St. Thomas College ,Thrissur (Autonomous)

Oldest college in the erstwhile princely state of Cochin and present day Thrissur district

St. Thomas College Website Development Success Story

SoftLoom IT Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of web design services for colleges, and our crowning achievement lies in shaping the digital presence of St. Thomas College. Our collaborative journey with the institution goes beyond the traditional client-vendor dynamic; it symbolizes a joint triumph. Looking back on this transformative partnership, we take immense pride in the unparalleled success we’ve orchestrated for St. Thomas College.

An Overview: ST Thomas College

Founded in 1889, St. Thomas College in Thrissur, India, has a rich history of education. Affiliated with the University of Madras in 1919, it attained First Grade College status in 1925. Currently autonomous, the college is recognized for excellence, holding the ‘A++’ grade by NAAC, and ranking 53 in the NIRF All India Ranking 2023. With numerous accolades, 17 departments, 14 PG, and 23 UG programs, the institution is a hub for academic prowess and research.


Key Features and Services Provided

  1. Dynamic Menu News Post:

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  3. Events Calendar:

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  4. Security Features:

    • Comprehensive malware scanning and repair capabilities.

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Success and Client Satisfaction:

Softloom’s proficiency in providing top-notch web design services for colleges is evident in the successful collaboration with St. Thomas College. The website’s dynamic functionality, appealing design, and security features highlight Softloom’s commitment to delivering excellence.

As a website development company in Kochi, Softloom is proud to have played a pivotal role in enhancing St. Thomas College’s online presence, aligning with there requirements, and contributing to the institution’s digital success.