Sasta Outsourcing Services

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About this project

Sasta Outsourcing services have started with the aim to provide cost-effective and result-oriented IT solutions to global clients. We are putting our hearts, hands, and brain to evolve this company into one of the best outsourcing companies in the world. Our company has a talented and skilled team who strives to develop unique IT solutions.

Since its inception, we have gained a huge customer base. For us, customers are our assets. Our key objective is to ensure customer satisfaction. The company is led by people who had a successful stint in the IT industry and in taking up challenging things. We meet every challenging requirement of the customers without saying NO.

website development services

Services that we performed

  • A well-designed Website and Sales Funnel that incorporates a Quick Contact Form
  • A user friendly, easy to navigate website where the information was easy to find
  • A site that would prompt the user to call or fill out contact information

  • Call Tracking, so phone calls could be accurately tracked as well an Internet leads
  • Ability to track conversions

Softloom: #1 Website Development Services in Kochi

With Softloom’s help, internationalize your business. As a leading website development service provider in Kochi, we deliver the most efficient services for our clients. We thoroughly investigate our client’s businesses, their competitors, and the market, to provide high-quality final products.

The website must operate correctly and as intended. As a result, we regularly build web standards, proofread thoroughly, and keep an eye out for performance or functionality problems. Every page needs to be speedy and effective since it can be the first or only impression a potential customer receives of your company. Hence, we always pay attention to every little detail of a website’s operation. We maintained constant contact with the clients both during and after the process and value our customers’ feedback and comments.


As for Sasta, a leading outsourcing company that provides IT services to people around the globe, the website has to be responsive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. Hence we, Softloom, the top web development services company in Kochi created a well-designed responsive website for Sasta Outsourcing Services. Also, administrate the website.