type of designs may not make websites passing the quality guidelines and metric values added with Google’s latest mobile search engine algorithm named Mobilegeddon. So a responsive development must make website dynamically stretch and shrink its size according to the screen size of devices but also capable to arrange its content copy portion users to read primarily without zooming.


Upgrading a website as able to open in mobile devices become a unavoidable matter for companies and business organizations. Since Google search engine start ranking mobile optimized websites into higher positions using their latest search engine algorithm update, mobile compatible websites became a need search engine visibility. Day by day the number of internet uses through mobile devices are increasing enormously. Each mobile companies compete to produce maximum number of devices with different screen sizes. So it became a challenge for website designers & developers to build the website compatible for these different screen sizes.

SoftLoom IT Solutions provides responsive website development of our clients with an intention to keep a single website and design opening with all devices. So that our client websites can get better response and provide quality experience for its visitors who may visit from various mobile devices belongs to different companies such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, LG, MTC etc.

Responsive website designing become the generation need as number of visitors coming to a single website may be from different devices with different screen sizes. By changing or redesigning your business websites into responsive manner, your can provide better experience for users, make your website actionable and it will generate great responses, revisits, regular visits etc.


As a responsive web designing company India, SoftLoom Caters Responsive Web Designing & Development services, responsive redesigning services which can enable your websites to generate better experiences to online customers and clients.